dreamstime_xxl_39917457What comes into your mind when you read this word ‘cleaning’? Dusting, scraping, and mopping floors, piles of trash, dirt and dust. Cleaning for sure is a dirty job and yet we need to get this done to keep our surroundings neat, safe and serene. Commercial Cleaning industry has been flourishing real fast and every day we get to see a new professional cleaner or janitorial service provider making its entry into the market. What is it that has turned the regular job of cleaning go from being a domestic chore to commercial service? This blog post is a comparative analysis between commercial cleaning and would eventually prove how commercial cleanings bears a plus one advantage over the domestic cleaning. Domestic Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning are different from each other, due to a number of factors that makes it different in a variety of way.


Areas of Operation

Domestic cleaning is more of a home job, regularly cleaning tasks that are a routine part of a residential environment. This basically has got to do with our homes and hence incorporates any cleaning task that comes under its vicinity. Commercial Cleaning is the similar in basic functions and tasks as the domestic clearing, except that it is more professional and is performed in public places and organizations.

Technicalities Involved

The domestic cleaning is performed through simple house hold tools and objects and is as simple as using broom, bush, wipers and dusters to clean, sweep and wash your home. However, since commercial cleaning is large scale and more professional job, it requires specialized tools, machinery and products to clean large buildings and work and public places.


Health and Safety Standards

Domestic cleaning is only concerned with maintaining a neat and tidy home and surrounding and since there is not a consistent flow of people in and out of the house, domestic cleaning does not have to be much concerned with the minutes of the health standard certifications. However, organizations and public places are required to maintain and comply with a strict health and safety standard and therefore, require commercial cleaning to meet the preset criterion.

Types of Services Involved

The nature, number and kinds of services involved in domestic and commercial cleaning are quite different from each other due to a number of reasons. Since the organizations are way more populous than the homes, the intensity and frequency of services eventually increases multiple times. While domestic an commercial cleaning are both a regular and requisite function, Commercial Cleaning is more elaborate, intricate and technical job and has a lot more to do than just mopping floor and getting rid of trash.


If you are running a business or organization, apparently you cannot just rely on a domestic cleaner or sweeper to maintain your whole workplace and meet the organizational health and safety standards. Commercial Cleaning Service is the right option for you since they are professional at it and know this cleaning job better than you do. And mostly they do not charge for a pre cleaning inspection of your place and do guide you through about the areas and operations that need maintenance and repair.