After being impressed by the exterior architecture, floors are the first thing that grab a visitor’s attention. If they are being greeted by a shining floor, free of tread marks and polished to perfection, chances are, they will want to visit your office or building more often.

Believe it or not, cleanliness enhances appearance and increase the likability of an object. A Consumer Cleaning Insight Survey carried out by P&G highlighted that 9/10 consumers form a negative perception about a facility or a business, if the lounge, lobby, or restrooms were not clean.  

It is crucial to maintain your facility at top condition. Your facility might be carpeted or engulfed in wooden glory, with high foot-traffic floors are subjected to wear and tear, but you can maintain them with simple maintenance techniques.

Covered In Carpet

To give a homey and luxurious touch to your waiting area or lobby, businesses usually use rugs and carpets. While benefiting from its aesthetical value, they fail to see meet the cleaning details. Carpets are high-maintenance; they require daily cleaning to prevent buildup and wear and tear.

If you get your hands on professional grade cleaning solutions, great! You can provide thorough cleaning to your carpet with their use. Here is a carpet care routine that you need to follow;

  • Areas with high foot-traffic needs to be vacuumed regularly
  • Spots and spills needs to be cleaned immediately to avoid damage to the carpet’s structure
  • Place mats around your facility to prevent excess amount of dirt to travel with shoes
  • Get your carpets deep-cleaned from a commercial cleaning services after every 12-18 months for better results

Hardwood Floors

Wood adds sophistication to your interior design, but with excessive usage and poor maintenance, this same wood can put a damper your room’s aesthetics. In order to keep them clean and glossy, follow some cleaning tips.

  • Use door mats to reduce the amount of dirt that’s brought in with shoes
  • Use a soft-bristle or felt-type vacuum machine to prevent grime and grit buildup on your floor. Make sure the wheels of your vacuum are cleaned before you start your floor routine. (Important note: don’t use a beater bar vacuum; it could damage your wooden flooring)
  • Avoid mopping a wooden floor; water can damage the wood material. You can use a sponge mop to do the cleaning for you
  • Clean spills and spots immediately. Use coating products to restore the shine of your floor.
  • Rolling chairs can leave skid marks on your floor, use top scrub, recoat, and mat cover over your floor to prevent this problem
  • Pad your furniture legs to prevent damage to the floor structure
  • Avoid cleaning products that have oil soap, paste wax or Tung oil
  • Limit sunlight exposure to the floor
  • Give your floor a professional shine with help of a professional floor cleaning services

 Tiled flooring

Tiles are an easy way to give a professional yet chic look to your building.

You can use stones, marble, limestone, granite and other material to add texture to your flooring. But this variety of color and shades needs to be maintained with industry-standard practices.

  • Use mats to prevent to travel along with shoe-traffic
  • You might need common repair like waxing, filling, and grinding to keep your floors good as new
  • Develop a routine of vacuuming and sweeping the floor
  • If your floor uses stone material, avoid using hard cleaning solutions; this causes damage to the structure
  • Use lukewarm water and a neutral cleaning solution to mop stones

Keep your floors gleaming with professional help

Regular cleaning is required for proper upkeep of your floors; you can outsource your cleaning department to professional janitorial services like, Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc.

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