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What Makes Us Different

Trained Employees

We take pride in ensuring that our employees are well-trained in basic cleaning and safety procedures, but also excel in cleaning various surfaces and spaces with a professional outlook. For more insights about the details of training requirements for different positions, please check here.

Experienced Floor Team

Our team takes the lead in providing quality carpet care and floor care services. Crystal Clear Enterprise can deliver ideal shines with all of our floor cleaning services. No matter your building-specific needs, we can tailor a floor care plan that is fast, effective, and affordable.

Operations Supervisor

The Operations Supervisor ensures that the work assignments are met. They conduct site visits and provide on-the-job training (OJT) to employees, participate in start-up activities, ensure employee satisfaction, enforce policies and procedures, and substitute for absent employees. Other responsibilities of an Operations Supervisor include scheduling special services, making sure that the special services are completed, controlling inventories, managing equipment repair and maintenance, resolving reported incidents, performing employee evaluations, and operating sites within job budgets.

Operations Manager

The responsibilities of an Operations Manager include determining manpower requirements, managing shift supervisors and quality control staff, scheduling all work assignments and special services, operating the department within budget, conducting employee evaluations, and managing and scheduling equipment. The Operations Manager also performs occasional site visits and ensures quality of training and service provided as well as control of inventory. They are also in charge of enforcing policies and procedures and resolving of all reported incidents.

Quality Control Inspections

The Quality Control Inspector will inspect the facilities on a non-routine basis. Using a detailed quality control form (unless an alternate form is provided), they will note the performance on each cleaning function. Any deficiencies noted should be forwarded to the facility’s representative and to Crystal Clear Management. Any concerns about quality of service should be directed to the Account Executive or Quality Control Manager.

To ensure total quality management, the following forms and reports will be provided:

  • Site-specific detailed inspection forms for manager/QC inspector
  • Quality Control worksheet outlining areas and tasks per building
  • Correction forms for supervisors to remedy
  • Pass and failure levels per building, area, and tasks
  • Quality Control forms for customers
  • Quality Control Area Detail Report to evaluate Employee Incentive Program (EIP)

Exceptional Customer Service

The customer service at Crystal Clear is par excellence. Our janitorial services provide you with:

  • Quick Response Services — Professional, timely, and courteous delivery of services above and beyond expectations.
  • Permanent Resolutions — No quick fix or temporary band-aids.
  • Open Communication — We discuss possible resolutions and the steps to enforce or maintain said resolution.
  • Total satisfaction — We are not happy until you are happy.
  • Customer Service at All Levels — Our employees are given the opportunity to make decisions within their job abilities and in line with the company’s values, mission, and vision.
  • Availability — You can pick up the phone or shoot us a message; no forms or logins necessary.

Involved Sales Associate

The Sales Associate maintains focus on the provision of quality customer service and communicates with the customer in monthly or quarterly progress reviews to ensure that both parties are on the same page. In addition to this, they are involved in all contract star-ups to ensure that both the requirements of the contract and the expectations of the customer are duly met. The Sales Associate also conducts the Quarterly Quality Control Inspections.

Quality Cleaning Service

The quality standards at Crystal Clear are set at zero deficiencies, creating a tough standard that helps us bring in and retain customers for a long time. Our Quality Control Program also ensures that best practices are in place to encourage the provision of quality cleaning services.

Core Values

Our core values include transparent communication, maintaining relationships, maintaining integrity and excellence in service delivery, creating a career trajectory for employees to keep them motivated, promoting professionalism, and encouraging community involvement.

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Crystal Clear personnel are equipped with mobile devices. This ensures prompt communication and coordination throughout the job. This is crucial, in case of emergencies where relaying timely information/updates is crucial to preventing or mitigating losses. This helps to streamline all of our commercial cleaning services.

Safe and Secure Building

Training Program

During the probationary period, training and evaluation of the newly recruited is conducted so that they may be acquainted with the company’s core values, mission, and best practices. The recruits are assigned a supervisor who will oversee their orientation and training. The recruits will study the employee manual and be evaluated on the 20 different sections.

The employees are also trained and evaluated on the basics of cleaning, emergency procedures, bloodborne pathogen training, security, building safety, equipment usage and maintenance, quality control, customer relations, and much more. All these trainings allow the employee to grow into a responsible, safe, smart worker who requires little supervision and can handle tasks on their own.

Apart from the training in the 90 days, the employees also receive continuous education and additional training based on past performance. Furthermore, they are encouraged to pursue any industry-specific certification programs that would help them gain more experience in the field, such as CBSE (Certified Building Services Executive), RBSM (Registered Building Services Manager), and more.

Hiring Process

The hiring process of Crystal Clear is strict and ensures that only the right, responsible personnel are inducted to the team. The requirements for the applicants include two valid forms of identification and at least two references while receiving a state police background check and drug screening. Once shortlisted, they would need to complete a personal interview with an Area Manager or Director of Operations (DoP) and complete a three-month (90 days) probation period. It is mandatory that all employees are equipped with a working phone at all times.

Insurance Protection Coverage

Crystal Clear is committed to empowering its employees to ensure that they receive the care they need to perform their best with us. The insurance protection coverage offered includes commercial general liability, automobile liability, umbrella liability, worker’s compensation, and lease rented.

Relationship Building (Mission)

One of our company missions is to create profitable relationships and foster trust, authenticity, and respect with our commercial cleaning services. We look forward to partnering with industries in a long-term investment with the promise of clear communication and set expectations and goals. This allows us to plan accordingly to exceed expectations.

Promoting Excellence (Mission)

Another company mission is to promote excellence via various channels. We survey our customers and our own employees anonymously to understand what works and what doesn’t. We also request consultation from outside the company for a more objective view and are open to change when necessary.

We empower, engage, and encourage employees to be innovative and to deliver their very best. We accomplish this by recognizing each employee’s potential through verbal communication, newsletter post, and employee incentive plan, training them and creating a challenging work environment for them.

At Crystal Clear, we have a different approach to failures.

As Albert Einstein said, “Failure is success in progress.”

We equip our employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel at what they do and try new avenues to improve existing processes. And in this quest, if they fail, we encourage them to try again instead of curbing their potential to grow.

Maintaining Integrity

Our core values that allow us to maintain our integrity include transparent communication, excellence in service delivery, creating a career trajectory for employees, professionalism, and community involvement. We focus on maintaining relationships by being honest and keeping our word.


You can always trust Crystal Clear to show up whenever you need. We accommodate last-minute requests, and unlike many others, prove to be reliable. You can view our customer testimonials here to view what our clients have to say about our services.


For us at Crystal Clear, professionalism is important. This is why our employees have proper uniforms and carry an employee picture badge, and are also associated and certified with the Code of Ethics, including BSCAI, CBSE, and IICRC Commercial Carpet Technician.

Customer Oriented Service

Crystal Clear invests in a long-term partnership with each customer. Learn more about why we are the cleaning service that Kansas City trusts most. Contact our professionals today.

We are a firm that is highly organized to provide the best possible building and commercial services. Standing behind the on-the-job custodians and supervisors are a series of professionals and systems to ensure high quality performance.

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