We’re delighted to announce that we’re now open for business in the gorgeous city of Liberty, MO. Companies with commercial plazas in the city can count on the Crystal Clear team for a host of different services including (but not limited to) building inspection and maintenance, specialty services, and floor care solutions.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide custom tailored cleaning services to our clients all over Kansas. Doesn’t matter if you’re a budding business or if you’re a company with 25 years of experience in your industry, we always give every assignment the time and the attention that they deserve. The professionalism and commitment of our team of workers enables us to guarantee the timely completion of an assignment and is the secret behind our unmatched levels of customer satisfaction!

Wide Range of Services:

What makes the Crystal Clear Enterprise experience incredibly unique is that the complexity of the job doesn’t matter as we’re 100% committed to our clients’ cause. If you have a commercial plaza in Liberty, MO you can count on us for the following services,

  1. Commercial Cleaning Services (efficient solutions that will make the workplace sanitary and hygienic)
  2. Floor Care Solutions (processes like waxing, stripping, buffing, and scrubbing combine together to add a shiny finish to your office floor)
  3. Janitorial Services (affordable and OSHA compliant services that will effectively address all major and minor sanitation concerns in a building)
  4. Carpet Cleaning Services (a comprehensive cleaning program that will get rid of all mud and coffee stains in your carpets and breathe new life into them)
  5. Specialty Services (handyman services such as lighting fixtures replacement and repairs, commercial pest control, painting, and window cleaning services, etc.)

If you’re ever in the need of any commercial floor or window care services in Liberty, MO, pick up the phone and give us a call at (816) 763-3353. We promise not to disappoint!