1. 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Office Floors Clean

    Your office’s interiors represent your business, communicating professionalism and high standards. Here are four effective ways to keep your office floors clean and sparkling:

    1.     Regular Mopping

    Your office floor has a lot more germs than you might think. It’s exposed to practically everything that touches the bottom of your shoes. This can be pet hair, water, cement, garbage, and an array of other messes; thus, significantly increasing the germ build-up.

    Mopping is a great way to keep your office sanitized as it reduces the amount of accumulated dirt while preventing stains for settling. Ensure that your cleaner knows the correct mopping technique and uses high-quality cleaning supplies for the best results.

    2.     Mats

    Another great way to keep your office floor clean is by adding entrance mats. They play a massive role in stopping or limiting dirt, moisture and bacteria from entering the building.

    Dirt and debris lead to scratching, staining, and a host of other problems for your floors. With entrance mats, the dirt and debris are scraped off the bottom of the shoes, while moisture is absorbed, reducing the chances of footprints across the floor.

    3.   Clean Cleaning Equipment

    This part of the cleaning process is usually forgotten. Cleaning your cleaning equipment is important as the floor tends to become dirtier if mopped or swept with dirty cleaning equipment.

    Ask your office cleaning team to change the water in the container regularly and to utilize detergents. Be sure that the mop is cleaned routinely and kept dry between cleanings. In case your office decides to turn to environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices, there are countless natural cleaning supplies available as well.

    Freshly cleaned marble floor in an office.

    4.   Deep Cleaning

    While sweeping and mopping are essential for keeping surface dirt in control, deep cleaning is an important part of the cleaning process.

    Deep cleaning helps preserve your floors from water and soil. Hiring a professional cleaning service will ensure your office floors are glimmering and spotless. Different floor types require various cleaning supplies, using the wrong cleaning supplies or methods to clean your floors can cause scratches or leave them looking dull. Professional floor cleaners utilize floor cleaning supplies that work safely with your specific floors and take into account any finishes or coatings that have been applied.

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  2. Commercial Office Cleaning Services: Are They Worth It?

    The cleanliness of a place speaks volumes about it, and it’s usually the first thing people notice. Not only is a clutter and germ-free workplace good for employees’ mental health, but it can increase their morale as well. Past research has found that messy, poorly-kept offices have a negative influence on you and others and can decrease employee motivation and productivity.