1. 8 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong Commercial Cleaner for Your Business Facility

    Outsourcing essential operations of your business like janitorial services can be a painstaking job if you end up hiring a wrong commercial cleaning service in Leawood, KS.

    Here are some signs that indicate that you need to kick your floor cleaning company to the curb, and start looking for a trusted and experienced commercial cleaning service.

    Vague price point

    If your cleaning company is not open about its price point and per hour charges, then they are cheating you on the deal for sure.

    Trustworthy companies that want to partner on a long-term basis are transparent in all their monitory dealing. They will collaborate with you and develop a plan that is suitable for your commercial facility, and recommend cleaning services that are essential for your business.

    Cleaning company falls short on their people process

    If your cleaning company does not hire janitorial staff after screening, your office facility can be at risk of security breach, theft, and damage caused by improper handling of chemical agents.

    Cleaning company is not invested in your building security

    Hiring people without drug test and background checks can put your commercial facility at risk. If the company does not keep a track of their cleaner’s attendance and progress, it can prove to be a liability for your company.

    Look for a cleaning company has a transparent hiring process and provides insurance protection.

    Cleaning company has no training program

    Commercial cleaning requires the use of blood borne pathogen, technical machinery, and knowledge of emergency procedures.

    If your service provider does not train and educate their employees regarding safe chemical use and building security, you are likely to notice poor cleaning results and damaged to your office equipment.

    Hire a company that is vested in providing a customer centric service and trained teams.

    High cleaning staff turnover

    Cleaning companies are accustomed to high turnover, but if the cost of re-hiring is passed on to your business, then this problem should be your concern.

    Moreover, having new staff every other week can disrupt routine and raise some security red-flags. If your janitorial staff is skipping too many service days and recruiting new faces every other day, it’s time to start searching for another floor cleaning service.

    Absence of latest cleaning equipment

    Cleaning industry has considerably evolved with use of machinery, green cleaning products, and CRM tools. If your cleaning service is far from following the industry practice, you need to find someone who can do the same task in less time, money, and labor.

    Cleaning company lacks in communication

    to respond to emergency situations like water damage can show lack of professionalism in your commercial cleaners. The operation manager of the cleaning company needs to be in constant contact with you to determine the quality and progress of services at your facility.

    Absence of quality control

    If your cleaning company is free of check and balance, their services are likely to decline with time.

    If the deficiencies are not noted and worked-on, you need to switch cleaning company. There should be a transparent mechanism to report shortcomings and the company should also report their efforts in overcoming the identified mistake.

    We – at Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc. – are committed at providing transparent and trustworthy commercial cleaning services in Lawrence, KS.

    You can benefit from our floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and janitorial services.

    All our employees go through a 90-days basic training program before they start working on a project. Our clients are managed by a sophisticated AMS and CRM software that helps us keep track of employees and client’s queries.

    You can call (816)763-3353 to book an appointment or get a free quote of our dependable services.

  2. Are Dirty Carpets Affecting Your Business and Brand’s Image?

    Brand image is a sensitive issue for businesses and ventures. They invest and spend considerable amount of resources in maintaining and improving it. Whether you are operating a small retail store or having a large-premise business to take care of, you must have built a certain image of your brand and business, and obviously in a good way.

    There are lots of factors on operational and functional level that reflect the image of your business and brand.  Ambiance of the workspace also play important role in branding an idiosyncratic image of your brand and business. From color scheme to flooring choice, many characteristics of an interior add to it.  

    Carpeted flooring is one of the defining features of many workspaces. They add character and elegance to the interior. However, if carpets are not taken care of with their cleaning routine then they can conversely affect your business. Let’s have a look on some of the unwanted implications of dirty carpets on your business and its brand image.  

    Dirty Carpets Look Dirty

    Yes, we are stating the obvious here but it is essential to understand that dirty carpets can spoil the whole vibe of your work premises. If you engage with your customers at the same site with dirty carpeting under their feet, then forget about making a pleasant impression on them. Moreover, your own employees will be feeling uncomfortable in working in such an untidy environment.

    Dirty Carpets are Also Stinky

    Things only get worse for your brand and business image if you have dirty looking carpet at your workplace. Dirty carpets don’t only look ugly, but they also stink. A stench lingering in the environment can become an instant mood changer, and in a bad way.

    Any consumer won’t leave the premise with a good judgment regarding your business if he has welcomed and sent-off with unpleasant odors.

    Dirty Carpets are Infested with Allergens

    Nearly every one out of three people have high sensitivity for environmental allergens. And dirty, unclean carpets are decked with pollens and dust particles, known for provoking allergic reactions. On one hand it is not good for the people working in that environment, on the other hand your visiting clientele can also incur allergy from the carpets crammed with dust.

    You can imagine what your brand image would be in the eyes of a man who has fallen sick after visiting your place.

    Dirty Carpets and Free Bad Publicity

    No matter how good marketing strategy you have employed for the promotion of your business, it can’t negate a bad word of mouth. Unhygienic and untidy ambiance of your workplace will do a free bad publicity of your brand. Customers experiencing this unpleasant environment are surely going to tell this to their acquaintances. And this will only result into a bad word of mouth.

    So, it is imperative to get the carpeted flooring of your workplace treated by professional cleaners on a regular basis to make it certain that your brand and business’s image don’t get tarnished by dirty carpets.    

  3. Major Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning You Didn’t Know About

    Vacuuming carpeted surfaces can clean some of the dust and other particles trapped on the surface, leaving most of the dirt and grime that has seeped to the bottom.  This is where dry cleaning them comes in.

    It is entirely a different ballgame.

    Many people think that they can do it on their own by renting a machine specifically made for handling such heavy fabric items.

    However, they realize their mistake after failing to handle the task on their own even when they have already spent hefty amount of money and wasted too much time. Apart from having cleaned carpets without doing anything on their own, there are multiple benefits you can get from availing professional carpet cleaning services.  

    Specialty Cleaning Routine

    Unlike regular clothing items, carpets get untidy in multiple ways. There might be water damages, organic and inorganic stains making a carpet dirty. Moreover, not all carpets are made of the same fabric and therefore need varied treatments according to the article used in their making.

    A carpet can only receive a comprehensive cleaning when all these factors are taken care of and one can’t do it in their own without having proficient experience of dry cleaning such things. Therefore, at the end of the day, it’s a professional carpet cleaning service that can help you with specialty cleaning routine.

    Take Care of Invisible Stains

    Through the course of long period of time, there are certain carpet stains which become invisible, particularly pet stains. Professional carpet cleaners are equipped with gadgets (UV lights) that help them in locating these imperceptible stains. Afterwards, they dry clean the carpet by specifically targeting all such stains, which often get overlooked in DIY cleanings.  

    Detailed Extraction of Dirt and Soil   

    Remaining dust particles are a major problem with DIY carpet cleanings. Many homeowners complain that they can’t get out all the dirt and dust from their carpet even after exhausting themselves in its cleaning. This problem can only be resolved by lending the task of carpet cleaning to the professionals.

    They have techniques and tools to deal with every particle of the dust trapped in the fabric of your carpet. For instance, they are available with a technique of soil and dust extraction trough hot water called steam cleaning.  

    Steam is not actually used in the cleaning process. However, a jet of water at high temperature is used for the cleaning. This high-pressure hot stream of water helps in removing all the dirt, grime, and dust from all the tough spots on the carpet.

    A carpet entirely free of dust and dirt is not just helps in making the carpet look cleaner, but it also helps in making the environment of the household allergy-free.

    On-site Cleaning

    Many people avoid professional carpet cleaning because of a perception that they must move the carpet to the cleaning site. But, carpet cleaning can easily be done on-premise by professional carpet cleaners. Just schedule a cleaning session as per your convenience and within hours you will have your carpet cleaned and dried without moving it anywhere.

    With all these advantages provided by professional carpet cleaning services, it is very easy for you to decide whether you want to do it on your own or want to get it done through experts.

  4. Picking the Right Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

    The most difficult step in getting your carpet cleaned is the selection of the right carpet cleaning company. A lot of money is invested in carpeting your floor. Therefore, trusting someone to clean it efficiently can be an intimidating task.

    If you want to have a safe, satisfying and hassle-free carpet cleaning experience, make sure to consider the following points while selecting your carpet cleaning service:

    Latest Technology

    If a company is using the same old, traditional ways of carpet cleaning including carpet shampooing and carpet dry cleaning, it’s always better to look for someone who is providing latest services such as steam carpet cleaning.  

    The technology a company uses to clean carpets gives a clear idea about their expertise and involvement in this field.  Use of the state-of-the-art technology will make the cleaning more efficient and will also enhance the service quality.

    Experience Matters

    Your carpet is expensive and you don’t want to give it in the hands of amateur cleaner. That’s why; you should always look for the experienced professionals. A service provider who has a good experience will demand high service charges but you can trust him with your expensive carpet or flooring.  

    Reviews and Ratings

    If anyone of yours friends or family has the carpet cleaning job done, you can take references from them.  If that doesn’t help you to find the right service provider, you can go through the reviews available at the websites of different carpet cleaning services.

    Finally, when you select a particular carpet cleaning company, do check their Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings to know how efficient they are in handling complaints.

    Certifications are Important

    Along with experience, you should also look for the certifications that a company has obtained.  There are many training programs that provide workshops on how to provide commercial cleaning services.

    Also, there are courses for smoke damage treatment, and color treatment. If your carpet cleaner has attended such or have earned certifications from a reputed institute, there are chances that they can provide you with quality service.

    Environment Friendliness

    When selecting your carpet cleaning service, keep the factor of environmental-friendliness in mind. If a company cares about the environment and human health, you should prefer them over those which are not using green cleaning methods.

    Competitive Rates

    You should know about the average market price of carpet cleaning service so that you can identify whether you are getting the best deal or not.  If the cleaning company is offering you way higher than the market price, it’s better to leave them and find another one.

    Also, don’t choose the company that offers the cheapest rates. If a company is charging rates that are even less than the market price, there are strong chances that their service will not be up-to-the-mark.

    Advanced Equipment

    You can judge the service quality of a cleaning company by the equipment it uses. Commercial carpet cleaners have expensive tools as compared to the rental tools that are usually used by low-end and inexperienced companies.

    The advanced and high-tech tools have more suction power. A reliable carpet cleaner will also use expensive, non-poisonous cleaning agents that are very effective and powerful too.

  5. Exactly How Dirty Is Your Office Restroom?

    Most of the world’s population spends one-third of their entire adult lives working at their workplace. One-third of that time is, in all probability, spent using the office restroom.

    The hygiene—or lack thereof—of your office lavatory speaks volumes about what kind of a business you’re running.

    If your bathroom smells like something’s rotting in there, it’s going to be equally off-putting for both your employees and clients. On the contrary, if it smells fresh and lemony, you leave a good impression on your customers. There is nothing worse than being known as ‘the office with the gross restroom.’

    We’ve all heard dreadful stories about the microbial zoos that are public restrooms. Your office ones are no better. Imagine working hard all day and then going into restrooms that look like an accurate enactment of a horror movie scene.

    Not only will that flush employee morale right down the toilet, it can also lead to them contracting dangerous diseases. Office restrooms can harbor harmful bacteria such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, and E. coli, in addition to cold and flu viruses.

    Take it from us, you don’t want your employees coming down with various illnesses and taking sick leaves round the clock. It can cost you more than it costs to keep your restrooms clean.  

    There are some simple and easy-to-follow restroom etiquettes that employees can adhere to in order to maintain a clean and safe bathroom environment.

    1. Don’t blush when using the toilet flush. Always flush the toilet after using it so that it is nice and clean for the next person. Remember to keep the lid down!
    2. Don’t TP the whole restroom. A restroom with toilet paper strewn around it is not a sight for sore eyes. Make sure to deposit your used tissues in the bin.
    3. Don’t skip the suds. Always clean your hands after using the toilet. Always! Not only is it hygienic for your own self, it is also hygienic for others that you meet.
    4. Don’t leave your DNA sprinkled across the bathroom floor. Unless you want a creepy stalker to clone a mini-me of you, don’t scatter your hair or nails on the bathroom floor.
    5. Do hire a reputable cleaning company. When it comes to large corporate offices or big-scale businesses, simple toilet etiquettes just don’t cut it. You need a professional cleaning business to take care of your business.

    Here at Crystal Clear Enterprise, we know the importance of maintaining clean office restrooms. Unhygienic bathroom conditions are health hazardous. Not only that, dirty washrooms can greatly affect your image for any visiting clients and customers. You may want to wow them out of their senses with your impressive services, but you don’t really want them to contract hepatitis from an unclean restroom.

    Crystal Clear Enterprises’ Restroom Sanitation Program is just the solution for your sanitary needs. With our excellent janitorial services, you’ll be leaving a smile on people’s faces.

  6. Need to Know: How to Pitch Professional Cleaning to Your Boss

    Maintaining cleanliness in the work place is essential. However, for a mid-level executive, it might tricky to convince those, in-charge, to have the office professionally cleaned. They might feel that the cleaning staff that they have hired is sufficient.

    Here is a look at some of the benefits of professional cleaning that you can highlight to convince your managers to hire professional cleaners:

    A Motivated and Productive Workforce

    A clean office environment impacts the employee motivation and productivity. Employees working in a clean office environment do not need to worry about the mess around them and can instead focus on the task at hand.

    Employees who work in an unorganized environment might end up losing important documents or struggle to find them when these documents are needed.

    It Helps Create a Healthier Environment

    There are people who eat at their desks or engage in different activities at the office, which might result in the growth of bacteria.

    You might find this surprising but a coffee pot handle has more bacteria than a toilet seat in a school. People who are exposed to these bacteria and germs might get sick and miss working days.

    Your cleaning staff might not be effective at making sure those germs and bacteria do not spread. This is where professional cleaners come in.

    These individuals are experts in their respective fields and can help make sure that your office space is germ free.

    It Creates a Positive Impression on People Who Visit the Office

    Some business executive are about to come to your office for an important meeting. Naturally, you want to make sure that you leave a positive impact on them.

    A clean office can create a positive impression on the people who visit the office. This also reflects positively on your business.

    It Helps Them Save Both Time and Money

    Usually business owners avoid professional cleaners because they feel that it is a waste of money. They also feel that the process of cleaning the entire office is too time consuming. It can distract the workers from performing the task at hand.

    However, what these individuals do not realize is that in the long run hiring professional services helps them save both time and money. The company does not have to force their own employees to clean up the office.

    Your employees can focus on tasks that are more important.

    If you are looking for professional cleaners who can help maintain cleanliness in your office, get in touch with us. We offer a wide range of services, which include carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

    We make us of state of the art equipment in order to provide our customers with the best possible services. You can contact us at (816) 763-3353.

  7. Identifying the Cause of Carpet Odors

    You enter your office and immediately an odd odor assails your senses.

    You can’t really pinpoint what it is, or where it’s coming from. It seems to be emanating from everywhere!

    If that’s the case, then you most likely have a case of a smelly carpet on your hands (or feet). When left unclean, carpets can house up to millions of germs. Did you know that carpets can lock in dirt as much as four times their weight? So if that carpet in your office has been lying around unclean for centuries, chances are it is germs galore everywhere.

    If your office carpet is unclean it is probably going to give off very unpleasant scents to unsuspecting noses. These odors can range from slight nose-wrinkling to downright gag-inducing. Foul-smelling carpets will not only leave a bad impression on customers who walk into your office; it is also going to affect your employees’ performance.

    If you don’t catch the culprit(s) of your carpet calamity, you will have an empty office on your hands; with no customers and probably, no employees.

    We have devised a list of various reasons why your carpet might smell fishy – literally!

    Environmental Factors

    Some of the most common issues of carpet odors are usually environmental factors. Like a wet sponge, a carpet can soak up the smells around it. So if you smoke a lot, that smell of smoke is going to permeate your carpet and last longer than your life. Another factor could be strong cooking smells such as that of curry-based foods.

    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

    You know that smell that’s there in a freshly-painted room? That’s because of VOCs. Some hate it, some love it, but it is agreed upon that VOCs can be hazardous to your health.

    VOCs are organic compounds that are volatile, which means that they evaporate readily at room temperature, leaving behind a strong scent. They are generally used to hold the carpet backing together and can be one reason of carpet odor. Usually, good ventilation and aeration can reduce the smell.

    Moisture and Dampness

    Getting your carpet wet and liquid spillage can give rise to an entire colony of germs invading your carpet and your office.

    Dampness is very bacteria-friendly and can result in an infestation in your carpet. This accumulation of bacteria can lead your carpet to smell mold-y and mildew-y. If it isn’t dried out thoroughly, you will have a strange smelling carpet on your hands.

    Insufficient cleaning

    Even if you manage to keep your carpet clean of all stains and unpleasant happenings, it is likely that your carpet will still end up with an odor.

    That is because, over time, your carpet builds up layers of dust and grime. This leads to buildup of bacteria which leads to your carpet smelling bad. It is advisable that you get professional help to clean out your carpets as it is the only reliable way to completely get rid of that unpleasant carpet smell.

    Our team at Crystal Clear Enterprises aims to provide competent services to catch your carpet culprit. We know the Kansas weather can be a bit unpredictable but we’re definitely not. Give us a call on (816) 763-3353 to avail our carpet cleaning services.

  8. Carpet Cleaning Tips from Pros

    As a business company, taking care of routine workplace housekeeping chores is a part of the job. An unclean office environment translates into overall poor performance. But cleaning out carpets in a commercial area can get quite challenging.

    Not only is there more space to clean, many people walking on the carpet daily can lead to faster wear and tear. Despite your best efforts at handling the situation, your carpet is going to be an eventual victim to spills and ‘Oops Moments.’  

    We have compiled a list of pro tips and tricks of the trade to help you smoothly sail through the seas of carpet grime. Carpet cleaning need not be taxingly eventful for the entire office. With these simple cleaning tips from the pros, getting rid of germs can be a trouble-free task for everyone.

    Regular vacuuming is essential to maintaining carpet hygiene, according to a lot of experts. Remove the buildup of dirt and grit from the carpet by vacuuming it daily. Bonus tip: vacuum in several different directions instead of moving your vacuum in one direction. This will lead to faster removal of dust.


    Stain removal, if left unchecked, can be a noxious nuisance that you’ll have to deal with in the future. The more prompt you are in removing stains, the easier they will be to clean.

    There are a variety of smelly, unsightly stains that can mar the beauty of your carpet. These can be anything from wine stains to ink stains. There is also what we like to call, ‘orphan stains’; they just show up out of nowhere!   

    So to remove a wine stain, experts recommend dabbing the area with white wine. It will help neutralize the red wine, causing the stain to vanish. You can use vinegar to remove white wine stains. Baking soda also does wonders for stain removal. You can use a cloth soaked with hydrogen peroxide to get rid of pesky stains as well.

    The golden rule of stain removal is: blot, don’t rub! Never vigorously rub a stain as it can lead to premature breakdown of the carpet fiber. Instead, gently blot the affected area.

    Walk-off mats should be used to keep outside dirt from making its way inside the office. Professionals suggest placing doormats in front of office doors to ensure that employees don’t track mud on the carpet.

    Professional help should be relied on for most of the heavy-duty carpet cleaning.  At work, you don’t have time to figure out stain-removing strategies. So hand over your troubles to us if you want quality carpet cleaning in Kansas City.

    Over here at Crystal Clear Enterprises, we provide excellent commercial carpet cleaning and make sure that your office carpets are in good hands.  

    We’re sure the pros and cons of bonnet cleaning and rotary shampoo cleaning don’t usually come up during water cooler conversations. So contact us at (816) 763-3353 to help you keep your carpets clean.

  9. Is Your Facility Manager Falling for Cheap Janitorial Bids?

    Managers are given tight schedules and budget constraints to maintain commercial facilities.

    But to meet tight budgets, you might be falling for low quality services or a hoax commercial cleaning service.

    With increasing employee health care budgets, wages, economic uncertainty, and several business risks, janitorial budgets suffer major cuts.

    But this does not mean that you need to keep a dirty building or hire an unsatisfactory cleaning company. The cleaning industry has advanced; various jobs have become automated requiring less labor, effort, and cost. This means you can hire a trustworthy cleaning company that can design a cleaning plan according to your budget.

    As a manager, you need to learn about cleaning services that are essential for your business at cost-effective price range. Here are some things you need to look out for in your cleaning service provider.

    Transparent Pricing Strategy

    Bids and quotation that have no link to the office space, area covered, type of building, and number of hours, should be avoided. Hiring a company at double rates is worse than hiring an average company at cheaper rates. Make sure you are aware of the pricing mechanism of your cleaning service provider.

    Steer Clear of Cheap Bids

    In your search for the best janitorial services in North Kansas City, you will come across the industry average. Use this average as a benchmark to measure the affordability of a cleaning company.

    If you come across a cleaning bid that’s too good to be true, consider the reasons behind this more than affordable price point.

    It’s likely that the bid is from a newer company that is using your facility as a training platform.

    Another reason can be hidden charges and fees that are deceivingly left out of the contract to blindside you. Lastly, low rates can be a result of illegal or fraudulent hiring of employees. Therefore, be very cautious with these tempting price points.

    Unlawful Hiring Process to Support Cheaper Price Point

    To gain customers, some cleaning companies follow illegal practices when hiring employees.

    They do not find it necessary to run background checks or a drug test on their employee, which leads to hiring of janitors that have no work permits, legal authorization, or clean record. This can put your business security at risk and even cause property damage due to lack of experience.

    Focus on Quality Service Providers

    Look for a cleaning company that follows a customer-centric approach and provides customized cleaning plans for all type of buildings.

    Make sure they follow an ethical hiring process and offer training to all their employees. In addition to this, avoid companies that hire a third-party contractor to do the job, as this hampers quality.

    Lastly, hire a company that has a transparent price mechanism for all their services like, Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc.

    We provide customized plans for your cleaning facility at affordable rate, meeting all industry standards. You can benefit from one or all of our services: floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and janitorial services, according to your budget constraints.

    Our induction program consists of a 90-days basic training program to make our employees ready for their first project. Our clients are managed by a sophisticated AMS and CRM software that helps us keep track of employees and client’s queries.

    You can call (816)763-3353 to book an appointment or get a free quote of our dependable services.

  10. Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Low Moisture Cleaning vs. Hot Water Extraction

    Routinely subjected to heavy foot traffic and coffee and soda spills, office carpets can easily develop signs of wear – patches of discoloration and stains that exhibit an aura of invincibility and stubbornness, simply refusing to go away.

    And it’s not just the cosmetic issue with them, as office carpets get dirty—and are left dirty—  they become a natural habitat for microbes, mites and insects. This makes the environment unhealthy for your office staff, leaving them lethargic and sick. No, it’s not always about Monday blues!

    So, what should you do in case your office carpet starts showing signs of wear?

    Get it professionally cleaned. Even the Carpet and Rug Institute acknowledges the importance of getting your carpet professionally cleaned, and recommends you should do so every 12 or 18 months.  

    When you approach a commercial carpet cleaning service, you are introduced to plethora of options, each offering advantages of their own. As such, you might find yourself asking which carpet cleaning method to go with…

    The Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Method

    Low moisture cleaning and hot water extraction are the two most popular and common carpet cleaning methods employed for commercial carpets. Therefore, we would be limiting our discussion to the two.

    What is low moisture cleaning?

    Low moisture carpet cleaning is a carpet cleaning method known for its water conservation technology and quick drying time. It comprises of several steps.  

    In the first step, the carpet is vacuumed with the help of an industrial vacuuming system. This agitates the fibers and loosen any entrapped debris. In the next step a mild strength cleaner and disinfectant is lightly misted onto the carpet and the agents can work for few minutes. The cleaner-disinfectant mixture breaks down stains so that they can be easily removed.

    Once the operator is assured that all stains have been broken down, the carpet surface is then cleaned with the help of an orbital machine. In the last step, carpet fibers are raked up with the help of a carpet rake, to restore the feel and look of a carpet.

    Advantages: As previously stated, water conservation and quick drying time are the primary advantages that low moisture carpet cleaning has to offer. In addition to these, it is also one of the most environmental friendly way to clean commercial carpets.      

    What is hot water extraction?

    Hot water extraction is a type of carpet cleaning method that uses high pressured hot water, mixed with a cleaning solution (present in very little amount), to deeply clean the carpet.

    The high temperature and pressure of water agitate the carpet fibers and effectively washes away the surface and sedimentary dust particles. Two different types of machines are used to shoot the water onto the carpet, depending on the application. A truck mount extractor is used where greater power is required and a portable extractor is used to reach places, otherwise inaccessible with a truck mount extractor.  

    Advantage: Hot water extraction method serves as the most effective carpet cleaning method, allowing easy removal of even the stubborn of stains. Since it uses very little to no chemical, it also helps to prolong the life of a carpet.

    As can be seen, both carpet cleaning methods are effective and offer advantages of their own. As such, the selection should be made based on which option best serves your needs and budget.

    A BONUS read: How to pick a commercial carpet cleaning company?