Using the Best Janitorial Technology so You Get the Best Service

Using the Automated Management System (AMS) specifically designed for commercial janitorial firms to our advantage, we have established ourselves as a leader in Client Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). There are four key components in our Automated Management System that enable us to deliver value-added services and benefits to our customers. They are Time & Attendance, Incident Tracker, Project Scheduler and Quality Control.

Benefits We Bring to Our Customers

All your last minute requests will be accommodated!

Have an unexpected last minute request? Just pass it on to us and relax! Our efficient & improved line of communication enables us to contact our custodians during clock in/out.

You can count on us not to miss a day of service and always be on time!

You can say “goodbye” to frustrating no-shows and missed service days! We provide assurance that our custodians will report on time. This translates to consistent service and peace of mind for you. You can rest assured that we strive to maintain a healthy balance of quality and affordability.

Making professional cleaning services hassle-free

All of your concerns and requests become our responsibility. We will follow-up closely, address any problems, and minimize repeat incidents so your workflow will not be interrupted by the nitty-gritty. We delight in the idea of tracking and scheduling mundane tasks such as cleaning carpets, floors, windows, etc. We guarantee consistent, periodic services according to our contract requirements.

Sustaining a positive image for your organization

Should there be any deficiencies, we make it a priority to identify them by adhering to our stringent quality control program. We will advise you of timely resolutions & remedial actions required to resolve and rectify the situation.

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Time & Attendance
– Integrated employee voice messaging communication system

• No Show Alert notifying supervisor and/or manager in charge if employee is late or absent
• Play important voice mails for employees when they clock in/out
• Relay customer concerns directly to employee via voicemail
• Monitor who is in each facility and the task being performed
• Identify positive or negative trends in cleaning

Incident Tracker
– Ensures timely follow-up to customer concerns

• Assign responsibility for manager to follow-up
• Generate Customer Service correction ticket
• Record and print special requests and follow through
• Retain full detail on all job incidents, concerns, inspections, visits, etc. as long as required
• Review account history to ensure negative concerns are not repetitive
• Provide new supervisors, employees, and managers with complete background on each account
• Instantly review account history

 Project Scheduler
– Tracks scheduled services or one-time work orders and maintains a complete history of all services provided

• Online work tickets/job status
• Forecast and tracking procedures help ensure contract compliance
• Print forecast for customers and managers
• Print work tickets for periodic services
• Track all tickets through completion

 Quality Control
– Total quality management

• Site-specific detailed inspection forms for manager/QC inspector
• Quality Control worksheet outlining areas and tasks per building
• Correction forms for supervisors to remedy
• Pass and failure levels per building, area, and tasks
• Quality Control forms for customers
• Quality Control Area Detail Report to evaluate Employee Incentive Program (EIP)

This software suite enables us to better manage our mission-critical resources and, most importantly, your facility. Crystal Clear is committed to using technology to promote excellence in building services, so contact us today to learn more.