Professional cleaning services can do much to keep your facility clean and healthy. Moreover, quality shines can help to improve your building’s aesthetics and build your brand. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide trusted janitorial services across Kansas City, relying on our cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff to deliver a result your employees and guests will love. Be sure to check this page often, as we’ll continue to post about the value of investing in our cleaning services. Ready to get started? Contact us online today for complete assistance!

  1. Thank Your Cleaner Day – October 18th

    We appreciate that tens of thousands of cleaners work day and night, weekends, and holidays to keep our working and living environments clean and hygienic. Not all of these people are visible to those who benefit from the safe and clean environments professional cleaners create. We also know that hygienically clean environments contribute significantly to the overall health and well-being of everyone in our communities and cities nationwide, and help generate a positive image for individual businesses. This October 18th, celebrate your cleaners with Thank Your Cleaner Day (TYCD).

    Kärcher is very proud and privileged to be the sponsor of this worthy Thank Your Cleaner Day campaign. As a leading global cleaning equipment & technology company we recognize the importance of building service contractors and the opportunity to further enhance the awareness and recognition of those efforts in this industry. This campaign has the potential to help “make a difference” globally.

    How can you participate?

    Just Click Here!

    Below are some examples on how you can show your support for this appreciative day for our cleaners:

    • Print out the TYCD poster for use around your offices and organizations.
    • Buy your cleaners lunch on the day of the event.
    • Leave your cleaners a note of appreciation.
    • Add the TYCD poster images to your website, favorite social media channels, email communications!
    • Use the TYCD sticker template to print out your own set of stickers, or contact BSCAI  to receive official TYCD stickers to hand out to employees
    • Spread TYCD awareness by posting how your team using these stickers to appreciate your cleaners on social media.
  2. Utilizing Technology To Optimize Our Janitorial Services in Kansas City Part 2

    When it comes to optimizing your facility and its overall cleanliness, chances are that you are seeking commercial cleaning services that are reliable, versatile, and affordable. Modern advances in technology and training have raised the bar for how office cleaning services should be handled, and it often falls on the property manager to find and hire the best commercial cleaning company in their area. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to supply your Top Rated Local® janitorial services to the Kansas City area, delivering quality with every task to Missouri businesses. Our dedication to accuracy and consistency ensure that our customers receive the best possible outcome. Professional cleaning services should be seen as an investment, or a tool that helps your business shine while minimizing issues and reducing overhead costs.

    Every task we take on is done with the best training and technology in the industry. Today, we’ll continue to look at the advantages that our modern cleaning technology can bring your business, as well as the importance of receiving the most beneficial outcome with every dollar spent. If your facility is in need of office cleaning services, be sure to contact the professionals at Crystal Clear!

    In-Depth Analysis

    Giving our supervisors the ability to monitor their sites in a comprehensive format helps to ensure that our clients are never at a disadvantage when it comes to negative patterns and damaging practices. While incidents and requests are handled in an accurate, efficient manner, it’s equally important to be able to utilize large-scale planning and raw data to hone operations for better efficiency and safety in the future. Crystal Clear’s project scheduler schedules and monitors every facility task to ensure that everything is done correctly and on time. All processes done on-site will also be actively monitored to ensure airtight contract compliance with each of our clients.

    Projecting future outcomes is one handy way of working with our clients to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. Each supervisor is equipped with our modern technology to populate and print the projected forecast for our customers to keep everyone in line with where their facility is at. Any areas that are lacking in efficiency will be analyzed and a strategy will be brought to the property manager for how to best rectify the problem. Solving small-scale inefficiencies will add up to great benefits for your business in the long run!

    Complete Quality Control

    Managing and ensuring quality is what helps make us an authority in janitorial services. We make sure each site has its own unique inspection forms that conform to the facility’s requirements, as well as our own. Quality checks are done by an inspector to ensure that every area of your building meets our rigorous standards. Each task and area are reviewed, and if any shortcomings are discovered, a correction procedure is tasked to the site’s supervisor for fast and effective changes. This audit essentially checks every aspect of your facility’s cleaning program to ensure that each area and task are up to code.

    Our dedication to quality control doesn’t stop at internal audits. Crystal Clear proudly provides clients with quality control forms to ensure that our customers have the chance to speak up if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of the property. This is done to hold our employees to the highest standards for office cleaning, where no shortcuts will be tolerated.

    Quality from the Ground Up

    All of our technology would be futile without a team of highly trained individuals that work to improve operations and optimize training on a daily basis. By investing in our janitorial specialists, we are able to deliver services that are complete, consistent, and cost-effective. Modern technology helps us to optimize our operations, yet this tech is unmatched by the value brought by our cleaning experts.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to provide quality and pride to each of our customer’s facilities. From comprehensive carpet cleaning to maintenance and even lawn care, our commercial cleaning company is here to do it all! For more than two decades, Crystal Clear has provided top-tier janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. Our focus on delivering the highest in quality has helped to make us a top choice in Missouri. Contact us today to see how we can help your office shine!

  3. Utilizing Technology To Optimize Our Janitorial Services in Kansas City Part 1

    When it comes to finding your ideal commercial cleaning company, it can be hard to find a quality provider amongst the dozens of choices listed online. Anyone with a vacuum and a van can essentially claim to offer professional cleaning services, regardless of expertise or experience. It’s important to find an organization that strives to implement and maintain the best cleaning practices to ensure a top-notch result with every service. Crystal Clear Enterprise works hard to make full use of modern technology to streamline our processes and communication. We’re proud to use the best gear and standards to offer optimal janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. Today, we’ll discuss a few ways in which our professional cleaning experts aim to optimize all cleaning operations, saving you operating costs in the process. When you’re ready to see the Crystal Clear difference, be sure to contact us today to learn more!

    Developing Technology

    Our janitorial professionals have developed the best technological programs to help optimize our operations. Many of the complaints brought forth against commercial cleaners stem from poor communication and accountability. You can expect the following actions thanks to our high-tech structuring and our commitment to high customer satisfaction.

    Task Flexibility

    Communication is truly the heart of our success here at Crystal Clear. We understand that last-second cleaning needs rarely happen at convenient times, which is why our clock in/out system is optimized to deliver the message to the involved cleaning technicians when they are coming in or leaving the job.

    Reliable Services

    Our top-tier technology creates a high level of accountability for all of our staff. When a crew is late or absent, an automated alert will be sent to the appropriate manager. Crystal Clear can also monitor who is at each facility at any time, and what they are currently scheduled to do. This access to information is useful for improving or customers’ experiences, which is our focus in each and every task. Have a concern about your facility? Relay the message to us! You will be able to send voicemails directly to your cleaning staff, eliminating any chances of miscommunication. Worried about subpar janitorial services? Our Automated Management System (AMS) can help our supervisors to keep track of cleaning trends and patterns, allowing us to make corrections as needed.

    Concern Resolutions

    Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and our quality program is designed to be a useful tool in achieving this endeavor. When a customer has a concern about their facility, it is very important to resolve the issue in an accurate and timely manner. When you enter a concern, a correction ticket is generated and becomes the responsibility of the appropriate manager to follow up to ensure that everything is taken care of. Any special requests that cannot be taken care of quickly will be printed with action and follow-up instructions. All aspects of the task will be recorded and saved to ensure full satisfaction when all is said and done.

    Supervisory Satisfaction

    We are all creatures of habit. While this is perfectly acceptable for life in general, our commercial cleaning company aims for perfection in all pursuits. The Crystal Clear manager that is tasked with overseeing your facility will actively watch for any negative patterns. Any negative matter will be addressed quickly and efficiently. Preventing that issue from occurring again is essential for building positive business relationships. Our professional program also allows for quick information gathering, allowing supervisors and managers to quickly bring all members of the team up to speed on your facility’s needs and concerns. The history and patterns associated with each client are available to any Crystal Clear leader immediately to ensure faster, more accurate results. This helps to deliver a better experience for our customers while also preventing task inefficiencies, the latter of which saves us money and allows us to offer more affordable services.

    Delivering the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses is our top goal. Exceeding our customer’s high expectations by providing accurate, reliable results is our method of doing so. Next time, we’ll look at a few more areas that our technology can improve your Missouri business. For two decades, Crystal Clear Enterprise has worked to raise the bar for how commercial and office cleaning services should be done in the industry. Contact us today to see what we can do to make your facility shine!

  4. Furniture Care Tips From Your Commercial Cleaning Company

    When it comes to the furniture inhabiting your office building, we’re betting that you are not up late at night worrying over each piece’s condition. While the furniture in your building is probably built to high standards in order to provide years of daily use, constant wear and tear begin to take its toll on every chair, desk, and so on. Each element of furniture holds a specific purpose that serves to enhance and provide support during regular work functions. If your furniture begins to break down, the disruption of workflow and price tag that comes with replacements can cause a serious headache. Hiring professional cleaning services for your corporate building is one easy way to maximize the lifespan of all of your building’s interior elements, from the carpets to the ceiling and beyond.

    Crystal Clear Enterprises is here to provide unbeatable janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. By focusing on the best technology and janitorial practices, our professional office cleaning crew is able to provide optimal solutions to keep your operations running clean and efficiently. Today, we’ll look at a few furniture tips that may prove useful in the long-term for the longevity of your office furnishings. When you’re ready to benefit from your Top Rated Local® janitorial services, be sure to give us a call!

    Setting the Scene

    The habitat that your furniture resides in will help to determine its life expectancy. Industry authorities have set the standards, suggesting that your office resides between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are following OSHA recommendations (68-77°), this should not be a problem. The moisture in your building will also play into the condition of all of your furniture. Striking the right balance between too dry and too moist is an important task for any property manager. When too much moisture reaches your furniture, it can begin to deteriorate and mold. Excess moisture can also create a host of air quality issues in the HVAC system, leading toward system-wide problems such as sick building syndrome (SBS). If the moisture in your office exceeds 60-percent, people and furniture will begin to suffer!

    Keeping Everything in Place

    The placement of office furniture can also have a big effect on the equipment’s life expectancy. Placing chairs in the sunshine, for example, can cause premature wear and sun damage. Leaving your furniture next to the air vents can create conditional hazards. Remember that small issues can lead to long-term issues due to the heavy use of each furniture piece. If a table is not completely flat and level, for example, daily wear and tear can create premature damages that may be costly or even unsafe in the office. Placing your furniture in safe, secure locations can do much to ensure its longevity.

    Maintenance Measures

    Checking your furniture hardware occasionally can help to prevent untimely breakdowns. One practice that may prove helpful in your office is checking the bolts and screws on office chairs every six months. The same practice can be done for desks, as daily use can place quite the workload on any piece of office furniture. This will help to avoid preventable repairs while also ensuring better safety practices for your building.

    Optimal Cleaning Practices

    Several factors play into which cleaning style is the best practice for your furniture. The material, for example, will dictate what type of cleaning agent will be used and how it will be applied. It’s important to utilize the right cleaning tools for the job. Any use of harsh chemicals should be approved beforehand in order to avoid any costly or hazardous mistakes. Caring for upholstered furniture can prove even more complicated, necessitating the need to follow care instructions thoroughly. Our commercial cleaning company can be very helpful for this endeavor!

    Creating the perfect office care plan can be very complex, but it is often well worth the effort. This can be especially true for your office furniture, as poor maintenance measures can equate to costly repairs and unnecessary workplace risks. Those looking for unbeatable janitorial services in Kansas City can benefit from our top-notch commercial cleaning. Our attention to detail and focus on the end result ensures that your office receives optimal services every time we arrive on the scene. Crystal Clear Enterprises offers a wide range of other specialty and carpet cleaning services to provide a one-stop-shop for property managers. Contact us today to learn more about our unbeatable janitorial services!

  5. Cleaning, Sanitizing, And Disinfecting With Your Commercial Cleaning Company

    When it comes to the cleanliness of your Missouri business, it’s important to utilize the proper technique for each type of surface you will encounter. For many establishments, being clean includes the use of more than your basic cleaning supplies. Based on the purpose of the area being used, you as a property manager will need a commercial cleaning company that knows when and what to use to optimize safety while avoiding unnecessary costs. Crystal Clear Enterprises is proud to be a top provider of quality janitorial services in the Kansas City area. From the floors to the ceiling, your building may require specialized attention to keep everything clean and pristine. Today, we’ll look at the difference between the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of surfaces and how this can benefit your workplace’s health. Anyone seeking professional cleaning services will be able to see the Crystal Clear difference when they work with us!

    Comprehensive Cleaning

    When people imagine cleaning, they are probably accurately imagining a person with a rag and cleaning agent. The act of simple cleaning aims to remove dirt, germs, and any other contaminants that do not belong on an object or surface. By using a detergent or soap in concert with H2O, our professional janitors are able to remove dirt and germs with the goal of minimizing any unhealthy agents present in the area. This is also useful for improving physical appearances; those who say not to judge a book by its cover were not referring to judging a surface by its looks!

    Satisfactory Sanitizing

    The act of sanitizing any surface includes lowering the number of germs to a safe level per public health requirements. Unlike cleaning, which moves germs, sanitizers are designed to properly sterilize a surface in 30 seconds. This can be handy in high-traffic areas such as cafeterias and restaurants or in time-sensitive settings such as a bar. If you are cleaning your property quickly and having it ready to use in less than a minute, chances are that you are benefiting from a sanitizing cleaner.

    Determined Disinfecting

    While cleaning worked to clear the area in question, it may not be fully effective for getting rid of all of those pesky germs. The same can be said for sanitizing cleaners, where a major majority of germs are wiped out in short order. Disinfecting is the process of using cleaning chemicals to effectively kill germs. This is typically done with the one goal of minimizing the risk of spreading an infection or illness. Unlike the shortened time requirement for sanitizing agents, your typical disinfectant will need to be applied for longer. This way, any and all germs are taken care of completely. While effectively eliminating any germs and other microorganisms, disinfecting often does little to aid with how clean a surface may appear.

    Knowing when to sanitize and when to disinfect a surface can be very helpful for your company’s productivity and health. Utilizing an experienced commercial cleaning company will prove very beneficial in this sector, as all of our employees are held to stringent standards. Crystal Clear Enterprises is your source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City. We strive to provide the best results across multiple industries to give our customers a safe, clean environment to thrive in. Contact us today to learn more or to receive your quote!

  6. The Importance Of Professional Cleaning Services For Daycares And Schools

    Missouri residents place a high premium on the safety and health of their children. From preschool to AP Physics, young minds are hard at work to learn new skills and push their limitations to new levels. One key concern here is each child’s individual health. Desks, drinking fountains, and doorknobs all represent germ-infested threats that can put your student under the weather. Hiring on a quality commercial cleaning company can make all the difference, and we’re here to take on that challenge! Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to offer the best janitorial services in Kansas City and beyond. Our team of office cleaning experts can work with you to create a custom plan that perfectly fits your school or daycare’s unique needs and budget. Today, we’ll look at how professional cleaning services can improve schools and daycares and how our expert team strives to deliver the best results, every time!

    Improved Learning

    Children are eager to learn, yet they can also become distracted very easily. When a facility is untidy, the results can hamper productivity. Rooms that are unorganized and messy will provide plenty of distractions for young learners. Our janitorial services can help to keep everything neat and tidy, creating an atmosphere that is focused on proper learning. Teachers will be able to quickly access materials while the pupils are on task without superfluous items getting in their way. Cleanliness creates professionalism, and young professionalism comes in the form of productive learning.

    Situational Consistency

    Kids are influenced by the environments they reside in, and the classroom happens to take up a big portion of time. When your classroom is dingy and unkempt, it will communicate to aspiring young minds that this type of environment is acceptable. Studies have shown a correlation between clean classrooms and improved academic performance. We are all creatures of habit, and getting in the habit of maintaining a healthy classroom will promote cleaner tendencies down the road. From homework to cleaning their bedroom, students who spend their time in clean facilities will tend to mirror the behaviors.

    Enhanced Health Levels

    One of the most obvious benefits of commercial cleaning is the cleanliness involved. Diseases and illnesses are commonly spread via germs and bacteria, all of which can be found in schools and daycares. Our cleaning experts will consistently and fully clean each aspect of your building to ensure that germ hotspots such as door handles and drinking fountains do not spread illness. Improper cleaning techniques can create significant health risks for students and teachers alike. Professional service ensures that your learning environment will be much cleaner, reducing the prevalence of illness and absence. When your students and staff are healthy, everyone wins!

    Maintaining a clean, professional space for learners of all ages can prove to be very beneficial. Crystal Clear Enterprise is your source for the highest quality janitorial services in Kansas City, utilizing safe practices to keep the safety of students and staff intact. For two decades, we have striven to provide the best service by utilizing innovative technology and the highest standards. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial cleaning company or to receive a quote for your facility!

  7. From The Bottom Up: Cleaning Your Company’s Ceiling Tiles

    Your office comes under daily attacks from dirt and grime. From cold germs left on door handles to dirt pushing into the carpet, many businesses require professional cleaning services to keep the entire building looking clean and shiny. Office cleaning services are also beneficial for the health of employees and guests as well. Crystal Clear Enterprises is your source for any and all cleaning needs for your business. We offer quality janitorial services to Kansas City companies with an emphasis on exceeding our customers’ high standards. Our office cleaning professionals focus on every facet of your building, from the floors to the ceiling. Chances are that your building holds acoustic ceiling tiles, or those white squares with little holes across the surface. These panels are rarely considered for janitorial services, but the act of cleaning them can be very beneficial. Today, we’ll look at these benefits and whether or not your building is in need of tile cleaning. With the best services in Kansas City, we want you to be able to see the Crystal Clear difference!

    Over time, dirt, dust, and mold can infiltrate the tiles in your ceiling, causing a myriad of issues for the cleanliness of your building. Utilizing professional janitorial services for your Kansas City establishment can pay big over the next few years.

    Product Longevity

    Dirt, grime, and moisture are all negative factors that can sap the life expectancy of your tiles. Like carpets and windows in your establishment, the ceiling can also ail from dirty conditions.Simple cleanings will help to restore each tile to its original cleanliness, promoting better product longevity and usefulness. Even if these panels look worse for the wear, efforts can still be put into restoring them. Replacing tiles can be very costly, whereas professional cleaning services can pay off in the long run by reducing the replacement frequency.

    Cleanliness for Human Health

    Ceiling tiles can trap smoke, nicotine, dust, and even carbon monoxide. These pollutants can add up over time and create an unhealthy workspace for your employees. Establishments that focus on food or manufacturing will hold even more damaging contaminants. We often talk about the overall importance of keeping your team healthy, and cleaning the ceiling tiles can help to do so. Having perfectly-cleaned carpets and walls may all be for naught if your ceiling is housing a population of unhealthy contaminants!

    Reclaiming Original Ratings

    Ceiling tiles are tested to measure their acoustic uptake and fire resistance abilities. If your tiles are looking raggedy, chances are that they no longer meet their intended ratings. Full cleanings can help to oust all of the unhealthy contaminants that are impeded the product’s capabilities. Without any acoustic impediment, your office can become a hotbed of chaotic sounds and voices. Cleaning the tiles is commonly done to reduce sound’s ability to travel across the building. Fire ratings are also important for workplace safety. If your tiles are not up to speed, their ability to hamper and impede fire hazards can be quickly negated. An additional benefit will be the restoration of light reflection, making your building brighter and reducing the need for artificial lighting. These three factors can make tile cleaning well worth the effort.

    Optimal Appearance

    The most obvious negative of owning a dirty ceiling is its aesthetic quality. Grimey, stained ceiling tiles can spell disaster for your office’s clean reputation. Clients who visit will be put off by the dirt as well. First impressions are everything, and displaying a discolored, disheveled ceiling can definitely hurt your bottom line. Crystal Clear is here to offer the best cleaning solutions to ensure that this doesn’t happen!

    From the carpets at your front entrance to the ceiling tiles throughout the entire building, chances are that your business receives a lot of foot traffic. When it comes to keeping your operations clean and orderly, only the most professional commercial cleaning company will do. Crystal Clear Enterprises is your source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City. Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive care options, from lawn maintenance to pest control. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all facility needs. By focusing on your unique needs and tailoring a custom plan to meet those needs, our company has built a reputation on quality and success. Contact us today for a quote and be prepared to see the Crystal Clear difference!

  8. Keep Your Business Fresh With Our Kansas City Painting Services

    Most business owners or managers are looking for an effective way to improve the aesthetics of their organization. With two decades of experience providing janitorial services to Kansas City businesses, Crystal Clear Enterprise has seen it all. Beyond our regular professional cleaning services, we also specialize in a plethora of specialty jobs as well. While professional office cleaning services can greatly benefit your company’s safety and operations, it often isn’t enough in the long run. This can be especially true for businesses with outdated, fading paint jobs. Today, we’ll look at the benefits of painting your building or office and why you should trust the job to Crystal Clear!


    • Better morale. One developing theme that our blogs focus on is the increased productivity that comes from cleaner, brighter working environments. Employees who come to work at a grimy, dingy establishment will tend to be uncomfortable and therefore less productive. Bringing our commercial cleaning company in to paint can instantly boost the moods and feelings of your employees. When everyone is in a better mood, the overall result is nothing but positive!
    • Sharper appearance. In any highly competitive industry, it’s important to stand out and hold an edge over your competition. A clean, bright paint job can do much to benefit your business. Clients and customers will think more highly of a company that puts the effort in to maintain a clean, comfortable facility. First impressions do hold lasting implications, so it’s important to spruce up those dreary walls. Putting on a fresh coat of expertly chosen paint can tell clients that your business is both professional and meticulous. When you compare it to the impressions brought on by crumbling, dilapidated walls, it’s obvious that our painting services are well worth the effort!
    • Increased value. While most businesses think first of the cost of painting their office, they rarely consider the value that new paint can provide. Taking care of your building and commissioning painting along with regular office cleanings will go a long ways in extending the longevity of your structure. When you factor in the increased value of having a clean, quality facility, it’s easy to see why lots of businesses go through the process of repainting their buildings.
    • Convenience. Our team will focus on the task at hand while minimizing the inconvenience on your operations. With a focus on quality and timeliness, Crystal Clear will work hard to get everything done as quickly and as cleanly as possible. Our janitorial company has the experience and tools to provide top-quality painting options along with our commercial cleaning services. Keep your business going strong while we worry about the logistics and efforts required for a quality paint job. While not directly measurable, this convenience can be seen as the culmination of benefits, all of which equate to a more successful business.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is your source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City and beyond. Our professional cleaning services are unmatched by competitors and our commitment to customer satisfaction puts us at the top. Painting your office every few years or as needed can do much to benefit the overall operations of the company. If you’re looking for any of our specialty or janitorial services, feel free to contact us today to learn more!

  9. Lawn Services From Your Commercial Cleaning Company Part 2

    First impressions are important. When it comes to a business trying to impress clients or customers, that first experience can make or break your company’s image. Avoid hurting business by hiring on a commercial cleaning company for all of your janitorial needs. Crystal Clear Enterprises specializes in providing comprehensive janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. With two decades in the commercial cleaning business, we have the knowledge and know-how to optimize the cleanliness of your business. We’ll keep everything looking sharp to match the attitude of your prestigious business!


    Last week, we covered a few lawn service benefits that can produce favorable results for your company. Today, we’ll look at a few more positive aspects that can make our commercial cleaning services worth every penny!


    cce_prolawncare_blog2_innerimageSafety Supplementation


    While not commonly considered, the safety of employees and clients is a top priority for any business owner. If your landscaping is neglected, hidden hazards can make themselves known at very inopportune times. Hiring on professional help can aid in finding and eliminating any environmental hazards present on your property. This process can range from taking out tripping hazards to neutralizing wasp issues. First impressions in business are vital, and keeping your customers safe will play a big part in making the right impression!


    Economic Environmental Efficiency


    Implementing and maintaining grass can be a big contributor to the environmental health of your property. While this may sound like a sales pitch for sod, it’s important to note that grass can help in a number of ways, including:

    • Natural air conditioning. The grass around your building is a much better conductor of heat compared to soils, concrete, and asphalt. While this may not sound like breaking news, it is handy when summertime comes around and the heat is on.
    • Noise reduction. Compared to concrete and asphalt, grass offers much better sound dampening effects. When it comes to retaining focus and comfort for your employees, quieter is better!
    • All-around cleansing. Your lawn is actually quite useful for purifying our air quality, oxygen content, and water content. Grass works to capture dust and other pollutants that may be invading your air space. It also helps in taking in excess rain runoff, helping to keep the dirtier elements of our earth away from our water supply. Finally, grass is a steady producer of oxygen, which is one fact that all people should be thankful for!


    More Prolific Productivity


    Numerous studies have established that plant life is conducive for making humans feel better. This can equate to happier employees, which tend to produce more efficient employees. Increases in green outdoor space also provides a sanctuary for taking a break from the chaos of a normal business day. Stress reduction is a major factor in overall happiness. More oxygen and less air pollution also works in tandem to boost overall employee health. Healthier workers tend to show up and work, dually increasing productivity over businesses with neglected, dangerous landscaping. Investing in lawn care can be a wise purchase when you consider the numerous benefits of increasing productivity.


    Regardless of your company’s purpose, employee morale and health are at the center of success. One way to benefit all parties is to hire a company to perform professional cleaning services on the interior and exterior of your business. Keeping a well-maintained lawn can provide a plethora of benefits for most of our clients. Crystal Clear Enterprises was founded to provide the best janitorial services to Kansas City. Our commercial cleaning team is ready to show you why we’re a Top Rated Local® janitorial company. With over 20 years of experience, we’re ready to meet and exceed your high expectations. Contact us today to learn more and receive a competitive cleaning quote!

  10. Lawn Services From Your Commercial Cleaning Company Part 1

    When it comes to your company’s image, you want everything to be perfect. In business, first impressions can make or break any deal. Keeping your work areas clean and professional in appearance is what we do. Crystal Clear Enterprises provides top-notch janitorial services to Kansas City businesses, but our commercial cleaning doesn’t stop there! Our professional cleaning services range from light building maintenance to full-blown pest control. Crystal Clear works to exceed high expectations by focusing on quality and reliability for our loyal customers. When your business looks good, we all look good!

    One facet of building maintenance that often falls to the wayside is the importance of landscaping. Today, we’ll look at why it is smart to hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of the lawn duties.

    Create Lasting Impressions

    cce_prolawncare_innerimageHow a company looks on the surface is often a quick determiner of how that company treats its clients or products. If a business looks run down and grimy, chances are that customers will not feel as comfortable as what is desired. Your building is the physical representation of how your business is run, so it’s important to keep things looking clean and sharp. Our janitorial team can also perform numerous lawn functions to keep your grass looking green and your company looking good. Crystal Clear can provide amazing results to keep your operations in top form!

    Save Time

    Many businesses make the mistake of utilizing an employee or even their friend for assistance with lawn maintenance. While this may be a nice sentiment, it is more advisable to hire on the professionals for assistance. On the surface, it’s easy to claim that letting someone else cover a task for you saves you time. Beyond that, though, it’s important to note that our experienced crew will be able to operate at a higher efficiency and put in work to make future services easier, adding a dual bonus to the time-saving scenario. Crystal Clear can work on the lawn; you can focus on growing your business!

    Reduce Costs

    While paying for professional cleaning services may not sound like a great way to save money, we like to think otherwise! Outsourcing your lawn care means that an outside entity will come in and take care of all aspects of the grass. Between material costs and time spent, the draining of resources by doing it yourself are obvious. If any mistakes are made, more time and money will be needed to fix the problem. Relying on professionals means you won’t have to worry about the clock or the budget. An additional factor that can benefit you is the marked increase in market value. Entrepreneurs and entities are willing to pay more to move next to a well-maintained property. In the long run, your professional landscaping can offset the costs!

    Crystal Clear Enterprises offers a full array of janitorial services to Kansas City businesses and beyond. With two decades of experience in business, we’ve seen it all and are ready to improve and maintain the positive image of your organization. Next time, we’ll look at a few more benefits that can be received from hiring on help for treating and maintaining the lawn. If you’re looking for professional office cleaning services, feel free to contact us today to learn more!