Crystal Clear Enterprise, Inc. is delighted to announce that we’re now open for business in Grandview, Missouri. Companies with offices in the city can count on our team for top-notch commercial cleaning services such as building inspection and maintenance, and janitorial solutions.

We provide a host of different specialty services to our clients. Businesses operating in and around Grandview, Missouri can rely on us for handyman services like vacuuming, lighting fixtures replacement, painting, lawn care, pest control, and window washing, etc. We’re also known for our comprehensive restroom sanitation programs that will remove all odor and sanitation problems from your office restroom, making your restrooms cleaner and healthier.

Services for Grandview, MO:

On top of our specialty services, our repertoire also includes solutions like,

  1. Commercial Cleaning Services (a comprehensive cleaning solution provided by a team of highly trained and friendly workers that will remove any and all sanitation problems in your commercial plaza and prevent them from resurfacing)
  2. Janitorial Services (Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) compliant services that will elevate the level of hygiene and sanitation in your building)
  3. Carpet Cleaning Services (a cleaning service that will remove any and all stains from the carpets in your office and leave them looking brand new)
  4. Floor Cleaning Services (processes like waxing, stripping, buffing, and recoating combine to breathe new life into your office floor and add a glossy shine to it)

Doesn’t matter if you opt for our handyman or janitorial services, once we’re brought on board you are guaranteed professionalism of the highest order. We consider things like the complexity of the job, a strict deadline, and the number of employees working in a commercial building to be non-factors, and provide you with the best commercial cleaning service possible!

For more information about our services in Grandview, Missouri or about our pricing, feel free to give us a call (816) 763-3353. We look forward to hearing from you soon!