What Is Rotary Shampoo Cleaning?rotaryshampoocleaning

The wet shampoo cleaning of carpets is done by one of the oldest methods in the industry — rotary carpet cleaning. However, to this date, it is still believed to be one of the best methods to clean incredibly soiled carpets.

In this method of commercial cleaning services, a frothy detergent is applied to the carpet through a channel holding nylon bristles that rotate at a high speed. The foam is created by the agitation of the rotary machine’s brushes. Nowadays, the machines have improved greatly and they have state-of-the-art extraction ability and high tech brushes with incredible cleaning capability.

Restorative Cleaning Procedure

Because the brushes are aggressive and rigorous, the rotary shampoo cleaning is often referred to as restorative carpet cleaning method. So if your carpet is truly in a pathetic state  (it is terribly soiled and wouldn’t respond to professional carpet cleaning),  restoration though rotary shampoo cleaning is a surefire way to accomplish the cumbersome task of carpet sanitation.

How To Clean Carpets With Rotary Cleaners

In order to begin the carpet cleaning process with the rotary cleaner, vacuuming the carpet is a necessary step. A cleaning detergent is poured into the tank that is connected to the shower feed section of the cleaner. The soiled areas of the carpet are also sprayed with an approved product. The carpet is then scrubbed thoroughly whilst the shampoo solution is fed from the shower feed onto the carpet in order to suspend the soils. Today, the synthetic detergent formulations ensure that no annoying, sticky residues are left behind.

Extraction Process

After the shampooing is done, a wet vacuum is often used to extract all of the suspended soil and foam formulation. Then, the carpet is allowed to dry before dry vacuuming is carried out. Modern detergents that are used to clean the carpet form crystals when the carpet is dried — this is why these can be vacuumed away easily and the carpet does not have an adhesive feeling. It is recommended that furniture padding or covering is applied to the legs of any heavy furniture so that rust does not start to accumulate later on.

Benefits of Rotary Cleaning

There are several benefits of rotary shampoo cleaning. Firstly, the process is fairly economical — both the chemical detergent cost and the equipment cost are comparatively cheaper. It is one of the best methods for deep cleaning the carpets, removing dirt, grime, dander, and pollen because of the robust agitation process. The cleaning chemicals are spread evenly and equally to all the affected areas, the end result of which is always commendable. However, it takes a great technician to execute these professional cleaning services. Often times, an incompetent operator may cause over-wetting and extensive scrubbing, which consequently leads to pile distortion. It is imperative that a professional carpet cleaning operator and cleaning company are utilized in order to achieve the best results.