1. Whats Hiding In Your Carpet?


    As summer is coming to an end there are a lot of things to look forward to. Fall activities, the changing of the seasons, apple cider, the holidays, and of course, the common cold.

    Well, that last one we are not looking forward to, but we know it is about to rear its ugly head around the corner. There are many ways to help protect your employees from this pesky ailment; washing your hands, wiping down surfaces you touch every day, and believe it or not, cleaning your carpet. Many people wouldn’t think this would help, but it makes a huge difference! Not only does a carpet need to look clean and tidy, it has to embody the tidiness as well.

    According to Men’s health, Carpets are a bullseye for germs and bacteria. They say carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. That’s quite a statistic! Now that we are trying to process that startling information let’s put this all into perspective. How many people probably walk across the carpet of your business on a daily basis? That all depends on the size of the business, but it’s going to be enough to make a detrimental impact on the look and the health of your organization. Things like dust, germs, hair, dead skin cells, food, and much more are getting dragged in every day you take a step through those doors. With that being said you want this to be cleaned regularly, and that’s where the professionals need to step in.

    We at Crystal Clear have been in the speciality of carpets for almost 20 years so we know what goes in and must come out. We use the best cleaning techniques out there. We will go that extra mile to protect your workspace.


    Why you should use Crystal Clear:

    • Hot Water Extraction Services

      • This is going to heat up, kill, and destroy all those harmful things that have a made a home in your carpet. 


    • Economically Smart

      • Professional carpet cleaning is going to save you money in the long run. It will not only protect the carpet but it will also cut down the way bacteria travels which will (hopefully)decrease sick days from employees. You have a business to run and we understand that. 


    • Preventing Sickness

      • Getting all the bacteria, germs, and pollutants out of your carpet is going to help keep you healthier, and happier. We want to make sure you have the finest environment for you, and your employees. 

    Professional cleaning your carpet is just as vital as washing your hands. You want to take care of your organization the best way you can and we want to help. Crystal Clear is here with the knowledge, skill, and expertise to help keep your office looking good and feeling good. We have a lot of tips and tricks that set us above the rest. We know how important your corporation is and what steps we need to take to get your carpet clean and germ-free. The best time to clean your carpets is now! Give us a call and get a quote today!

  2. Benefits of Cleaning

    Benefits of Cleaning Image 07042016The benefits of cleaning your indoor space or places of livability are plenty, and we all know that, and yet, we can’t seem to pay as much attention to that as we should. As human beings, not only does a clean working space or home provide you with an ample amount of relief but the advantages are psychological too, rather than just being merely restricted to physical benefits.

    Let’s face it; the environment in which we currently reside in or work heavily influences our mood and productivity. It’s like saying that ambiance is what truly matters.

    Here are some benefits of a neat and clean indoor space for work, pleasure, and recreation that would make you an avid follower of healthier and cleaner environment.

    Encourages Productivity

    Working in a dirty, smelly and unhealthy environment or living in a shelter that is hardly gone through a good series of old household cleaning can make one’s life dull, boring and highly disorganized. Hence, it is essential that one follow a healthy cleaning regime to ensure their areas of work and living spaces are maintained well. This would not only make them smell good but look good as well, and since humans are largely ruled by emotions and feelings over their actions, a clean space would foster productivity and positivity.

    Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

    When people find themselves in a place where everything is spick and span, all clean and shiny, then the urge to become part of a more sophisticated and healthier life style is naturally triggered. The vice versa holds true too. Living in an unhealthy and disorganized space would naturally lead to a poor standard of living. It has got to do with the senses which have accustomed to using ever since our births. The smell, look, and feel of things influence how we see the world. It promotes positivity while at the same time can lead to destructive behavior if things blow out of proportions.

    Improves Cognitive Abilities and Lowers Stress

    Ever wonder what stress does to you if it is allowed to carry on and you can’t break away from it? The bitter truth about stress is that not only does it eat away at your mind’s ability to rationalize things in an adequate manner but it is also harmful for your bodily functions and mechanisms as well. Many renowned artist, singers, actor and international entertainers often take a break from their hectic schedules to relax in serine and calm outdoors or environments. This allows them to stay fresh and rejuvenate their spirits which enables them to produce masterpieces in their own right. Your home and working environment can also provide the same benefits to you as long as it is properly cleaned, making you feel good in the end.

    Apart from the fact that a clean environment does a lot for your mental and physical wellbeing, it also offers a brighter and more attractive setting for the future. Imagine walking into a room with piles of dirt and stuff thrown here and there; most people would like to get out of the place before they get tired of the place suffocating them. Now imagine having a place that is all clean and tidied up, and things will automatically look much brighter than before. This is kind of place where one can actually get more out of the place in terms of creativity, better ideas, all while elevating the mood.

    The benefits of a cleaning your place are for those who really want to reap the fruits from the seeds of healthier and cleaner actions in their past and present life. It does take some effort to get things done right, but the outcomes are tremendously satisfying.

  3. Commercial Janitorial Services

    Cleaning windows, mopping floors, dusting drawers, furniture, properly stacking files, scrubbing desks, doors, sweeping corridors, staircases, elevators: you got that right, just another typical day at workplace.

    No matter if the organization is big or small; the regular tasks are ample and need to be carried out daily. One option is to distribute and assign the task to your office cleaners, who most probably will charge you extra for extra work and the results might not be as satisfactory as they have their regular jobs apparently. Additionally, there’s always a chance of ill performance since you definitely will not be running after every one to check if the floors are swish cleaned or the windows have any dust scraps left.

    Janitors are those backstage superstars that bear the entire credit of presenting a neat, organized, clutter-free and professional impression of your organization. Since they are professional and well versed in their job, they know all the what, which and how of their job, thus taking away your worries about the cleanliness of your workplace. So if your domestic and nonprofessional cleaners have started taking on your nerves and the poor quality of work is driving you mad; here’s where commercial janitorial services come to your rescue. This is an account of what benefits they have in store for you:

    Janitors are the custodians of your organization. They clean and maintain your entire workplace. But so do your regular cleaners, right? No, they are not exactly the same. Since janitorial services providers are business entities, they have a more professional and methodical approach towards their job. And what makes them the best choice is: they do not need any training or being followed for quality assurance. You can rest assured that you will receive what you have hired them for.

    Janitorial services lessen your everyday hustle bustle, keep things in order and ensure that all regularly performed tasks are programmed and executed well. Being the organizational custodians, they not only look out for cleanliness maintenance but also make repairs and adjustments in fittings, installations, replacement and removal of damaged and broken furniture and office supplies; keep record of necessary inventories and stock; and may also be responsible for monitoring overall security and vicinity lockdowns.

    The best thing about commercial janitorial services is that they come in as an all in one combo; yet you can also go for picked and chosen, customized set of services, to match your needs. All you need is to analyze and evaluate the requirements about your business place and workforce and look for a janitorial service provider in your vicinity. Just let them know about your needs and they will come up with a customized plan to suit it best. All in all, janitorial services are your best option if you are concerned about your organization and its physical outlook and impression and are concerned about the health and safety of your workforce; they will be the helping hand for keeping things in order and under control.

  4. Should You Wash Cushion Covers?

    It’s a very easy thing to do… you notice your sofa cushions are a little dingy, which is perfectly normal with kids, pets and normal usage. So you decide to do-it-yourself and wash the cushion covers. They come out looking nice. But you also notice a little problem. The colors aren’t as bright as they used to be, and it takes a lot of effort to get the covers back over the foam cushions themselves. In fact, for one cushion, you can’t even get it zipped up all the way. The reason is that cushion covers are not designed to be washed like normal laundry. “But it has zippers!” you exclaim. That’s for the convenience of the furniture manufacturing company or the upholsterer.Cushion


    Keep these points in mind if you are tempted to wash your cushion covers:

    1. When you wash the cushion covers, there is some danger in fabric shrinkage and dye loss. If this happens, not much you can do to fix it.

    2. Shrinkage typically occurs in the drier, so if you are tempted to wash your own cushion covers, hang them to dry (but remember there is always risk).

    3. Dyes are funny things. The dyes on your favorite t-shirts are pretty tough and durable and last a long time, but on upholstery they can bleed or fade.

    4. Putting cushion covers in the laundry can also cause problems with the integrity of the fabric, such as any latex backing that could be present; delamination, or the separation of the face fiber and backing, can occur.

  5. Value of a Clean Workplace

    Morning rush, public commuters, elevator rides, meeting people, shaking hands, circulating files, drafts, stationery, coffee mugs, and a dear old pc; what picture does this illustrate in your mind? Bingo, that’s another typical day at work.

    Now just spare a moment from all other tabs you have opened and realize the surfaces and objects you came in touch with since morning. Everything from your home and all the way to your office is touched, used and dirtied by millions of other people like you ever single day.
    I know that’s not really news to you. But the gruesome realization will sure fill your mind with all the filthy germs and bacteria you and all others carry along and pass on to each other with every handshake and file exchange. Thus, it is our very own responsibility to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean to ultimately keep the entire workplace clean.CrystalClear Blog 2

    A neat, clutter free and organized workplace is a happy workplace and brings with it the following wonderful benefits:

    Good Overall Impression

    A well kempt workplace favorably portrays a good, competent and well reputed organizational image. Customers and stakeholders are more likely to perceive an organization as good and professional if its physical outlook presents a well organized picture, as compared to an organization that appears sloppy, scruffy and congested; retaining the existing clientele and attracting potential customers and partners becomes more achievable.

    High Productivity

    Workforce engaged with an organization that goes all lengths to maintain a proper, professional and organized persona evidently has high levels of productivity and efficiency. They are more dedicated towards their job, hold a high regard, and take pride in associating themselves with the organization.

    High Employee Morale

    Unkempt, disheveled and poor facilities at workplace create an unmotivated organization culture that can cause fatigue, discomfort and disregard for among the workforce. It is important to provide the employees with a clean and professional environment at work since this is the place where they spend one third of their entire day. It has to be well maintained to keep their moral and motivation high.

    Less Absenteeism

    A sanitized and well maintained workplace helps reduce the chance of spreading viral infections and injuries caused due to slips, trips, falls and other unforeseen incidents; thus reducing employee absenteeism due to injury and illness. This in turn ensures a better employee turnout and overall performance and organizational growth.

    Less Safety Risks and Hazards

    Regular inspection, scrutiny and examination of workplace environment and it systems help identify the problem or issue before it arises and on-time troubleshooting reduces the risks and threats of unforeseen accidents and hazards, which may inflict an emergency otherwise.

    To sum it up, cleanliness and maintenance of an organization is a compulsion if the organization wants to prosper, grow, and keep its workforce intact with high performance and motivation. The cost borne for this purpose will surely be way too minimal than the expenses to be incurred in case of increasing turn over, absenteeism and low performance rate.

  6. Benefits of Cleaning

    Cleanliness, in the simplest terms, is the state of being free from clutter and anything irrelevant and unnecessary, and the maintenance and sustenance of this state. It is one of the fundamental factors that distinguish a progressive, cultured and civilized society from an underdeveloped and uncivilized commune. Cleanliness is an important phenomenon that is not just confined to personal hygiene, but covers all aspects of our daily lives. From personal appearances to our household, environment and workplaces, the state of cleanliness of our self and surrounding portrays a good illustration of our individual as well as collective habits.

    Cleanliness is important, for it builds up a healthy environment that facilitates physical and mental well being and growth. Therefore, its individual as well as collective importance cannot be denied. Cleaning the environment is the key to existence and survival of life on planet earth. Maintaining a clean environment reduces pollution, preserves our biosphere, protects endangered species, and also helps preserve the earth’s natural resources. In society, the state of cleanliness of a society represents the mindset.


    In the organizational perspective, a clean and tidy workplace portrays a healthier, competitive, growing and flourishing business in contrast to a workplace with  overflowing bins, crammed drawers, piled up desks and all things cluttered. Cleaning at workplace is crucial for many reasons. Some fringe benefits of cleanliness are described as follows:

    • First and foremost, a clean, tidy and organized workplace environment casts a positive impression on the customers. They are more likely to have a satisfying experience and will take a good image of the organization back home.
    • It determines the quality of workforce and their level of dedication and commitment to the place where they spend around 7 to 8 hours a day, five days a week. Apparently, the workplace is like your second home and therefore, it depicts a great deal about you and your organization too.
    • Workplaces are populous places; hence they are hotbeds of dirt, germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning of work stations, keeping them clear of redundant objects prevents slips, trips and injuries.
    • A clean and organized organizational culture improves employee efficiency and productivity.
    • It reduces the chances of hazards and emergencies. Regularly cleaning and maintaining a workplace keeps everything in order, troubleshoots in case of malfunctions and therefore, reduces the risk of unforeseen hazards.
    • Cleanliness boosts mental health and keeps the mind fresh and working. An untidy environment makes its inhabitants fatigued and lethargic, whereas a well kempt and organized workplace helps build a competitive and progressive culture.
    • Fumigating the offices and public places prevents the chance of infections and allergies. This is necessary because there’s a continuous flow of people, and therefore, they are prone to catching viral and epidemic diseases.

    Cleanliness, be it personal, social or organizational, is not a matter of choice but an obligation. It is essential to incorporate necessary measures to ensure that environment stays in its natural state, devoid of any perilous influence that may alter its smooth operations or endanger its inhabitants.