Crystal Clear Enterprise is delighted to add the city of Shawnee, KS to our service area. Companies operating in and around the city can hire us for all issues pertaining to commercial cleaning. Our repertoire includes solutions like building inspection, maintenance, and janitorial services.

What separates us from other our competitors is our professionalism and commitment. Our clients know that once they get the Crystal Clear Enterprise team on board for an assignment, they’re guaranteed premium quality cleaning services. Our team is friendly, cooperative, and, more importantly, highly trained and skilled at their job. It’s because of their contribution and coordination that we are able to complete even the most complex of projects on time!

Wide Range of Services:

The Crystal Clear team extends its services to businesses of all sizes. No matter how trivial or complex the assigned project may be, we always bring our A-game to the table and deal with every issue promptly and efficiently. Now businesses in Lawrence, KS can rely on us for the following services,

  1. Commercial Cleaning Services (cost-effective solutions that promise to enhance the level of sanitation of your commercial building)
  2. Floor Care Solutions (processes like waxing and scrubbing, coupled with buffing and recoating leaves your office floor with a glossy sheen)
  3. Janitorial Services (OSHA-compliant services that will resolve all major and minor sanitation issues plaguing your commercial plaza)
  4. Specialty Services (handyman services such as vacuuming, commercial pest control, painting, commercial window cleaning, and detail cleaning, etc.)

We have the experience and the manpower to deal with any and all commercial sanitation issues. Doesn’t matter if you have 30 or 3,000 employees, we will work around your work-hours to give you the best commercial cleaning services possible!

For more information about our servicesor our pricing, give us a call at (816) 763-3353. We look forward to hearing from you soon!