1. The Crystal Clear Team Explains Differences Between Commercial Cleaning And Janitorial Services

    As a facility manager, you are likely always on the lookout for the best ways to keep your facility clean. It is essential to find a commercial cleaning company that can provide a full array of office cleaning services on a thorough and reliable basis in order to keep your building pristine and ready for future business. Depending on your facility, you will likely require a unique combination of cleaning services to provide a complete shine, and Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to help every step of the way.

    Our commercial cleaning company is proud to deliver the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses and beyond, deploying our experienced teams and modern technology to ensure you are satisfied with the results. While we are happy to provide complete facility care in a professional manner, we often receive inquiries about the difference between regular janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. Today, we’ll explain a few differences between each term, as well as the quality provided by our professional janitors.

    If you’re in need of complete facility care, be sure to contact our team to see how we can provide affordable, reliable, and eco-friendly outcomes!

    Janitorial Services

    Regular cleaning duties are required for facilities of all types across every industry to create a sparkling shine that promotes building health for employees and sterling first impressions for customers. Based on the size and density of your structure, regular janitorial services can be utilized on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis to ensure complete coverage. Often considered light duty when compared to commercial cleaning, this type of service tends to focus on the regular maintenance side of things. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide high-quality office cleaning services, including:

    • Trash removal
    • Dusting, wiping down services
    • Vacuuming where needed
    • Floor cleaning
    • Disinfecting high-traffic areas
    • Regular care for bathrooms, breakrooms, and more

    Commercial Cleaning Services

    Beyond the regular care provided by your janitorial staff, commercial cleaning can help to provide more intensive services that are not needed on a regular basis. This inventory of cleaning can expand to cover nearly aspect of your facility, including:

    • Power-washing dirty surfaces. After heavy use, many exterior surfaces can benefit from high-pressure washing services.
    • Window washing services. Professional window cleaners can help to create a clear shine that will improve the overall cleanliness of your facility.
    • Upholstery cleaning. Furniture and fabric surfaces can come into contact with a lot of dirt and grime. Our team can clean your upholstery for a fresh outcome.
    • Complete tile cleaning. Semi-regular tile and grout cleaning services can help to keep your rigid surfaces looking bright and welcoming.
    • Commercial carpet cleaning. Regular carpet care can help to elongate the beauty and life expectancy of your commercial floors.
    • Painting. Old, drab finishes can leave your place looking out of date. Our team will be happy to deliver painting services to create a fresh new look.
    • Facility pest control. Rodents and other pests can severely impact the sanitation of your building. We can help to deploy control measures to keep your facility clean and clear.
    • Replacement of burned out lights. Dark areas can severely hamper the comfort and safety of a commercial building.
    • Light building maintenance. Minor repairs, maintenance of building components, and other services can all be scheduled to take care of any unique problems your facility is experiencing.

    Businesses of all types will often depend on a commercial cleaning company for specialty services, but leave the regular cleaning duties to their janitorial staff. Crystal Clear Enterprise is happy to serve as your complete resource for janitorial services in Kansas City, and our professionals can deliver complete results to care for every facility need. Contact us today for complete assistance!

  2. Looking For A New Cleaning Company This Holiday Season? Crystal Clear Is Here To Help!

    The holidays are here already, and many business owners across Missouri are scrambling to find professional cleaning services that can handle both the influx of holiday traffic and the long-term demands of their facility. Commercial cleaning companies come in all styles and sizes, each offering a promise of quality that often is never delivered. Between your holiday party and the buzz of the new year, your office may be looking a more cluttered and a lot less professional. If you are currently searching for the best office cleaning solution (and who isn’t?), Crystal Clear Enterprise is here and ready to get to work.

    We are proud to be among the top cleaning companies across Missouri, and our consistently qualitative results ensure that our clients come back for years of service. By putting the best technology into the hands of the most qualified janitors, our team is ready to provide complete results that you will have to see to believe.

    Looking for a commercial cleaning crew that can deliver the ideal services for your exact needs? Be sure to learn about our top cleaning services below before calling today!

    Complete Janitorial Services

    Our team relies on the best training and technology in the business to provide unbeatable janitorial services to businesses across Kansas City. Crystal Clear is here to provide clear results for your business, establishing a personalized plan that addresses all of your facility needs in an effective, affordable manner. Our highly trained custodians are prompt, reliable, and friendly, delivering an ideal experience that will have you relying on us for long-term results.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide a complete clean from the top down. Dusting, washing windows, cleaning surfaces, and caring for upholstery can all help to create a lasting shine that strengthens the strength and professionalism of your brand. Guests, customers, and business partners will all draw conclusions of your company based on the structure’s interior, and dusty, cluttered spaces can do much to harm your image!

    Contact us today to learn about our complete approach for office cleaning services. We look forward to helping you!

    Comprehensive Floor Care

    Commercial flooring comes in a variety of materials and can undergo intense levels of wear and tear throughout the course of a week. Our office cleaning services can include a comprehensive floor care plan that provides a lasting shine for your business, increasing the aesthetics of your building while protecting your floors for the long haul. We can strip, wax, buff, rinse, clean, and recoat any hard surfaces, and we can work with you to personalize a care plan for every square foot of your floor space.

    We also provide complete carpet cleaning to provide a healthy, beautiful result for the fabrics in your building. Crystal Clear Enterprise proudly provides personalized services to match your business demands, whether you have a minor site with few visitors or a campus full of individuals.

    Specialty Services

    Crystal Clear provides more than simple janitorial services — we strive to be your complete source for facility care. Our commercial cleaners can work with you to develop a plan for any specialty services you need, including:

    • Painting services
    • Lawn care
    • Light maintenance work
    • Overhead light cleaning
    • Restroom sanitation
    • Construction clean-up
    • Much more!

    Regardless of your facility’s unique needs, the Crystal Clear team is here and ready to help. Call us now to see if we can address all of your concerns!

    All-Natural Cleaning Products and Equipment

    One major concern that has worried many business owners is the safety and environmental impact of cleaning chemicals used in their facility. Scheduling office cleaning services before the big holiday party can produce a sparkling shine, yet the fresh, clean scent may prove to be overpowering. Crystal Clear proudly utilizes products and materials from JSI Supply, an eco-friendly supplier that focuses on green solutions that are as safe as they are effective.

    Modern Technology

    Beyond our professional staff and top-notch training, Crystal Clear also relies on the best technology to enhance our customer experience. Our focus on cutting-edge equipment ensures that we are in communication with you at all times, allowing you to input special requests or receive answers at any time through your designated site manager. We use our technology to focus on four key components to deliver the best results for your facility:

    • Time and attendance
    • Incident trackers
    • Project schedule
    • Quality control

    Each program works seamlessly within our Automated Management System (AMS) to provide fast, accurate data for you as the client. Every service will be completed on-time in a reliable manner, delivering peace of mind that your facility will be sparkling clean throughout the holiday season.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide a clear edge with our janitorial services across Kansas City. Since 1997, our commercial cleaning company has worked to set the standard for high-quality office cleaning services. If you are ready to learn about the advantages provided by our customer-first approach, feel free to contact us today!

  3. Highlighting Hot Water Extraction, Bonnet Cleaning, And Other Carpet Cleaning Services

    As a property owner, you are likely well aware of the challenges imposed by your commercial flooring. Heavy foot traffic, continual use, and the demand for a spotless surface all make it important for businesses all across Missouri to find the best janitorial services possible. When it comes to carpet cleaning needs, regular maintenance is essential to protect your investment from stains, damages, and excess wear and tear. If you are on this post because you are looking for quality carpet cleaning services in Kansas City, Crystal Clear Enterprise is the here to be your clear choice for service.

    For more than 20 years, our team has worked to perfect our customer care approach. Part of our commitment to excellence includes being up to speed on the best and most advanced floor cleaning services in the industry. Today, we’ll highlight our most popular carpet cleaning services, as well as the value of using our commercial cleaning company for all of your facility needs.

    Hot Water Extraction

    Carpet water extraction is often referred to as “steam cleaning,” although steam is not the method used for carpet cleaning. Our team will introduce the best cleaning agents for your facility in combination with hot water at high pressure to thoroughly process and lift all soil and stains left on your floors. Hot water extraction is our most popular carpet cleaning service, and our team can work with you to find the best products for your facility. Improper steam cleaning can damage your fabrics, so be sure to contact our cleaning company today for lasting results!

    Bonnet Cleaning

    Also known as spin cleaning, this device looks like a typical floor buffer you see cleaning most commercial floors. By relying on a circular pad soaked in solution, the continual movement helps to break up and lift dirt out of your carpets. While often more efficient than hot water extraction services, this task may not be as able to deeply clean carpets subject to heavy use. Crystal Clear is here to provide expert solutions with all of our mounted extraction and bonnet cleaning services, and will be happy to help you find the best fit for your facility!

    Low-Moisture Cleaning

    In cases where full hot water extraction is not needed, your facility may benefit from an array of low-moisture carpet cleaning products that can provide the right level of cleanliness and turnaround time. Every facility is different, making this option very valuable for clients who are constantly growing and adapting to their business surroundings. Call us today to learn about our low-moisture floor cleaners and services.

    Dry Cleaning

    In some cases, low- or no-moisture carpets will require quality floor cleaning services without the use of liquids. Our team has the experience to deliver quality results for many businesses, relying on specific chemicals and our dry machine to perform amazing results with a quicker turnaround time for your business. Be sure to call us to learn more about this carpet cleaning service, as more and more innovations have allowed for safe, efficient dry cleaning methods.

    Rotary Shampoo

    Relying on the same machine that our dry foam carpet cleaner does, rotary shampoo cleaning has been among the most established methods in the industry. Crews can vacuum your floors, then scrub in specific shampoos to scrub out dirt and debris. While effective and commonly deployed nationwide, this method does exhibit longer dryer times.

    Regardless of your building’s needs, the professional carpet cleaning team at Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to help keep your floors in pristine condition for years to come. All of our carpet cleaning services in Kansas City deliver quality and reliability week-in and week-out, delivering the perfect level of care for your entire facility. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial cleaning company, and be sure to ask about our floor care services!

  4. The Value Of Professional Restroom Cleaning Services For Your Business

    While many businesses across Missouri know the value of maintaining a clean and welcoming restroom, few fail to take the proper measures to ensure that their customers receive an ideal experience on each and every visit. If you are a property manager who is considering hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your restrooms on a regular basis, it can help to understand how vital this aspect of your business is in making a good impression on guests, clients, and employees.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to serve as your trusted source for janitorial services across Kansas City, delivering ideal outcomes for clients of all sizes across many industries. Regardless of your business model, the value of a clean bathroom cannot be understated. Today, we’ll discuss a few benefits of restroom cleaning services from a reputable janitorial company, as well as the advantage offered by our professionals. Contact us today to learn more about

    Clean Restrooms Make Big Impressions

    Customers, clients, and guests will leave your establishment with a lasting impression based on a few key factors, and the bathrooms and their cleanliness will play a major role. Studies and surveys have both shown that dirty restrooms leave a lasting impression on customers, more so than many of the positive services mentioned. You work hard to create a favorable image for your business, and hiring professional cleaning services for your restrooms will help to deliver with a complete state of cleanliness. Failing to do so can hurt your business, as a majority of participants in the studies mentioned believed that poor restroom sanitation could be directly correlated with bad management styles.

    Our commercial cleaning experts will deliver comprehensive and consistent janitorial services for your Kansas City establishment. For years, our experts have invested in the best technology and training to ensure we have the best in the business on our team. We understand how vital restroom cleaning services are for the lasting impression of your business, and will deliver day-in and day-out for sterling impressions.

    Comprehensive Cleaning Is Standard

    While tasking your personnel with office cleaning duties can be a cost-effective strategy in the short term, keep in mind that your in-house team will only be able to perform to the best of their training. Oftentimes, this includes the reachable surfaces and hot-spot areas in need. Managers who invest in the help of a certified commercial cleaning company can expect a complete shine from the top down. As opposed to standard cleaning, our professional team will be able to mop, polish, repair, and shine every aspect of your restroom. We have experience in providing Top Rated Local®  janitorial services across Kansas City and understand how to quickly and efficiently clean every surface.

    Saving Time and Effort

    One of the biggest benefits for your team, when you bring on professional cleaning services, is the time and energy saved on tasks that are not conducive toward the company’s bottom line. In most cases, employees take on specialized tasks, making their efforts very valuable. Most workers will be more focused on getting back to work, possibly neglecting essential cleaning measures. Professional cleaners can deliver complete shines and peace of mind week after week. Be sure to consider the potential loss of productivity against the cost of office cleaning services, and contact our team to see how the numbers stack up!

    Code-Compliant Outcomes

    In many industries, regulations dictate the cleanliness required for every space within the building. Your restrooms may fall under code restrictions, health codes, and other rules that enforce a standard for cleanliness. In these cases, it is almost essential to hire professional janitorial services to get the job done! Even if you do not have additional directives for your restroom cleaning services, it pays to bring on a cost-effective cleaning company that can deliver complete sanitation. By minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria, your building will likely see fewer employee call-ins for health reasons.

    Regular Maintenance

    One big advantage to hiring professionals for your commercial cleaning needs is that you will have a group of professionals consistently on your property, ensuring that every element of your bathroom is in order. Our team is trained to keep an eye out for any problems, rectifying minor issues before they grow into expensive emergencies. Continual upkeep can help to provide consistently clean results, playing a major role in the impression everyone will receive after visiting your building. We can work with you to personalize a restroom cleaning plan to cover every important element of your business’ aesthetics. A clean, well-kept bathroom will do wonders for owners trying to impress their clientele!

    Guaranteed Support

    From regular commercial cleaning services to emergency janitorial responses, it pays to have a professional on your team. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to deliver complete cleaning services for all of your property’s needs, from floor care plans and carpet cleaning to painting, lawn care, and more. We understand the complex needs of businesses across many industries, and will work with you to ensure an affordable and comprehensive outcome for your property’s restrooms. Worried we can’t cover your facility’s needs? Give us a call to see if our janitorial experts can deliver the best solutions for your budget.

    For years, our team has worked to deliver the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses, delivering consistent outcomes for clients of all sizes. Contact us today to see how we can provide the best restroom cleaning services for your building!

  5. Highlighting The Top Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your Janitorial Services

    In our modern age, customer service has evolved to become a comprehensive program that strives to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to your customers — after all, your customers are integral to your future success. If you are a business owner or property manager, you may have landed on this page because you are considering a replacement for your professional cleaning service needs. As a corporation, you rely on comprehensive office cleaning services to ensure that your guests and employees are welcomed by a clean and pristine building. The quality of your services is often represented by the cleanliness of your building, making it vital to own a property that is spotless week-in and and week-out. If your commercial cleaning company is no longer delivering to the high level that you expect, it may be time to seek out a qualified replacement.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to be your trusted source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City and beyond, delivering amazing results to Missouri on a continual basis. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality to clients of all sizes, relying on the best technology and most stringent training standards to retain a team that is both professional and happy to enhance your site. Today, we’ll briefly discuss a few signs that it is time to seek out new help for your office cleaning needs.

    Unresponsive Services

    Your janitorial company may have made a quality first impression, but as of late, you’ve noticed that their communication system is lacking. Now, even minor problems are met with a level of indifference and a lack of follow-through. This problem can stem from poor communication services between you and the cleaning company, or even within the company amongst its own employees. As a business, you rely on competent and timely janitorial services to keep your property looking great. If your janitorial staff fails to get the job done, what do you do?

    It’s essential to work with a team that is responsive to all of your needs. The Crystal Clear team relies on modern technology to communicate quickly and effectively to get the job done. When you submit a special request with our cleaners, expect fast results and a caring follow-up. We’re here to provide comprehensive facility support, and unlike other commercial cleaning companies, we’ll work hard to retain our top level of quality.

    Customer Complications

    The quality of your janitorial staff can affect more than just the cleanliness of your facility. It’s essential to work with a company that only staffs the most motivated and trustworthy individuals. Janitorial companies with a low standard for hiring will likely cause future issues for your facility, whether it’s illegal hiring practices or compromising security details. After all, your cleaners will be on the property after hours to get the job done. Failing to account for unqualified employees can leave your business in peril. If staff is present during daytime hours, it’s important to make sure that your customers and employees will be treated with patience and respect.

    You can rest easy knowing that the Crystal Clear team is here to shine your business. We employ only the highest hiring standards to keep your property clean and safe whenever we arrive. By focusing on the quality of our employees through training and benefits programs, Crystal Clear is able to retain a trustworthy workforce with minimal turnover.

    Limited Janitorial Services

    Every business is unique, and your property will likely hold a unique list of tasks and requirements that are needed to create a comprehensively clean facility. Experienced cleaning crews are often valued because they can provide a wide range of services based on years in the industry. If your current cleaning company has not invested in training beyond scrubbing toilets, the results will quickly become obvious. Expertise is essential in this industry, as a lack of knowledge can lead to costly problems, whether it’s mixing volatile chemicals or failing to secure a building at the end of the night. Your cleaning program needs to a high level of professionalism to ensure the best outcome for your facility.

    Crystal Clear is proud to staff employees who are rigorously trained to uphold the high level of service we’ve promised throughout the years. We’ll work with you to create a personalized plan to best address the needs of your facility.

    Inconsistent Results

    You have an exacting expectation for the outcome of your building once all cleaning services have been completed. If your current janitorial company is no longer delivering a consistent level of quality for your building, it may be time to consider a replacement. Many companies will work hard to impress clients in the early stages, only to slack later on while collecting the same dollar amount. In many cases, property managers are not even sure what they are paying for!

    Our cleaning company works hard to deliver the best level of quality each and every time we step foot on your property. Crystal Clear Enterprise was founded to set a high standard in the janitorial industry. We understand the importance of efficiency with your budget, and our team will work hard to justify any costs we accrue to enhance your property while keeping all parties happy.

    A Lack of Commitment

    Ultimately, you may be in need of new office cleaning services because your current team simply does not care enough. From how they treat their employees to the level of professionalism expected after each job, you can learn a lot about a cleaning company based on their treatment of the individuals who keep the business strong. Some cleaners are in the industry to make a quick buck while others are here for the long haul. If your current company does not seem to care about your facility, it’s essential to seek out professional help.

    We’re proud to offer the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses and beyond. If you’re looking for commercial cleaning for your business that delivers the best results at an amazing price, be sure to contact us today!

  6. The Benefits Of Using Our IICRC-Certified Carpet Cleaning Services

    In today’s modern society, it can be quick and convenient to look up a local cleaning company to sanitize and maintain your property. Searching for professional floor cleaning services can return a lot of results, but unfortunately, many of these outfits are not up to the task of consistently cleaning and maintaining your facility with proven services and a keen focus on delivering the best outcome. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to be your top source for the best carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. For more than 20 years, our professional janitors have worked to optimize our processes to deliver a shiny outcome for your building that also helps to save money and streamline maintenance operations.

    Our dedication to professional carpet cleaning and textile services helps us to build a reputation of delivering consistently high-quality and reliable services. We are now also certified with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This non-profit institution strives to set the standard for cleaning services in more than 25 countries, and our janitorial company now has the accreditation to back up our years of service. If you are in need of professional cleaning services, read on to learn about the benefits of working with an IICRC-certified commercial cleaning company.

    Expertly Trained Staff

    Anyone can boast about their rigorous training for janitorial services, but few can provide certifiable proof that they surpass the industry standards. IICRC certification is useful for documenting and proving that our cleaning company is providing the best personnel and services for your facility. The Crystal Clear team relies on the most modern technology and stringent training standards to create a team that is as reliable as it is experienced. The IICRC requires continuing education as a part of their certification program, and technicians must be updated with the latest changes in the industry. From our Automated Management System (AMS) to the most modern techniques, Crystal Clear is here to provide a consistent level of quality with each of our highly trained employees, and our new certification is here to give you peace of mind.

    Safety-First Attitudes

    When it comes to property management, safety should always be the top priority – no exceptions. The IICRC focuses on safety first and foremost in all operations, requiring janitorial companies to maintain a high standard for all of their cleaning services. Every hazardous aspect of our carpet cleaning services must be addressed properly in accordance with industry standards to create a healthy environment for your employees and guests. You can focus on other aspects of your facility and leave the cleaning concerns to our experienced team. Each Crystal Clear team member is trained to find and address any potential safety hazards, ensuring that your building is safe at all times.

    Comprehensive Service Standards

    One of the biggest fears that many property managers have when hiring a commercial cleaning company is that their janitorial needs will not be fully addressed. That cleaning company that offered you a great price may be able to vacuum your floors and sanitize surfaces, yet they will be unable to assist if any repairs or major challenges arise. Our professional cleaners are able to provide a wide range of specialty services such as yard work, painting, pest control, and more. Our comprehensive list of cleaning services is backed up by our IICRC certification, making us your all-in-one source for property management services. You can rest assured that your facility will be taken care of to the best of our ability with facility sanitizing and carpet cleaning services that are as thorough as they are reliable.

    Improved Professional Relationships

    Working to achieve the high standard set forth by the IICRC enables Crystal Clear Enterprise to form working relationships with a wide range of professionals in the industry. As an IICRC-certified commercial cleaning company, we have access to information and support from a wide range of manufacturers of cleaning products, fabrics, furnishings, and more. This advantage helps us to provide even more thorough cleaning services without the high stress and costs of figuring it out with professional help. The IICRC holds a lot of weight in this industry, and hiring a cleaning company with this certification ensures that you are receiving the best outcome in regards to maintenance standards and warranty requirements.

    Building a foundation of trust is important in any professional relationship, which is why Crystal Clear Enterprise is dedicated to forming quality relationships with all of our clients. Our IICRC certification is a landmark measure of our dedication to industry standards, delivering the best carpet cleaning services to Kansas City businesses. Contact us today to learn more!

  7. The Differences Between Residential And Commercial Carpet Cleaning Part 2

    As a property manager, you’re expected to organize and manage all facility services to create a happy, healthy environment for your employees and guests. It’s important to maintain a clean building, and doing as such requires the help of a commercial cleaning company that has the tools and training to create optimal results. Reliability and thoroughness are required for long-term cleanliness, and investing in services such as professional carpet cleaning can help to maintain a clean appearance for your property every day of the year. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to serve as your source for janitorial and carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. For more than two decades, our trained and certified janitorial staff has worked to set the standard for floor cleaning services and beyond, delivering amazing results everytime we set foot in the building.

    Commercial floor cleaning is provided to keep your property looking great for the long term, and it can help to improve the longevity of your flooring. One common occurrence we’ve seen in our 21 years of business is the confusion in differences between residential and commercial carpet needs. Today, we’ll continue to discuss these differences, as well as the value of working with our janitorial company in Kansas City. If you are here because you are looking for a professional cleaning crew, be sure to contact us for a quote!

    Differing Expectations

    The cost of commercial carpets over their residential counterparts is justified when you consider the level of traffic that your business can expect on a daily basis. Residential carpets are built to provide comfort while commercial-grade options are built to last, withstanding heavy use for years. While the fabrics in your home can last for years with optimal care, commercial varieties are expected to last a decade or more. It’s important to find the best commercial carpet cleaning services to ensure that your company’s floors look great and retain their allure for years to come.

    More Intensive Cleaning Requirements

    Maintaining your carpets will help to remove dirt and debris. If you do not regularly clean your carpets, this dirt can grind into the fabrics and cause damage. The primary way to preserve the quality of residential and commercial carpets is to vacuum, with homes often requiring cleaning every one to two weeks. Commercial carpets, on the other hand, experience a lot more traffic and take on a lot more dirt and grime. Professional cleaning services are often required much more frequently, with extensive deep cleaning measures typically done at least twice annually. Commercial carpets require much more intensive servicing to retain their aesthetics, requiring property managers to schedule services and maintenance regularly.

    More Advanced Equipment

    Investing in a quality cleaning service can yield great results for your business. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to deploy state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced methods to deliver the best possible results for each of our clients. We also utilize the best janitorial technology in the industry to ensure that your facility is comprehensively cleaned on a consistent basis. From last-minute customer requests to employee accountability measures, our Automated Management System (AMS) ensures that nothing is overlooked.

    Finding a Professional Cleaning Company

    No matter how well you manage your facility, the overall impression that people receive on your building will depend heavily on the property’s overall cleanliness. Hiring a commercial cleaning company that does not provide the very best services can cost you in more ways than one. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to provide Top Rated Local® janitorial services to Kansas businesses, utilizing the best training and the highest standards to deliver a superior outcome for each of our clients. We are now certified for our carpet cleaning services with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which works to set the highest standard for the cleaning industry.

    The carpets in your home are designed much differently from the ones throughout your business, and it’s important to find a carpet cleaning company that understands the differences to provide the best possible outcome. Since 1997, the Crystal Clear team has worked to provide unbeatable carpet cleaning services to Kansas City businesses, setting the highest standards that reflect the quality of our work. This outcome results in a clean, pristine facility that is sure to impress employees and guests alike. If you’re in need of professional floor cleaning services, janitorial services, or specialty work, be sure to contact us today for a quick and accurate quote!

  8. The Differences Between Residential And Commercial Carpet Cleaning Part 1

    When it comes to floor cleaning services for your business, you need a company that is effective and reliable enough to produce sparkling, sanitary floors throughout the facility. Failing to find a commercial cleaning company that can uphold a standard of excellence for the cleanliness of your facility can prove disastrous, from poor health for employees to poor first impressions by customers and clients. It pays to invest in professional carpet cleaning, and that’s where the Crystal Clear Enterprise team comes into play. For more than 20 years, our cleaning experts have worked diligently to create the best practices to optimize our results for your facility. Anyone in need of carpet cleaning services in Kansas City can benefit from our professional approach, delivering comprehensive outcomes that are sure to make you smile.

    One common problem we’ve seen in this industry is a lack of caring or concern for commercial floor cleaning services. Property owners think of their building’s carpets as the same as the ones at home, requiring little effort to maintain a clean appearance. Today, we’ll begin to look into a few differences between residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. When done, be sure to contact our quality cleaning company to receive a quote for your building!

    Different Builds for Different Purposes

    The purpose of your carpet will greatly determine its composition, with residential and business applications requiring very different properties to meet varying goals. Below are a few key differences in the makeup of carpets that can determine the scope of your cleaning plan:

    Comfort Levels

    Your workplace relies on utilitarian features to offer the best return for your investment. The homefront, on the other hand, typically places comfort as the top priority. Residential carpeting relies on a greater pile height to create a softer footfall for anyone traversing the surface. Carpet underlays are also focused on at home to create a resilient padding, absorbing sound while creating a luxurious surface that welcomes bare feet. The home is meant to serve as a sanctuary, and the loose-loop design of residential carpet helps to keep your floors comfy for the long haul.

    While comfort is important for commercial carpets, durability and performance takes the priority. This economical option focuses mainly on durability, assembling fibers in a way that provides the most protection from high levels of traffic. Often, designers will work to make their commercial carpets stylish and durable enough to remain stylish. Modern designs are placing an emphasis now on comfort to offer more benefits than what is standard for commercial flooring options. If you are expecting your company’s carpets to be as comfy as the ones in your home, though, prepare to be disappointed!

    Product Longevity

    While your home’s carpets are made to be plush and inviting, commercial carpet styles are designed with durability as the top priority. As we have stated, the high levels of foot traffic and heavier overall use of commercial carpets make strength and protection top priorities. The fabrics in your office will typically feature shorter pile heights, as longer varieties are more prone to being squished and damaged by foot traffic. Commercial carpets that go longer on the fiber length will lose their aesthetic perfection quickly, creating areas that look rough and worn-down. Residential carpets highlight these longer piles, creating more padding on top for your feet. The tradeoff, of course, being that home carpeting will wear out much quicker.

    The backing of your carpet will also determine its overall comfort and durability. Commercial styles are now featuring quality underlays that work to increase comfort and product longevity, resulting in ideal results for property owners. Reducing the strain that is put on your flooring will help to reduce the wear and tear.

    When it comes to the carpets gracing your floors, residential and commercial options will create vastly different cleaning needs. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by looking into the service differences of each industry and how they can affect your commercial carpet cleaning plan. If you are currently dealing with floors and surfaces that are soiled or inconsistently cleaned, be sure to reach out to the Crystal Clear team for assistance. Our industry experts have the experience and equipment needed to offer fast, effective results that minimize the downtime of your facility while optimizing the visual quality. Since 1997, we’ve dedicated our work toward providing top-notch carpet cleaning services to Kansas City businesses. Contact us today to receive or quote for your building!

  9. Previewing The Types Of Mold And How Our Carpet Cleaning Services Can Help

    As a property manager, you strive to maintain a facility that is neat, orderly, and full of productive individuals. From the break room to the boardroom, it’s essential to keep a pristine place to provide both a sterling first impression for guests and an ideal work environment for employees. One area that many people fret over is whether or not it is worth it to pay for professional carpet cleanings. Those in need of quality carpet cleaning services in Kansas City can benefit from making a call to Crystal Clear Enterprise. For 20 years, our commercial cleaning company has worked to set the standard for how professional janitorial services should be done. Anyone in need of a cleaning company can benefit from our comprehensive approach to facility care. Our highly trained technicians and modern technology ensures that you are more than satisfied with our services.

    Commercial carpet cleaning is needed to keep your facility in good condition. Unfortunately, larger facilities are more prone to moisture issues, which, when left unresolved, can grow into a major mold issue. Today, we’ll discuss the three groups that mold can fall into and the risks of each. If you’re worried about dampness in your facility, be sure to reach out to our professional cleaners today!

    Mold Varieties

    Unfortunately, these fungi grow en mass and then reproduce by releasing spores into the air. These spores can survive the worst conditions, remaining dormant until the conditions are just right for them to flourish. While there are thousands of types of mold that grow in businesses and homes across the nation, experts have divided mold varieties into three different categories:

    • Allergenic molds are commonplace in homes and businesses and are most harsh on people with allergies, as the name implies. While allergenic mold is not necessarily toxic for your health, people who are sensitive to allergies or have asthma can become miserable when exposed to these spores, especially if their immune systems are weakened. If you have a large number of inhabitants in your structure that are suffering from sneezing, runny noses, or watery eyes, there may be a mold problem.
    • Pathogenic molds are hazardous to humans because they are an infectionary form of mold. These molds can create havoc for sickly and healthy individuals alike, infecting them and possibly growing more mold internally. Once mold begins to develop in your body, the immune response will be drastic, possibly mimicking bacterial pneumonia. Serious intervention is required for anyone suffering from complications resulting from pathogenic mold issues.
    • Toxic molds are the most dangerous of categories, comprised of dangerous varieties that are known to release hazardous chemicals known as mycotoxins, which fungi use to colonize crops. Unfortunately, the limited research we do have on mycotoxins paints a grim picture. From neurological complications to cancer, the health risks of toxigenic molds are simply not worth the risk.

    Comprehensive Health Concerns

    Whether you’re dealing with minor allergies or serious immune problems, mold has been shown to create a wide range of issues for the human body. Nearly every facet of your body can be negatively affected, including:

    • Vascular problems, including blood vessel deterioration and tissue concerns.
    • Skin concerns, commonly consisting of rashes.
    • Urinary issues, with high levels of mold toxicity creating strain for your kidneys.
    • Digestive complications, including problems from vomiting to necrosis.
    • Neurological problems, including issues such as depression and migraines.
    • Respiratory concerns, which can exacerbate other issues.
    • Immunosuppression, possibly resulting in future complications.

    Fighting Mold

    Indoor mold is impossible to remove completely, but our commercial cleaning experts have the skills to mitigate concerns as much as is possible. Beyond our complete carpet services, the Crystal Clear team will be sure to solve the source of the mold issue in order to avoid future issues stemming from the source. By focusing on the building’s temperature, relative humidity, and airflow, we can fight moisture problems at the source to keep your facility clean and your guests and employees healthy.

    Fighting mold is essential for avoiding illness in your building. If not addressed properly, mold can grow and expand throughout your building, plaguing individuals through the ductwork and wreaking havoc on daily operations. Crystal Clear Enterprise’s carpet cleaning services for Kansas City businesses ensure that your property is optimally clean and ready to shine week-in and week-out. Contact us today to see what our commercial cleaning company can do for you!

  10. The Importance Of Minimizing VOCs With Your Commercial Cleaning Company

    As our previous blogs have stated, the air quality of your building is a deciding factor in production, especially where employee health is concerned. At the very least, your employees are spending eight hours in your building, with some individuals spending up to 90 percent of their lives indoors. It’s vital to keep the air that is circulating through your business clean and clear from any dangerous contaminants. One major concern comes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When these fairly common compounds are released into the air, the results on your employees and guests can be damaging. Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your Missouri business is one way to help fight airborne toxins. Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to offer the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses, focusing on high standards and stringent training to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

    Today, we’ll look deeper into VOCs and their impact on the workplace. When you’re ready to take action with professional cleaning services, be sure to contact Crystal Clear to learn more about our operations!

    Where do VOCs come from?

    As hazardous as they are, volatile organic compounds actually reside in a large number of everyday items. When you are working throughout the day, you are at risk for being bombarded by VOCs from:

    • Glues and adhesives
    • Cleaning chemicals
    • Carpeting
    • Scented products
    • Furniture
    • Paints and stains
    • Copiers and printers

    Individually these sources can be minor, but together these VOC sources can quickly create a hazard for your building’s inhabitants. Formaldehyde is one of the most prevalent compounds in use, which can create a very carcinogenic environment for your employees. This gas is commonly known for use in its liquid state as an embalming fluid, that disinfects and preserves bodies. While useful for deceased patrons and some glues found around the office, the negative effects can quickly become apparent in your office.

    The Dangers of VOCs

    High levels of these compounds can create a plethora of problems for people, ranging from throat discomfort to nausea to kidney damage and more. Concentrated VOCs have been tested on animals, only to find that they are cancer causing. The carcinogenic effects of these compounds is a major concern, as concentrated exposures in the workplace can be very damaging. While the symptoms of high VOC exposure vary, many people report headaches, eye irritation, excessive fatigue, and generally feeling sick.

    The gas composition of VOCs make humans very susceptible to exposure. You can easily surpass the level of safe exposure by inhaling VOCs, swallowing them, or touching them. One theory on exposure states that we can absorb a certain amount of toxins as a whole, but too much can lead to illness.

    Minimizing VOCs

    While keeping your building’s air quality safe is a difficult task, it can be done. By removing VOC sources and effectively sealing materials, you can help to reduce the airborne concentration of these compounds. Cleaning agents, paints, and other chemicals are major contributors to the problem and should be minimized as much as possible. Proper usage and mixing of these chemicals is necessary, as disregarding label precautions can be very dangerous! Another effective measure in the fight against VOCs is by bringing in fresh air via an effective ventilation system. An influx of air circulating in your building will help to minimize the concentration of toxins in certain areas, reducing the dangers for inhabitants. It can help to think of this practice as the same as when you use spray paint outdoors, where fresh air helps to minimize nausea and headaches.

    Hiring an office cleaning company with a focus on responsible cleaning products is one way to help minimize the dangers. Professional cleaning companies, including Crystal Clear, use green cleaning supplies in order to provide safe, effective results. By checking the labels on every cleaning product, you can help to ensure that hazardous toxins are not being released into the air.

    Taking the proper precautions can help to minimize the VOCs in your building. These troublesome carcinogens can be hard to source and control, making the task a perfect fit for professional cleaners. Crystal Clear is here to provide the best janitorial services to your Kansas City business by delivering fast, effective results that will help your building shine. Since 1997, our commercial cleaning experts have striven to hone the practice and create a service that cannot be beat by the competitors. Contact us today to learn more or to see how we can improve the air quality in your office!