1. Ready for Summer? 6 Maintenance Tips for Building Owners

    Every season brings with it a different kind of property upkeep and cleaning requirement for commercial buildings.

    Air vents that were given a rest in winters and autumn need to be in optimal condition for the summers; the pipelines need to be clog-free; the building needs to be cleaned thoroughly to welcome the new season.

    General Walkthrough

    Ask your janitorial service provider to look out for fused bulbs, broken faucets and clogged drains for their seasonal inspection of the building. Schedule a detailed cleaning of your office every season.

    Create a checklist for your janitorial service and make sure they deliver a shining office for the new season. Here are some suggestions for your cleaning and maintenance checklist:

    • Repair door locks and corner guards
    • Look for tile and grout
    • Fused lights bulbs
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Re-painting
    • Window cleaning  

    Floors and Carpet Care

    Floors and carpets need a deep-cleaning after frequent use. Dirt, dust, and allergens accumulate on your floors and carpets with use.

    To prolong the life of your floors, schedule a floor stripping and waxing and deep-shampoo cleaning for your carpet. This will brighten the appearance of your building along with hygiene standards.

    Bathroom Check

    This room requires daily upkeep, but a detailed cleaning is also a must. With minor maintenance, you can cater to impending problems beforehand, and get broken things repaired. Make sure the janitorial staff restocks your bathroom with toilet paper, dispensers, and sanitizer.  

    HVAC Maintenance

    Your A/C needs to perform at top condition to beat the heat this summer. Get an annual maintenance of your HVAC system to ensure that your unit is free of dust, allergen, leaks, sludge, and odor. Regular maintenance will slow down the degradation process for your A/C and save you from an immediate replacement cost.

    Lawn Maintenance

    The view and the surrounding of your building have a major impact on your employees, clients, and passersby. Welcome the new season by giving your lawn a nice trim.  

    Window Cleaning

    Once you are done preparing your building from the inside, give the exterior a little attention as well. Ask your janitorial service to give a thorough cleaning of your windows, so you can easily enjoy the sunshine.

    Pest Prevention

    Buildings get attacked by seasonal pest. It’s better to get your building treated for pest while you are getting a detailed cleaning. Prevent an infestation beforehand to enjoy a pest free season.

    Office Furniture

    Dust and dirt on office furniture does not only look bad, but also affects employee morale.

    Get your furniture dusted and polished for the new season. Most importantly, don’t forget to vacuum your computer room.

    Buildings need to meet hygienic and safety standards. To enhance and maintain your building for the summers, call (816)763-3353 to get a complete cleaning package.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc have a fleet of highly trained staff and perform floor cleaning, janitorial services, specialty services, and commercial carpet cleaning in Kansas City.

  2. Why is Regular Carpet Maintenance Important for Your Business?

    Whether we talk about impressions a person or an entity delivers on first encounter, they have strong connection with appearances. How you appear largely decides how people are going to interact with you. Similarly, the physical appearance of a business is also judged by the clients, inadvertently or otherwise.

    Many businesses have their interior set up with carpeted flooring. Carpets are used to create a formal look. However, if their maintenance is not taken care of properly, then they can become an off-putting aspect of any premise’s interior. Let’s have a look on different tangents which make carpet maintenance an important task for businesses.

    The Financial Tangent

    For a business it’s always easy to choose between replacing the entire carpeting of the premise and having it cleaned and maintained through regular intervals. It’s simple to pick the latter option because of the financial reasons. Purchasing a whole new carpet for a large business space is always a costly affair instead of taking care of its maintenance through regular cleaning and vacuuming.

    Rough estimates suggest that a maintenance routine can increase the shelf life of a good quality carpet by several years. By putting up more years with the same carpet, you will be reducing the renovation costs of your commercial premise for all those years.  

    Moreover, if you are neglecting your carpeted flooring for years with its maintenance and suddenly want it all neat, clean and hygienic, then you must spend considerable amount of money. In addition to that, a cleaning routine after a long time will also disturb your business hours as well.

    The aesthetical Tangent

    We have mentioned in the introduction how important the physical appearance of a business is and role of carpeted flooring in it. Regular maintenance of carpets also plays major part in preserving their aesthetical value. A carpet decked with dust and dirt loses its original color and texture; these features of a carpet play major role in making your business space more visually appealing.

    Furthermore, a dirty carpet reeking of unpleasant odors can disturb the ambiance of the whole space.

    Carpeted flooring with bad impact on visual and olfactory sensors of the visitors surely won’t do any favor to your business. With regular carpet maintenance in place, you can make sure that your carpet appears in its original form without dispensing odd smells.

    The Hygienic Tangent

    Dust particles always linger in the environment. We see it often in a sunray making its way through the window. All these dust particles eventually settle down on the floor. Similar is the case with airborne microorganisms.

    Carpets are made of threads and fabrics which provide large room for dust particles and bacteria to reside. If carpets are not maintained and cleaned after regular intervals, then this attribute of carpet can make the environment very unhygienic where people will be acquiring more dust allergies and airborne diseases.

    For all the reasons, get the services of a professional carpet cleaning in Grandview, MO for the carpeted flooring of your business premise.

  3. Tips and Tricks to Keep That Office Bright And Clean

    Most of us are aware of the importance of keeping their office environment clean and hygienic.

    However, the overwhelming workload and extremely busy schedules make it hard for us to ensure this. Keeping this in mind, here is a look at some tips and tricks to keep your office clean:

    Get rid of items you no longer need

    The first thing that you should do is extract all the items from your office and start putting them in again. The point of this exercise is to identify the items that you no longer need or use. This can include past documents, which are no longer important, and old stationery items.

    Recycle old boxes

    There are always important documents that you need to store. You can use old boxes as shelves to store your files and documents. You can also use them as containers to store accessories.

    Avoid eating at the desk

    Some employees prefer to eat at their desks. However, doing so can be quite unhealthy. Leftover food particles can result in growth of bacteria and germs and can lead to health problems.

    Develop cleaning habits

    Simply removing unwanted items and rearranging your desks and drawers is not enough. There is a lot more that you need to do. You need to develop a cleaning routine that you follow regularly. Some of the things that you can do as a part of this routine include:

    • Making sure that you clean up after you are done eating at your desk
    • Go through the mail as soon as you come in and sort out the important ones
    • Allot a specific place where you place all your documents

    Organizing your desk can make it easier for you to keep track of all the important documents. This is especially convenient when you urgently need an important document.

    Make use of digital tools

    Nowadays we have several digital tools available at our disposal, which can help us maintain cleanliness in our office and workplace. You can use devices like scanners to scan important documents and make digital copies, which you can store on mediums like Cloud storage.

    You can assign specific names to the folders so that you know exactly where to look when searching for important documents.

    Hire professional cleaners

    There are certain areas in your office that you cannot clean on your own. For this purpose, it is best to hire professional cleaners. These individuals can clean up every single area in your work place and maintain a clean environment.

    If you are looking for commercial janitorial services, get in touch with us. We offer complete office-cleaning services in Kansas City. Contact us at (816) 763-3353.

  4. Highlighting The Top Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your Janitorial Services

    In our modern age, customer service has evolved to become a comprehensive program that strives to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to your customers — after all, your customers are integral to your future success. If you are a business owner or property manager, you may have landed on this page because you are considering a replacement for your professional cleaning service needs. As a corporation, you rely on comprehensive office cleaning services to ensure that your guests and employees are welcomed by a clean and pristine building. The quality of your services is often represented by the cleanliness of your building, making it vital to own a property that is spotless week-in and and week-out. If your commercial cleaning company is no longer delivering to the high level that you expect, it may be time to seek out a qualified replacement.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to be your trusted source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City and beyond, delivering amazing results to Missouri on a continual basis. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality to clients of all sizes, relying on the best technology and most stringent training standards to retain a team that is both professional and happy to enhance your site. Today, we’ll briefly discuss a few signs that it is time to seek out new help for your office cleaning needs.

    Unresponsive Services

    Your janitorial company may have made a quality first impression, but as of late, you’ve noticed that their communication system is lacking. Now, even minor problems are met with a level of indifference and a lack of follow-through. This problem can stem from poor communication services between you and the cleaning company, or even within the company amongst its own employees. As a business, you rely on competent and timely janitorial services to keep your property looking great. If your janitorial staff fails to get the job done, what do you do?

    It’s essential to work with a team that is responsive to all of your needs. The Crystal Clear team relies on modern technology to communicate quickly and effectively to get the job done. When you submit a special request with our cleaners, expect fast results and a caring follow-up. We’re here to provide comprehensive facility support, and unlike other commercial cleaning companies, we’ll work hard to retain our top level of quality.

    Customer Complications

    The quality of your janitorial staff can affect more than just the cleanliness of your facility. It’s essential to work with a company that only staffs the most motivated and trustworthy individuals. Janitorial companies with a low standard for hiring will likely cause future issues for your facility, whether it’s illegal hiring practices or compromising security details. After all, your cleaners will be on the property after hours to get the job done. Failing to account for unqualified employees can leave your business in peril. If staff is present during daytime hours, it’s important to make sure that your customers and employees will be treated with patience and respect.

    You can rest easy knowing that the Crystal Clear team is here to shine your business. We employ only the highest hiring standards to keep your property clean and safe whenever we arrive. By focusing on the quality of our employees through training and benefits programs, Crystal Clear is able to retain a trustworthy workforce with minimal turnover.

    Limited Janitorial Services

    Every business is unique, and your property will likely hold a unique list of tasks and requirements that are needed to create a comprehensively clean facility. Experienced cleaning crews are often valued because they can provide a wide range of services based on years in the industry. If your current cleaning company has not invested in training beyond scrubbing toilets, the results will quickly become obvious. Expertise is essential in this industry, as a lack of knowledge can lead to costly problems, whether it’s mixing volatile chemicals or failing to secure a building at the end of the night. Your cleaning program needs to a high level of professionalism to ensure the best outcome for your facility.

    Crystal Clear is proud to staff employees who are rigorously trained to uphold the high level of service we’ve promised throughout the years. We’ll work with you to create a personalized plan to best address the needs of your facility.

    Inconsistent Results

    You have an exacting expectation for the outcome of your building once all cleaning services have been completed. If your current janitorial company is no longer delivering a consistent level of quality for your building, it may be time to consider a replacement. Many companies will work hard to impress clients in the early stages, only to slack later on while collecting the same dollar amount. In many cases, property managers are not even sure what they are paying for!

    Our cleaning company works hard to deliver the best level of quality each and every time we step foot on your property. Crystal Clear Enterprise was founded to set a high standard in the janitorial industry. We understand the importance of efficiency with your budget, and our team will work hard to justify any costs we accrue to enhance your property while keeping all parties happy.

    A Lack of Commitment

    Ultimately, you may be in need of new office cleaning services because your current team simply does not care enough. From how they treat their employees to the level of professionalism expected after each job, you can learn a lot about a cleaning company based on their treatment of the individuals who keep the business strong. Some cleaners are in the industry to make a quick buck while others are here for the long haul. If your current company does not seem to care about your facility, it’s essential to seek out professional help.

    We’re proud to offer the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses and beyond. If you’re looking for commercial cleaning for your business that delivers the best results at an amazing price, be sure to contact us today!

  5. The Germs Below: How often do you need Carpet Cleaning for Your Office

    A majority of the offices and workplaces have carpets and rugs. It is essential that you keep them clean to maintain a hygienic environment.

    However, people often do not realize the importance of keeping their carpets clean. Here is a look at some benefits of carpet cleaning for offices:

    It creates a positive impression

    Your carpet is one of the first things that people notice when they visit your office. A dirty carpet can create a bad impression. It can also have a negative effect on the image of the company.

    There are several things that potential employees notice when they apply for a position in a company. Hygiene is one of them. An employee is less likely to become a part of your organization if they feel that the office environment is unhygienic.

    It helps improve the air quality

    It might sound surprising but indoor air tends to be more polluted than the air outside. Allergens present in the air are often trapped between carpet fibers. Without regular cleaning these allergens can create several health problems for the people working in the office.

    Carpets also tend to trap moisture. This can result in a mold infestation in your workplace. Mold can lead to several health problems, which include:

    • Asthma
    • Allergies
    • Headaches

    Mold also damages the structure of your building. This can be quite costly for the business owners.

    It helps ensure that the carpet lasts for a long time

    Like all other items in your work place, your carpets also wear down after some time. However, with regular cleaning you can ensure that your carpet lasts for a long period of time.

    It increases employee productivity

    Employees tend to feel stressed out and de-motivated when they work in an environment, which is not clean and well organized. The productivity of an employee relates to their motivation levels.

    A demotivated employee is not efficient and this can adversely affect the company since they might not be able to meet important deadlines. It can result in the company losing clients.

    How often should the carpets be cleaned

    You need to know that carpet cleaning is not something that you can do on your own. You will need to seek the services of professional office carpet cleaners for this task.

    These companies are better able to give you an idea regarding how often you need to get the carpets cleaned.

    The services that you opt for also have an impact on the number of times the carpet would require cleaning. Another factor that you will need to consider is the money that you want to invest in the cleaning of the carpets.

    Get in touch with us. We offer office-cleaning services in Kansas City. Our commercial floor cleaning services keep your carpets clean and looking like new for years. Contact us at (816) 763-3353.

  6. 8 Tips That Will Help You Determine The Kind Of Commercial Cleaning You Need

    Entering a gleaming office lobby, with nice lighting, smart ergonomics, and shiny floor can make striking impact.

    These little things can be easily translated to the professionalism of your business. But to achieve this look, businesses need to evaluate several factors regarding commercial cleaning such as, size, space, floor traffic, and even the age of the building. (more…)

  7. 5 Signs Your Office Carpet Needs Professional Cleaning

    A classy carpet or rug can completely transform your office. They add a sophisticated look to your facility, reduce noise pollution, and provide sufficient insulation from cold.

    Hence, neglecting them is a great offence. Your office carpets may be housing dust, dirt and multiple allergens. You may even have scheduled a daily vacuuming service, but with time, your carpets require deep professional cleansing.

    Here’re some signs that determine it’s time to schedule a detailed commercial carpet cleaning.

    Sign no.1: Traffic Tracks On Your Carpet

    If you can see visible track marks on your carpet, it’s time to schedule a professional cleaning. The carpet’s fibers sustain wear and tear on a daily basis, which makes them saturated with dust, dirt, grime, and oil.  Once the fibers have reached its saturation point, you will start noticing obvious traffic marks on your carpets.

    Sign no.2: Discoloring Patches On Your Carpet

    Your carpet may appear fine on the surface, but underneath, there are a lot of wear and tear in process. If you start noticing discolored patches on your carpet, it’s time for deep cleaning. Remember, if you neglect this problem, you might even have to replace your carpet.

    Sign no.3: Carpet Odor

    Odor emitting from the carpet is not only unsanitary, but can transform into an office epidemic. With time, dander, dirt, molds, bacteria and allergens accumulate within the layers of your carpet, which creates an odor problem in the office.

    Sign no.4: Stained Surface

    If you have placed a waste basket over a ketchup stain on your carpet, you are definitely due for a professional cleaning. If you leave stains untreated, they become stubborn and with time they start emitting odor and make your carpet prone to molds. If you have a stubborn stain on your carpet, get it removed.

    Sign no.5: Water Damage

    Water can damage fabric, causing your carpet to become delaminated. When water damage is left untreated can further cause mold and must in your carpet. Water damage can occur from a leak in the water lines or extremely high humidity.

    Commercial buildings need to be free of dust mites and molds; a dirty carpet can tarnish the structural integrity of your office.

    Call (816)763-3353 for a complete carpet cleaning package from Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc.

    Our commercial carpet cleaning include hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning, low moisture cleaning, dry cleaning, rotary shampoo cleaning.

    Apart from this, we have a fleet of highly trained staff that performs floor cleaning, janitorial services, specialty services.

  8. 8 Signs You’ve Hired A Wrong Commercial Cleaner For Your Business Facility

    Outsourcing essential operations of your business like janitorial services can be a pain staking job if you end up hiring a wrong commercial cleaning service in Leawood, KS.

    Here are some signs that indicate that you need to kick your floor cleaning company to the curb, and start looking for a trusted and experienced commercial cleaning service.

    Vague price point

    If your cleaning company is not open about its price point and per hour charges, then they are cheating you on the deal for sure.

    Trustworthy companies that want to partner on a long-term basis are transparent in all their monitory dealing. They will collaborate with you and develop a plan that is suitable for your commercial facility, and recommend cleaning services that are essential for your business.

    Cleaning company falls short on their people process

    If your cleaning company does not hire janitorial staff after screening, your office facility can be at risk of security breach, theft, and damage caused by improper handling of chemical agents.

    Cleaning company is not invested in your building security

    Hiring people without drug test and background checks can put your commercial facility at risk.

    If the company does not keep a track of their cleaner’s attendance and progress, it can prove to be a liability for your company.

    Look for a cleaning company has a transparent hiring process and provides insurance protection.

    Cleaning company has no training program

    Commercial cleaning requires the use of blood borne pathogen, technical machinery, and knowledge of emergency procedures.

    If your service provider does not train and educate their employees regarding safe chemical use and building security, you are likely to notice poor cleaning results and damaged to your office equipment.

    Hire a company that is vested in providing a customer centric service and trained teams.

    High cleaning staff turnover

    Cleaning companies are accustomed to high turnover, but if the cost of re-hiring is passed on to your business, then this problem should be your concern.

    Moreover, having new staff every other week can disrupt routine and raise some security red-flags. If your janitorial staff is skipping too many service days and recruiting new faces every other day, it’s time to start searching for another floor cleaning service in Lawrence KS.

    Absence of latest cleaning equipment

    Cleaning industry has considerably evolved with use of machinery, green cleaning products, and CRM tools. If your cleaning service is far from following the industry practice, you need to find someone who can do the same task in less time, money, and labor.

    Cleaning company lacks in communication

    to respond to emergency situations like water damage can show lack of professionalism in your commercial cleaners. The operation manager of the cleaning company needs to be in constant contact with you to determine the quality and progress of services at your facility.

    Absence of quality control

    If your cleaning company is free of check and balance, their services are likely to decline with time.

    If the deficiencies are not duly noted and worked-on, you need to switch cleaning company. There should be a transparent mechanism to report shortcomings and the company should also report their efforts in overcoming the identified mistake.

    We – at Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc. – are committed at providing transparent and trustworthy commercial Cleaning Service in Lawrence KS.

    You can benefit from our floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and janitorial services.

    All our employees go through a 90-days basic training program before they start working on a project. Our clients are managed by a sophisticated AMS and CRM software that helps us keep track of employees and client’s queries.

    You can call (816)763-3353 to book an appointment or get a free quote of our dependable services.