As one of the most effective methods, low moisture carpet cleaning is a fool-proof method to make sure that carpets stay pristine. Should you opt for this service? To ascertain that, Crystal Clear is here to help.


Firstly, What Is Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

Low moisture carpet cleaning refers to a number of various carpet cleaning techniques. These can include dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning and encapsulation among others.

Low moisture techniques offer a number of advantages. They have a faster drying time than most other methods. And because their resultant water waste isn’t as high, these methods reduce the risk of over-wetting or re-soiling carpets.

What You Should Know about Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

There are various myths about low moisture cleaning that have been circulating the industry. That is where our expertise comes in.

One myth is that a carpet cleaned by using the low moisture method will dry in 4-6 hours. However, because of the small amount of liquids used to clean said carpets in these techniques, the actual drying time is 2 hours.

Other myths related to this cleaning method are of the equipment and procedures used, such as:

Myth: A low moisture extractor releases less water than your regular extractor

The reasoning behind this myth? Conventional extractors release at least 1.5 gallons of water per minute when used on carpets. Now, while the above stated myth is true for most part, it’s not a matter of concern. Far from it. Low moisture cleaning equipment release less than one gallon of water into the carpet per minute. What’s also important to note is that you’re using less water to begin with; ergo  lesser release.

Myth: Low moisture carpet cleaning cause rapid re-soiling

This is not true of all methods of low moisture cleaning. However, re-soiling can only happen if the method is not delivered properly. Chemical residue from bonnet cleaning can cause re-soiling, but only if there is no carpet extraction afterwards.

In such cases, you can only prevent rapid re-soiling if you hire a commercial cleaning service that knows how to perform the job properly.

Myth: Low moisture cleaning only works with a hot water carpet extractor

Not entirely true. Low moisture cleaning methods work easily with any system. However, cleaning companies prefer heated systems because hot water is more effective when it comes to removing dirt, grime and stains from commercial carpets.

Myth: Low moisture carpet cleaning is popular because carpets dry faster

While this is a key reason, it is not the only one. Aside from being fast and effective, low moisture carpet cleaning methods are actually more environment friendly. And since the result is durative for long-term use, the overall value of the service is what actually attracts most customers.

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