1. 6 Ways to Inculcate Healthy Hygiene Habits in Your Kids

    One of the many things that kids do not understand early on in life is that the opposite sex highly regards the use of deodorants and toothpastes.

    Being a parent, this poses a great challenge. However, inculcating healthy hygiene habits is very important as it is very likely that these habits will stay with them for long. So, what do you do?

    We at Crystal Clear Enterprise outline six useful tips to help you teach your kids healthy hygiene habits:

    Highlight the Importance of Grooming

    Based on the age of your kid, you can introduce basic and relevant concepts. For instance, while your kid will not understand the science of infection, he/she can easily grasp the concept of germs and how they spread. In a friendly manner, make sure you educate them with at least some basic hygiene concepts.

    Make It Fun

    While you may be stressed out after a hard day of work and may not be in the mood for recreation, your kid loves to have fun at all times of the day.

    Turn some music on while you and your kids brush, or play with them with shampoo suds. Who said hygiene activities had to be boring?

    Set a Good Example

    If there is one thing that makes kids learn something quickly, it is doing it yourself first. From regularly brushing your teeth to washing your hands after each meal, make sure you perform all the hygiene activities you want your kid to follow.

    Use Digital Media to Your Advantage

    Born in the digital era, children of today love digital technology. There are quite a few apps that can motivate your kids to engage in cleaning activities in a fun manner. From storytelling to role playing, these apps incorporate features that your kids will love.

    Create Some Incentive

    From buying their favorite flavored toothpaste to their favorite cartoon themed toothbrush, there are a variety of ways you can create incentives for healthy hygiene. Adding positive reinforcement will keep your kid excited and motivated.

    Repeat, Repeat and Repeat

    It is a well-known fact that habits are formed through routine. Not only does routine make it easier for your kids to adopt hygiene habits, it also allows them to make these habits a part of their daily lives. In fact, they might even surprise you by reminding you to brush your teeth at night.

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