Professional cleaning services can do much to keep your facility clean and healthy. Moreover, quality shines can help to improve your building’s aesthetics and build your brand. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide trusted janitorial services across Kansas City, relying on our cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff to deliver a result your employees and guests will love. Be sure to check this page often, as we’ll continue to post about the value of investing in our cleaning services. Ready to get started? Contact us online today for complete assistance!

  1. The Quality Measures Behind Our Commercial Cleaning Services

    These days, businesses seem to be inundated with commercial cleaning companies claiming to offer the best results at an unbelievable price. Unfortunately, anyone with a van and a vacuum can seem to make a good impression, making it essential for you to find a professional cleaning team that can provide results that exceed your expectations. Businesses across Kansas City rely on clean outcomes to deliver an amazing appearance for their customers and employees. If you are here because your current cleaning company is not meeting your expectations, Crystal Clear Enterprise is here and happy to help!

    Since 1997, our commercial cleaning gurus have worked to deliver the best practices in the industry, honing our skills and creating lifelong partnerships in the process. Today, we’ll look more closely at our customer-first approach to cleaning. Be sure to contact us when you are finished reading to learn more and to receive a fast, free quote for your facility!

    Our Approach To Exceptional Customer Service

    For years, our professional cleaners have worked diligently to provide the absolute best outcome to all of our clients across Kansas City. We understand that investing in janitorial services is a big undertaking, and will work diligently to create a personalized cleaning plan that best fits your facility’s needs.

    If you are wondering, “Why choose Crystal Clear Enterprise?” the answer is simple — We put the customer first. A few points we’re proud to focus on include:

    • Open communication. We provide open lines of communication at all times in case you need something. Our commercial cleaners will take the time to work with you every step of the way, explaining our process and recommended actions.
    • Quick responses. Emergencies can happen, and when they do, our professional cleaning company will step up and get to work. We will also show up on-time for appointments to ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Availability and comprehensive services. Our team is here and happy to provide the best janitorial services at all levels. If you have a need or concern, simply reach out to your account’s manager, and we’ll get started.
    • Permanent results. Instead of applying a short-term solution, our team will work to enact effective and long-lasting answers that benefit your facility in the long run.
    • Complete service. Nobody likes to call multiple vendors for similar tasks, so why hire multiple companies to care for your facility? Crystal Clear is here to deliver comprehensive support, from floor care to office cleaning services, painting, and more.
    • Complete satisfaction. Ultimately, our customer’s satisfaction will be the ultimate measurement of our skills as a cleaning company. We will not rest until you are happy with the results!

    Quality Control Measurements

    One problem that seems to occur often enough with office cleaning services is a lack of consistency. Your regular cleaning crew may do a great job, yet the other team that sometimes covers your site routinely fails to clean the facility to your satisfaction. As your provider of top-rated janitorial services across Kansas City, Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to deliver the highest level of quality at all times. Part of our program includes non-routine facility inspections to ensure our teams are upholding the values and standards that have made us so successful.

    Crystal Clear deploys a wide range of forms and reports to ensure that our services are held to the highest standard. Our experts will complete a comprehensive assessment of your facility, as well as provide you with Quality Control forms for future issues. You will also receive a pass/fail report for every area in your building to create a clear picture of how to proceed.

    Our team is here and ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about the quality behind our janitorial services, and be sure to ask our Kansas City pros for your estimate!

  2. The Value Of Professional Restroom Cleaning Services For Your Business

    While many businesses across Missouri know the value of maintaining a clean and welcoming restroom, few fail to take the proper measures to ensure that their customers receive an ideal experience on each and every visit. If you are a property manager who is considering hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your restrooms on a regular basis, it can help to understand how vital this aspect of your business is in making a good impression on guests, clients, and employees.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to serve as your trusted source for janitorial services across Kansas City, delivering ideal outcomes for clients of all sizes across many industries. Regardless of your business model, the value of a clean bathroom cannot be understated. Today, we’ll discuss a few benefits of restroom cleaning services from a reputable janitorial company, as well as the advantage offered by our professionals. Contact us today to learn more about

    Clean Restrooms Make Big Impressions

    Customers, clients, and guests will leave your establishment with a lasting impression based on a few key factors, and the bathrooms and their cleanliness will play a major role. Studies and surveys have both shown that dirty restrooms leave a lasting impression on customers, more so than many of the positive services mentioned. You work hard to create a favorable image for your business, and hiring professional cleaning services for your restrooms will help to deliver with a complete state of cleanliness. Failing to do so can hurt your business, as a majority of participants in the studies mentioned believed that poor restroom sanitation could be directly correlated with bad management styles.

    Our commercial cleaning experts will deliver comprehensive and consistent janitorial services for your Kansas City establishment. For years, our experts have invested in the best technology and training to ensure we have the best in the business on our team. We understand how vital restroom cleaning services are for the lasting impression of your business, and will deliver day-in and day-out for sterling impressions.

    Comprehensive Cleaning Is Standard

    While tasking your personnel with office cleaning duties can be a cost-effective strategy in the short term, keep in mind that your in-house team will only be able to perform to the best of their training. Oftentimes, this includes the reachable surfaces and hot-spot areas in need. Managers who invest in the help of a certified commercial cleaning company can expect a complete shine from the top down. As opposed to standard cleaning, our professional team will be able to mop, polish, repair, and shine every aspect of your restroom. We have experience in providing Top Rated Local®  janitorial services across Kansas City and understand how to quickly and efficiently clean every surface.

    Saving Time and Effort

    One of the biggest benefits for your team, when you bring on professional cleaning services, is the time and energy saved on tasks that are not conducive toward the company’s bottom line. In most cases, employees take on specialized tasks, making their efforts very valuable. Most workers will be more focused on getting back to work, possibly neglecting essential cleaning measures. Professional cleaners can deliver complete shines and peace of mind week after week. Be sure to consider the potential loss of productivity against the cost of office cleaning services, and contact our team to see how the numbers stack up!

    Code-Compliant Outcomes

    In many industries, regulations dictate the cleanliness required for every space within the building. Your restrooms may fall under code restrictions, health codes, and other rules that enforce a standard for cleanliness. In these cases, it is almost essential to hire professional janitorial services to get the job done! Even if you do not have additional directives for your restroom cleaning services, it pays to bring on a cost-effective cleaning company that can deliver complete sanitation. By minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria, your building will likely see fewer employee call-ins for health reasons.

    Regular Maintenance

    One big advantage to hiring professionals for your commercial cleaning needs is that you will have a group of professionals consistently on your property, ensuring that every element of your bathroom is in order. Our team is trained to keep an eye out for any problems, rectifying minor issues before they grow into expensive emergencies. Continual upkeep can help to provide consistently clean results, playing a major role in the impression everyone will receive after visiting your building. We can work with you to personalize a restroom cleaning plan to cover every important element of your business’ aesthetics. A clean, well-kept bathroom will do wonders for owners trying to impress their clientele!

    Guaranteed Support

    From regular commercial cleaning services to emergency janitorial responses, it pays to have a professional on your team. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to deliver complete cleaning services for all of your property’s needs, from floor care plans and carpet cleaning to painting, lawn care, and more. We understand the complex needs of businesses across many industries, and will work with you to ensure an affordable and comprehensive outcome for your property’s restrooms. Worried we can’t cover your facility’s needs? Give us a call to see if our janitorial experts can deliver the best solutions for your budget.

    For years, our team has worked to deliver the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses, delivering consistent outcomes for clients of all sizes. Contact us today to see how we can provide the best restroom cleaning services for your building!

  3. Exactly How Dirty Is Your Office Restroom?

    Most of the world’s population spends one-third of their entire adult lives working at their workplace. One-third of that time is, in all probability, spent using the office restroom.

    The hygiene—or lack thereof—of your office lavatory speaks volumes about what kind of a business you’re running.

    If your bathroom smells like something’s rotting in there, it’s going to be equally off-putting for both your employees and clients. On the contrary, if it smells fresh and lemony, you leave a good impression on your customers. There is nothing worse than being known as ‘the office with the gross restroom.’

    We’ve all heard dreadful stories about the microbial zoos that are public restrooms. Your office ones are no better. Imagine working hard all day and then going into restrooms that look like an accurate enactment of a horror movie scene.

    Not only will that flush employee morale right down the toilet, it can also lead to them contracting dangerous diseases. Office restrooms can harbor harmful bacteria such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, and E. coli, in addition to cold and flu viruses.

    Take it from us, you don’t want your employees coming down with various illnesses and taking sick leaves round the clock. It can cost you more than it costs to keep your restrooms clean.  

    There are some simple and easy-to-follow restroom etiquettes that employees can adhere to in order to maintain a clean and safe bathroom environment.

    1. Don’t blush when using the toilet flush. Always flush the toilet after using it so that it is nice and clean for the next person. Remember to keep the lid down!
    2. Don’t TP the whole restroom. A restroom with toilet paper strewn around it is not a sight for sore eyes. Make sure to deposit your used tissues in the bin.
    3. Don’t skip the suds. Always clean your hands after using the toilet. Always! Not only is it hygienic for your own self, it is also hygienic for others that you meet.
    4. Don’t leave your DNA sprinkled across the bathroom floor. Unless you want a creepy stalker to clone a mini-me of you, don’t scatter your hair or nails on the bathroom floor.
    5. Do hire a reputable cleaning company. When it comes to large corporate offices or big-scale businesses, simple toilet etiquettes just don’t cut it. You need a professional cleaning business to take care of your business.

    Here at Crystal Clear Enterprise, we know the importance of maintaining clean office restrooms. Unhygienic bathroom conditions are health hazardous. Not only that, dirty washrooms can greatly affect your image for any visiting clients and customers. You may want to wow them out of their senses with your impressive services, but you don’t really want them to contract hepatitis from an unclean restroom.

    Crystal Clear Enterprises’ Restroom Sanitation Program is just the solution for your sanitary needs. With our excellent janitorial services, you’ll be leaving a smile on people’s faces.

  4. Benefit From Our Commercial Cleaning Services

    These days, it seems that anybody with the right equipment and a van can say that they offer professional cleaning services, yet few deliver when your business’ reputation is on the line. As a business owner or property manager, it is essential for you to find a commercial cleaning company with the tools and training to get the job done right. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to serve as your source for quality janitorial services across Kansas City. Our team receives the best training and support to be able to deliver the highest level of care to you, the customer.

    As our infographic above points out, there are many benefits you can expect from professional office cleaning services. When you are finished reading this post, be sure to call our team to receive an evaluation for your property!

    Improve Your Company’s Curb Appeal

    First impressions are everything for businesses, so be sure your establishment is spotless to ensure the best results. The human eye is trained to notice problems such as dirt and disrepair, signaling to the brain that caution should be taken. Our commercial cleaning services serve to create a spotless outcome for your facility that as consistent and it is comprehensive. Instead of worrying about the state of your facility before a big meeting or event, instead turn to the Crystal Clear team for a spotless outcome!

    Cleaner Outcomes Equate to Better Experiences

    Our team works hard to create a personalized care plan to ensure the best fit for your facility. We as humans enjoy neat, tidy spaces, so be sure you take the time to invest in janitorial services that will meet your unique facility needs. Hospitals, banks, and other establishments hold vastly different office cleaning demands, which is why the Crystal Clear team’s experience is unbeatable in the industry.

    Healthy Inhabitants are Happy Inhabitants

    Studies show that cleaner work environments lead to healthier employees. If your facility is full of dust, dander, mold, or any other irritants, a toll may be taken on your employees’ and guests’ health. Buildings with high levels of airborne toxins exhibit “sick building symptoms,” an invasive problem that can affect many of your employees. Our commercial cleaning company strives to deliver the best outcome for our clients, and our team will work diligently to clean the air in your facility. The result is often healthier employees, which are both happier and more productive. A win-win!

    Our Services Are Scalable and Affordable

    All of our cleaning services are scalable to match your needs and your budget. We understand that running a business means that you need to balance the complex spectrum of products and services. Crystal Clear Enterprise can work with businesses of all sizes to find the perfect care plan, whether that includes specialty services or customizing the coverage to save on costs. Rooms such as facility closets, for example, are much less time-intensive in terms of cleanliness compared to hallways or waiting rooms. Our team is ready to provide office cleaning services tailored to meet your needs, so be sure to contact us for a consultation today!

    Enhanced Safety Results

    Our team is highly trained to inspect for any hazards within your facility. Regular cleaning services serve as the time for our janitors to check for any dangerous issues or areas in need of additional service. Our proactive approach to comprehensive facility care ensures that your building is safe from tripping hazards, fire code violations, and more. Not sure about the quality of your current conditions? We can help!

    Comprehensive Facility Care

    From full-scale floor care services to painting, lawn maintenance, and more, our professional cleaning team strives to deliver the highest level of care for each of our clients. Our commercial cleaning company helps Missouri businesses of all types find success, and our versatile training programs and available staff members ensure that you are fully satisfied with the versatility of our services.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is dedicated to providing clear benefits for your business. We proudly provide the best janitorial services to Kansas City and beyond, relying on the best training and comprehensive care for quality on every job. Contact us today to learn more and to receive an estimate for your facility’s needs!

  5. Is Your Facility Manager Falling for Cheap Janitorial Bids?

    Managers are given tight schedules and budget constraints to maintain commercial facilities.

    But to meet tight budgets, you might be falling for low quality services or a hoax commercial cleaning service.

    With increasing employee health care budgets, wages, economic uncertainty, and several business risks, janitorial budgets suffer major cuts.

    But this does not mean that you need to keep a dirty building or hire an unsatisfactory cleaning company. The cleaning industry has advanced; various jobs have become automated requiring less labor, effort, and cost. This means you can hire a trustworthy cleaning company that can design a cleaning plan according to your budget.

    As a manager, you need to learn about cleaning services that are essential for your business at cost-effective price range. Here are some things you need to look out for in your cleaning service provider.

    Transparent Pricing Strategy

    Bids and quotation that have no link to the office space, area covered, type of building, and number of hours, should be avoided. Hiring a company at double rates is worse than hiring an average company at cheaper rates. Make sure you are aware of the pricing mechanism of your cleaning service provider.

    Steer Clear of Cheap Bids

    In your search for the best janitorial services in North Kansas City, you will come across the industry average. Use this average as a benchmark to measure the affordability of a cleaning company.

    If you come across a cleaning bid that’s too good to be true, consider the reasons behind this more than affordable price point.

    It’s likely that the bid is from a newer company that is using your facility as a training platform.

    Another reason can be hidden charges and fees that are deceivingly left out of the contract to blindside you. Lastly, low rates can be a result of illegal or fraudulent hiring of employees. Therefore, be very cautious with these tempting price points.

    Unlawful Hiring Process to Support Cheaper Price Point

    To gain customers, some cleaning companies follow illegal practices when hiring employees.

    They do not find it necessary to run background checks or a drug test on their employee, which leads to hiring of janitors that have no work permits, legal authorization, or clean record. This can put your business security at risk and even cause property damage due to lack of experience.

    Focus on Quality Service Providers

    Look for a cleaning company that follows a customer-centric approach and provides customized cleaning plans for all type of buildings.

    Make sure they follow an ethical hiring process and offer training to all their employees. In addition to this, avoid companies that hire a third-party contractor to do the job, as this hampers quality.

    Lastly, hire a company that has a transparent price mechanism for all their services like, Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc.

    We provide customized plans for your cleaning facility at affordable rate, meeting all industry standards. You can benefit from one or all of our services: floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and janitorial services, according to your budget constraints.

    Our induction program consists of a 90-days basic training program to make our employees ready for their first project. Our clients are managed by a sophisticated AMS and CRM software that helps us keep track of employees and client’s queries.

    You can call (816)763-3353 to book an appointment or get a free quote of our dependable services.

  6. Why Your Business Needs Professional Janitorial Service

    You may be the best insurance service provider, showcasing hundreds of industry awards and certificates on that wall…

    You may be a personal injury lawyer with a reputation to have clients compensated with more than they expect..

    Or you could be the owner of a global chain of fast-food restaurants… wondering where you went wrong and where did all the clients go?

    Ever wondered how the lack of hygiene and cleanliness could be putting your business at a loss?

    Maintaining a clean facility be it an office or a restaurant is crucial to business success.

    Imagine customers walking into your store, tiles and carpets faded with accumulating in them— most of the people wouldn’t even walk in to a shop which seems dirty at the entrance only. A considerable 95 percent of shoppers say the exterior of a shop influences their buying decisions.

    Here’s why you should consider hiring professional janitorial services for your office:

    First Impression Is the Last Impression

    Millennials make up the largest number of customers today, and we know they can be aggressively brand-loyal – that is if they actually turn over to your business. If you give your customers one reason to think poorly of your business they are most likely to go somewhere else.


    Anything less than a sparkly clean environment will be a major turn off for your customers, not only this but they might spread the word amongst friends and family. Next thing you know, a PR disaster which, as we have seen in the not so distant past, can destroy your business overnight.

    Health Is Wealth

    A dirty office environment can to lead to several health issues for employees and customers. Dirt doesn’t need to be visible for your office to be carrying hazardous germs, bacteria and allergens. If your employees are subjected to these allergens for a an extended period, it can be particularly problematic for their health.


    To combat such issues always hire cleaning professionals who have a solid track record. Experienced cleaners realize the importance of eliminating not just visible dirt or dust but they also make sure that they leave your facility completely safe for everyone.

    Time is Money

    Hiring professional cleaners saves you time and money both, you can schedule their services to match your. For instance schedule them for after hours so that your office will be empty and when your staff and customers step in next day they will find it clean and no inconvenience will come to anyone. Your early customers will be pleased to see a clean facility as well your employees will not be disturbed and productivity will increase due to clean workspace.

    If you are still wondering if hiring a professional janitorial service is the correct choice for your business, call Crystal Clear in Kansas City, Missouri. We will be pleased to go over your requirements and develop a personalized plan to get you the finest achievable professional janitorial service for a great price.

  7. Ready for Summer? 6 Maintenance Tips for Building Owners

    Every season brings with it a different kind of property upkeep and cleaning requirement for commercial buildings.

    Air vents that were given a rest in winters and autumn need to be in optimal condition for the summers; the pipelines need to be clog-free; the building needs to be cleaned thoroughly to welcome the new season.

    General Walkthrough

    Ask your janitorial service provider to look out for fused bulbs, broken faucets and clogged drains for their seasonal inspection of the building. Schedule a detailed cleaning of your office every season.

    Create a checklist for your janitorial service and make sure they deliver a shining office for the new season. Here are some suggestions for your cleaning and maintenance checklist:

    • Repair door locks and corner guards
    • Look for tile and grout
    • Fused lights bulbs
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Re-painting
    • Window cleaning  

    Floors and Carpet Care

    Floors and carpets need a deep-cleaning after frequent use. Dirt, dust, and allergens accumulate on your floors and carpets with use.

    To prolong the life of your floors, schedule a floor stripping and waxing and deep-shampoo cleaning for your carpet. This will brighten the appearance of your building along with hygiene standards.

    Bathroom Check

    This room requires daily upkeep, but a detailed cleaning is also a must. With minor maintenance, you can cater to impending problems beforehand, and get broken things repaired. Make sure the janitorial staff restocks your bathroom with toilet paper, dispensers, and sanitizer.  

    HVAC Maintenance

    Your A/C needs to perform at top condition to beat the heat this summer. Get an annual maintenance of your HVAC system to ensure that your unit is free of dust, allergen, leaks, sludge, and odor. Regular maintenance will slow down the degradation process for your A/C and save you from an immediate replacement cost.

    Lawn Maintenance

    The view and the surrounding of your building have a major impact on your employees, clients, and passersby. Welcome the new season by giving your lawn a nice trim.  

    Window Cleaning

    Once you are done preparing your building from the inside, give the exterior a little attention as well. Ask your janitorial service to give a thorough cleaning of your windows, so you can easily enjoy the sunshine.

    Pest Prevention

    Buildings get attacked by seasonal pest. It’s better to get your building treated for pest while you are getting a detailed cleaning. Prevent an infestation beforehand to enjoy a pest free season.

    Office Furniture

    Dust and dirt on office furniture does not only look bad, but also affects employee morale.

    Get your furniture dusted and polished for the new season. Most importantly, don’t forget to vacuum your computer room.

    Buildings need to meet hygienic and safety standards. To enhance and maintain your building for the summers, call (816)763-3353 to get a complete cleaning package.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc have a fleet of highly trained staff and perform floor cleaning, janitorial services, specialty services, and commercial carpet cleaning in Kansas City.

  8. Tips and Tricks to Keep That Office Bright And Clean

    Most of us are aware of the importance of keeping their office environment clean and hygienic.

    However, the overwhelming workload and extremely busy schedules make it hard for us to ensure this. Keeping this in mind, here is a look at some tips and tricks to keep your office clean:

    Get rid of items you no longer need

    The first thing that you should do is extract all the items from your office and start putting them in again. The point of this exercise is to identify the items that you no longer need or use. This can include past documents, which are no longer important, and old stationery items.

    Recycle old boxes

    There are always important documents that you need to store. You can use old boxes as shelves to store your files and documents. You can also use them as containers to store accessories.

    Avoid eating at the desk

    Some employees prefer to eat at their desks. However, doing so can be quite unhealthy. Leftover food particles can result in growth of bacteria and germs and can lead to health problems.

    Develop cleaning habits

    Simply removing unwanted items and rearranging your desks and drawers is not enough. There is a lot more that you need to do. You need to develop a cleaning routine that you follow regularly. Some of the things that you can do as a part of this routine include:

    • Making sure that you clean up after you are done eating at your desk
    • Go through the mail as soon as you come in and sort out the important ones
    • Allot a specific place where you place all your documents

    Organizing your desk can make it easier for you to keep track of all the important documents. This is especially convenient when you urgently need an important document.

    Make use of digital tools

    Nowadays we have several digital tools available at our disposal, which can help us maintain cleanliness in our office and workplace. You can use devices like scanners to scan important documents and make digital copies, which you can store on mediums like Cloud storage.

    You can assign specific names to the folders so that you know exactly where to look when searching for important documents.

    Hire professional cleaners

    There are certain areas in your office that you cannot clean on your own. For this purpose, it is best to hire professional cleaners. These individuals can clean up every single area in your work place and maintain a clean environment.

    If you are looking for commercial janitorial services, get in touch with us. We offer complete office-cleaning services in Kansas City. Contact us at (816) 763-3353.

  9. The Steps To Receive An Accurate Quote For Your Janitorial Services

    As a property manager, the duty will likely fall on you to find a commercial cleaning company that provides all of the professional cleaning services your facility needs to operate smoothly. The process of calling and interviewing different janitorial companies in Missouri can be a challenge, but proper research and effective planning will prove to be very beneficial in making the challenge easier. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to be your source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City, delivering reliable results that aim to optimize cleanliness and efficiency of your facility. Since 1997, our experts have worked hard to develop a system that promotes the best office cleaning services by focusing on high-quality personnel and training programs.

    Receiving an accurate quote for your facility can prove to be a big challenge. Oftentimes, cleaning companies will offer a price without having the proper information or time needed to make an accurate assessment. Today, we’ll look at a few factors that should come into consideration for your cleaning quote. When you’re ready, be sure to contact our office cleaning professionals to receive our fast, accurate pricing!

    Assessing the Area Size

    You will be asked about the total size of your facility and the amount of cleanable square feet. The phrase “cleanable” here is important, as many buildings hold space that is simply not utilized. From unused common areas to empty desks or cubicles, your commercial cleaning quote will depend heavily on how many square feet are involved that need regular maintenance. Throwing out the total number of square feet will result in a price that is exaggerated and inaccurate.

    The types of flooring included with your size estimate will also be helpful in determining an accurate price. Certain materials will require more care and therefore more payments to account for time and materials used. Carpet cleaning will vary widely from laminate flooring, and being able to provide an accurate summary of your facility will help to hone in on the actual price.

    Facility Occupancy

    The number of guests and employees at your site will greatly determine the final cost of janitorial services. For one, more people per area will typically result in more soiled areas. While a team of 10 individuals may be messy, putting 100 people in the same space will have a major effect on the overall cleanliness of the space. Facility consumables are also a large part of any budget, including toilet paper, hand soap, and more. It’s important to procure an accurate count, as guessing incorrectly can lead to excessive expenses or a bill that is astronomically higher! It can help to find your guest manifests and employee logs to compile a strong average for the daily traffic occupying your facility.

    Cleaning Company Walkthroughs

    Before signing on with a commercial cleaning company, it’s important to schedule a site visit for a closer inspection of all of your facility’s unique needs. The cleaning contractors you call for bid walks will arrive to offer a precise quote on how much their cleaning services will cost. This also provides you as the customer with key insights into how the cleaning company operates and how they will provide you with comprehensive logistical solutions.

    Avoiding Gimmicks

    While our cleaning services request for proposal (RFP) is both comprehensive and accurate, we understand that you will want to explore other options available throughout the Kansas City area. It’s important to remember, though, that the quote you receive may not be an honest representation of the services required. Some companies have been known to offer marketing ploys to get in the door, only to hike up the prices once the contract is signed. Be sure to interview your prospective janitors and pay close attention to their credentials. As always, references can be helpful for illuminating a company’s intentions and services. If you can find a reliable cleaning company with sterling reviews, the chances are high that you will receive an accurate quote.

    The process of hiring a new company to clean your facility may be intense, and will require numerous interviews and hours of consideration. It pays to receive a detailed, accurate RFP to help you properly budget for your building’s cleaning needs. Crystal Clear is here to help you see clearly, delivering unbeatable janitorial services to Kansas City and beyond. Our team of experts will always work to maintain the most ethical, honest system for delivering our office cleaning expertise. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a quote for your facility!