1. The Benefits Of Using Our IICRC-Certified Carpet Cleaning Services

    In today’s modern society, it can be quick and convenient to look up a local cleaning company to sanitize and maintain your property. Searching for professional floor cleaning services can return a lot of results, but unfortunately, many of these outfits are not up to the task of consistently cleaning and maintaining your facility with proven services and a keen focus on delivering the best outcome. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to be your top source for the best carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. For more than 20 years, our professional janitors have worked to optimize our processes to deliver a shiny outcome for your building that also helps to save money and streamline maintenance operations.

    Our dedication to professional carpet cleaning and textile services helps us to build a reputation of delivering consistently high-quality and reliable services. We are now also certified with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This non-profit institution strives to set the standard for cleaning services in more than 25 countries, and our janitorial company now has the accreditation to back up our years of service. If you are in need of professional cleaning services, read on to learn about the benefits of working with an IICRC-certified commercial cleaning company.

    Expertly Trained Staff

    Anyone can boast about their rigorous training for janitorial services, but few can provide certifiable proof that they surpass the industry standards. IICRC certification is useful for documenting and proving that our cleaning company is providing the best personnel and services for your facility. The Crystal Clear team relies on the most modern technology and stringent training standards to create a team that is as reliable as it is experienced. The IICRC requires continuing education as a part of their certification program, and technicians must be updated with the latest changes in the industry. From our Automated Management System (AMS) to the most modern techniques, Crystal Clear is here to provide a consistent level of quality with each of our highly trained employees, and our new certification is here to give you peace of mind.

    Safety-First Attitudes

    When it comes to property management, safety should always be the top priority – no exceptions. The IICRC focuses on safety first and foremost in all operations, requiring janitorial companies to maintain a high standard for all of their cleaning services. Every hazardous aspect of our carpet cleaning services must be addressed properly in accordance with industry standards to create a healthy environment for your employees and guests. You can focus on other aspects of your facility and leave the cleaning concerns to our experienced team. Each Crystal Clear team member is trained to find and address any potential safety hazards, ensuring that your building is safe at all times.

    Comprehensive Service Standards

    One of the biggest fears that many property managers have when hiring a commercial cleaning company is that their janitorial needs will not be fully addressed. That cleaning company that offered you a great price may be able to vacuum your floors and sanitize surfaces, yet they will be unable to assist if any repairs or major challenges arise. Our professional cleaners are able to provide a wide range of specialty services such as yard work, painting, pest control, and more. Our comprehensive list of cleaning services is backed up by our IICRC certification, making us your all-in-one source for property management services. You can rest assured that your facility will be taken care of to the best of our ability with facility sanitizing and carpet cleaning services that are as thorough as they are reliable.

    Improved Professional Relationships

    Working to achieve the high standard set forth by the IICRC enables Crystal Clear Enterprise to form working relationships with a wide range of professionals in the industry. As an IICRC-certified commercial cleaning company, we have access to information and support from a wide range of manufacturers of cleaning products, fabrics, furnishings, and more. This advantage helps us to provide even more thorough cleaning services without the high stress and costs of figuring it out with professional help. The IICRC holds a lot of weight in this industry, and hiring a cleaning company with this certification ensures that you are receiving the best outcome in regards to maintenance standards and warranty requirements.

    Building a foundation of trust is important in any professional relationship, which is why Crystal Clear Enterprise is dedicated to forming quality relationships with all of our clients. Our IICRC certification is a landmark measure of our dedication to industry standards, delivering the best carpet cleaning services to Kansas City businesses. Contact us today to learn more!

  2. The Differences Between Residential And Commercial Carpet Cleaning Part 2

    As a property manager, you’re expected to organize and manage all facility services to create a happy, healthy environment for your employees and guests. It’s important to maintain a clean building, and doing as such requires the help of a commercial cleaning company that has the tools and training to create optimal results. Reliability and thoroughness are required for long-term cleanliness, and investing in services such as professional carpet cleaning can help to maintain a clean appearance for your property every day of the year. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to serve as your source for janitorial and carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. For more than two decades, our trained and certified janitorial staff has worked to set the standard for floor cleaning services and beyond, delivering amazing results everytime we set foot in the building.

    Commercial floor cleaning is provided to keep your property looking great for the long term, and it can help to improve the longevity of your flooring. One common occurrence we’ve seen in our 21 years of business is the confusion in differences between residential and commercial carpet needs. Today, we’ll continue to discuss these differences, as well as the value of working with our janitorial company in Kansas City. If you are here because you are looking for a professional cleaning crew, be sure to contact us for a quote!

    Differing Expectations

    The cost of commercial carpets over their residential counterparts is justified when you consider the level of traffic that your business can expect on a daily basis. Residential carpets are built to provide comfort while commercial-grade options are built to last, withstanding heavy use for years. While the fabrics in your home can last for years with optimal care, commercial varieties are expected to last a decade or more. It’s important to find the best commercial carpet cleaning services to ensure that your company’s floors look great and retain their allure for years to come.

    More Intensive Cleaning Requirements

    Maintaining your carpets will help to remove dirt and debris. If you do not regularly clean your carpets, this dirt can grind into the fabrics and cause damage. The primary way to preserve the quality of residential and commercial carpets is to vacuum, with homes often requiring cleaning every one to two weeks. Commercial carpets, on the other hand, experience a lot more traffic and take on a lot more dirt and grime. Professional cleaning services are often required much more frequently, with extensive deep cleaning measures typically done at least twice annually. Commercial carpets require much more intensive servicing to retain their aesthetics, requiring property managers to schedule services and maintenance regularly.

    More Advanced Equipment

    Investing in a quality cleaning service can yield great results for your business. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to deploy state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced methods to deliver the best possible results for each of our clients. We also utilize the best janitorial technology in the industry to ensure that your facility is comprehensively cleaned on a consistent basis. From last-minute customer requests to employee accountability measures, our Automated Management System (AMS) ensures that nothing is overlooked.

    Finding a Professional Cleaning Company

    No matter how well you manage your facility, the overall impression that people receive on your building will depend heavily on the property’s overall cleanliness. Hiring a commercial cleaning company that does not provide the very best services can cost you in more ways than one. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to provide Top Rated Local® janitorial services to Kansas businesses, utilizing the best training and the highest standards to deliver a superior outcome for each of our clients. We are now certified for our carpet cleaning services with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which works to set the highest standard for the cleaning industry.

    The carpets in your home are designed much differently from the ones throughout your business, and it’s important to find a carpet cleaning company that understands the differences to provide the best possible outcome. Since 1997, the Crystal Clear team has worked to provide unbeatable carpet cleaning services to Kansas City businesses, setting the highest standards that reflect the quality of our work. This outcome results in a clean, pristine facility that is sure to impress employees and guests alike. If you’re in need of professional floor cleaning services, janitorial services, or specialty work, be sure to contact us today for a quick and accurate quote!