1. Boost Your Bottom Line With Professional Janitorial Services

    These days, businesses of all types strive to maintain a clean, professional appearance in order to impress customers and keep employees satisfied with the conditions of their work environment. Appearances are everything in this modern marketplace, making it essential for you to ensure your facility is cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Many companies understand the value of commercial cleaning services, but opt out of high-quality options due to the cost or inconvenience. If you’re worried about the price tag attached to your office cleaning needs, keep reading this post to learn about how our janitorial services can boost your bottom line!

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to provide high-quality janitorial services across Kansas City, relying on our proven process, training, and cleaning experts to get the job done right. We’re confident that we can provide a personalized approach that affordably meets your facility needs. We’re proud to be your partner in commercial cleaning, and will provide the best services possible. Learn more about how our services can boost your bottom line before contacting us for an estimate for your building!

    Proper Care Increases Product Longevity

    Overhead is a common phrase in the business world, as entrepreneurs try to reduce their operating costs in order to boost their bottom line. It’s hard to measure fully the worth of janitorial services when it comes to material longevity, but studies have shown that regular care (per manufacturer instructions) can drastically increase the beauty and effectiveness of your surfaces. Managers and business owners who neglect to clean their floors and other key areas can expect diminishing returns, as dust, grit, and other abrasive contaminants are left behind to wear down the protective layer. What results is a surface that does not shine, and one that may require replacement before its expected end date.

    Hiring commercial cleaning services through a professional company such as Crystal Clear can help to maintain your investments and protect them for the best returns. It’s important to remember that working with a janitorial company can help to maximize your returns while staying within your warranty. Contact us to learn more!

    Healthy Employees are Happy Employees

    Employee downtime can prove problematic, especially if it’s due to the conditions of your facility. Sick employees do not perform as well, and will likely make more mistakes, as well as put customers and other workers in danger of becoming sick. Beyond the heavy use of sick time, your bottom line can also see a dip.

    Quality cleaning services can help to sanitize, sweep, and disinfect your entire building, reducing the likelihood that harmful bacteria will come into contact with others. Increase accuracy, reduce employee downtime, and more by developing a quality care plan with the Crystal Clear team!

    Customers Trust and Enjoy Cleanliness

    Many people do not realize how impactful an unclean restroom or untidy reception can be on their bottom line. Consumers are often hyper-sensitive about any warning flags pertaining to your products and services, and can unconsciously hold onto any negative experiences for a long time. Even if their experience was 90% positive, that remaining 10% has the potential to ruin the positive experience for your customers, and increase the likelihood of those customers never coming back!

    Much like the quality of your website design, the cleanliness of your facility can help to establish trust with your consumers. If you care enough to care for your building, the chances are higher that you’ll care about your customers and product quality. Consumers who do not enjoy the mess your building has in store will likely tell their family and friends. In this sense, utilizing professional cleaning services will not only increase sales, but also reduces negative experiences to ensure your facility isn’t hurting business!

    Need Commercial Cleaning Services?

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide crystal-clear results for your business. Since 1997, we’ve worked to provide Top Rated Local® janitorial services across Kansas City, personalizing our approach for each property to ensure the best results. We understand how important a clean facility is for your bottom line, and will focus on creating the best returns for your investment.

    Ready to get started? Contact us online to learn more, and be sure to fill out our form for service. We look forward to working with you!

  2. Are Dirty Floors Hurting Your Business? We Discuss 5 Potential Problems

    From hotels to hospitals, stadiums to storage facilities, the floor system that supports a business must be cared for in order to provide the best results. A spotless floor can provide a range of benefits, while a neglected surface can result in a range of unwanted drawbacks. If the floors that comprise your building are starting to look worse for the wear, now may be the time to consider investing in or replacing your current commercial cleaning company.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise of Kansas City is here to provide the cleanest floors to businesses across various industries. Floors are often the most neglected surface in any building, which is why our floor cleaning technicians work to create personalized care plans to avoid the negative results mentioned below. Ready to get started? Contact us online to see how affordable our janitorial services can be!

    Poor First Impressions

    Curb appeal can be everything for businesses. Whether you’re selling new phone cases or you are providing dental care, it’s essential to provide a setting that is safe and comforting. Dirty, dingy floors can do much to harm your company’s reputation. Companies that provide an ideal product or service may run into problems if their guests, customers, suppliers, or vendors come in on a regular basis and observe unclean conditions.

    It is essential to create a shining first impression for your business. Even if you invest in complete floor cleaning services, customers can still recall the previous state of your floor system and associate that with your company’s quality. It pays to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to curb appeal

    Negative Impacts on Personnel

    Commercial carpet cleaning is one of the best investments a company can make. Why? Because dirty floors can directly impact the health of your employees. Unclean floors harbor more germs and bacteria, increasing the likelihood that you or someone in your building will come down with an illness. Dirt, grime, and other contaminants can all provide an ideal environment for unhealthy organisms to multiply and thrive, which will likely increase the number of sick days being taken at your establishment.

    Over the years, our commercial cleaning company has seen a wide range of facilities, and we can tell you that a clean floor is well worth the effort each and every time. Our team specializes in floor care such as carpet cleaning services, and we’re ready to create a personalized plan that best covers your facility’s cleaning needs. Contact us now to learn more!

    Less Productivity

    Companies have a responsibility to provide clean, sanitized floors for their employees and guests. The phrase “sick building syndrome” can be applied to facilities with neglected floors, where the high presence of bacteria creates a higher level of illness amongst employees. Regardless of the symptoms, most experts point to the overall cleanliness and air quality of a building to help reduce the likelihood of spreading germs.

    When it comes to dirty floors at work, your employees may need to spend more time at home recuperating. Increased sick time can cost a company thousands in productivity over a calendar year! Professional cleaning services can help to clear the grime from your floors, increasing the overall quality of the building both physically and aesthetically. Clean floors will also motivate employees to perform better when compared to those working in unclean conditions.

    Reduced Surface Lifespans

    One key aspect to consider over the lifespan of your floor is its cleanliness. This is because clean floors perform better and last longer, period. At the least, the buildup of dirt and dust will create a fine layer of friction, as tiny grit is stepped on and pushed into the surface. Once the protective finish of commercial flooring is worn down, harmful chemicals and unsightly stains have a way to saturate the surface and cause future headaches.

    Similarly to ignoring the “Check Engine” light in your vehicle’s dash, neglecting the cleanliness of your floors will only worsen the results. Professional floor cleaning services performed by a local janitorial company can provide the long-term care that ensures your floors are shining and protected for years to come.

    Unsafe Environments

    Unclean floors can present a range of hazards when it comes to commercial applications. From a safety standpoint, unkempt floors can create more tripping hazards, increasing the likelihood that some will fall on your property. Uncleaned spills and other leaks can also create a slipping hazard, further increasing the danger. Health facilities, in particular, will need to pay close attention to the state of their floors, as unsanitary conditions can put employees and patients in danger.

    Ready for Your Business to Shine?

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to serve as your trusted janitorial company, providing surface and carpet cleaning services across Kansas City since 1997. Our floor cleaning services rely on the most qualified personnel and the best quality control programs to ensure your facility benefits from consistently high-quality results. Contact us online for your free estimate!

  3. The Crystal Clear Team Explains Differences Between Commercial Cleaning And Janitorial Services

    As a facility manager, you are likely always on the lookout for the best ways to keep your facility clean. It is essential to find a commercial cleaning company that can provide a full array of office cleaning services on a thorough and reliable basis in order to keep your building pristine and ready for future business. Depending on your facility, you will likely require a unique combination of cleaning services to provide a complete shine, and Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to help every step of the way.

    Our commercial cleaning company is proud to deliver the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses and beyond, deploying our experienced teams and modern technology to ensure you are satisfied with the results. While we are happy to provide complete facility care in a professional manner, we often receive inquiries about the difference between regular janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. Today, we’ll explain a few differences between each term, as well as the quality provided by our professional janitors.

    If you’re in need of complete facility care, be sure to contact our team to see how we can provide affordable, reliable, and eco-friendly outcomes!

    Janitorial Services

    Regular cleaning duties are required for facilities of all types across every industry to create a sparkling shine that promotes building health for employees and sterling first impressions for customers. Based on the size and density of your structure, regular janitorial services can be utilized on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis to ensure complete coverage. Often considered light duty when compared to commercial cleaning, this type of service tends to focus on the regular maintenance side of things. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide high-quality office cleaning services, including:

    • Trash removal
    • Dusting, wiping down services
    • Vacuuming where needed
    • Floor cleaning
    • Disinfecting high-traffic areas
    • Regular care for bathrooms, breakrooms, and more

    Commercial Cleaning Services

    Beyond the regular care provided by your janitorial staff, commercial cleaning can help to provide more intensive services that are not needed on a regular basis. This inventory of cleaning can expand to cover nearly aspect of your facility, including:

    • Power-washing dirty surfaces. After heavy use, many exterior surfaces can benefit from high-pressure washing services.
    • Window washing services. Professional window cleaners can help to create a clear shine that will improve the overall cleanliness of your facility.
    • Upholstery cleaning. Furniture and fabric surfaces can come into contact with a lot of dirt and grime. Our team can clean your upholstery for a fresh outcome.
    • Complete tile cleaning. Semi-regular tile and grout cleaning services can help to keep your rigid surfaces looking bright and welcoming.
    • Commercial carpet cleaning. Regular carpet care can help to elongate the beauty and life expectancy of your commercial floors.
    • Painting. Old, drab finishes can leave your place looking out of date. Our team will be happy to deliver painting services to create a fresh new look.
    • Facility pest control. Rodents and other pests can severely impact the sanitation of your building. We can help to deploy control measures to keep your facility clean and clear.
    • Replacement of burned out lights. Dark areas can severely hamper the comfort and safety of a commercial building.
    • Light building maintenance. Minor repairs, maintenance of building components, and other services can all be scheduled to take care of any unique problems your facility is experiencing.

    Businesses of all types will often depend on a commercial cleaning company for specialty services, but leave the regular cleaning duties to their janitorial staff. Crystal Clear Enterprise is happy to serve as your complete resource for janitorial services in Kansas City, and our professionals can deliver complete results to care for every facility need. Contact us today for complete assistance!

  4. Looking For A New Cleaning Company This Holiday Season? Crystal Clear Is Here To Help!

    The holidays are here already, and many business owners across Missouri are scrambling to find professional cleaning services that can handle both the influx of holiday traffic and the long-term demands of their facility. Commercial cleaning companies come in all styles and sizes, each offering a promise of quality that often is never delivered. Between your holiday party and the buzz of the new year, your office may be looking a more cluttered and a lot less professional. If you are currently searching for the best office cleaning solution (and who isn’t?), Crystal Clear Enterprise is here and ready to get to work.

    We are proud to be among the top cleaning companies across Missouri, and our consistently qualitative results ensure that our clients come back for years of service. By putting the best technology into the hands of the most qualified janitors, our team is ready to provide complete results that you will have to see to believe.

    Looking for a commercial cleaning crew that can deliver the ideal services for your exact needs? Be sure to learn about our top cleaning services below before calling today!

    Complete Janitorial Services

    Our team relies on the best training and technology in the business to provide unbeatable janitorial services to businesses across Kansas City. Crystal Clear is here to provide clear results for your business, establishing a personalized plan that addresses all of your facility needs in an effective, affordable manner. Our highly trained custodians are prompt, reliable, and friendly, delivering an ideal experience that will have you relying on us for long-term results.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide a complete clean from the top down. Dusting, washing windows, cleaning surfaces, and caring for upholstery can all help to create a lasting shine that strengthens the strength and professionalism of your brand. Guests, customers, and business partners will all draw conclusions of your company based on the structure’s interior, and dusty, cluttered spaces can do much to harm your image!

    Contact us today to learn about our complete approach for office cleaning services. We look forward to helping you!

    Comprehensive Floor Care

    Commercial flooring comes in a variety of materials and can undergo intense levels of wear and tear throughout the course of a week. Our office cleaning services can include a comprehensive floor care plan that provides a lasting shine for your business, increasing the aesthetics of your building while protecting your floors for the long haul. We can strip, wax, buff, rinse, clean, and recoat any hard surfaces, and we can work with you to personalize a care plan for every square foot of your floor space.

    We also provide complete carpet cleaning to provide a healthy, beautiful result for the fabrics in your building. Crystal Clear Enterprise proudly provides personalized services to match your business demands, whether you have a minor site with few visitors or a campus full of individuals.

    Specialty Services

    Crystal Clear provides more than simple janitorial services — we strive to be your complete source for facility care. Our commercial cleaners can work with you to develop a plan for any specialty services you need, including:

    • Painting services
    • Lawn care
    • Light maintenance work
    • Overhead light cleaning
    • Restroom sanitation
    • Construction clean-up
    • Much more!

    Regardless of your facility’s unique needs, the Crystal Clear team is here and ready to help. Call us now to see if we can address all of your concerns!

    All-Natural Cleaning Products and Equipment

    One major concern that has worried many business owners is the safety and environmental impact of cleaning chemicals used in their facility. Scheduling office cleaning services before the big holiday party can produce a sparkling shine, yet the fresh, clean scent may prove to be overpowering. Crystal Clear proudly utilizes products and materials from JSI Supply, an eco-friendly supplier that focuses on green solutions that are as safe as they are effective.

    Modern Technology

    Beyond our professional staff and top-notch training, Crystal Clear also relies on the best technology to enhance our customer experience. Our focus on cutting-edge equipment ensures that we are in communication with you at all times, allowing you to input special requests or receive answers at any time through your designated site manager. We use our technology to focus on four key components to deliver the best results for your facility:

    • Time and attendance
    • Incident trackers
    • Project schedule
    • Quality control

    Each program works seamlessly within our Automated Management System (AMS) to provide fast, accurate data for you as the client. Every service will be completed on-time in a reliable manner, delivering peace of mind that your facility will be sparkling clean throughout the holiday season.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide a clear edge with our janitorial services across Kansas City. Since 1997, our commercial cleaning company has worked to set the standard for high-quality office cleaning services. If you are ready to learn about the advantages provided by our customer-first approach, feel free to contact us today!

  5. The Quality Measures Behind Our Commercial Cleaning Services

    These days, businesses seem to be inundated with commercial cleaning companies claiming to offer the best results at an unbelievable price. Unfortunately, anyone with a van and a vacuum can seem to make a good impression, making it essential for you to find a professional cleaning team that can provide results that exceed your expectations. Businesses across Kansas City rely on clean outcomes to deliver an amazing appearance for their customers and employees. If you are here because your current cleaning company is not meeting your expectations, Crystal Clear Enterprise is here and happy to help!

    Since 1997, our commercial cleaning gurus have worked to deliver the best practices in the industry, honing our skills and creating lifelong partnerships in the process. Today, we’ll look more closely at our customer-first approach to cleaning. Be sure to contact us when you are finished reading to learn more and to receive a fast, free quote for your facility!

    Our Approach To Exceptional Customer Service

    For years, our professional cleaners have worked diligently to provide the absolute best outcome to all of our clients across Kansas City. We understand that investing in janitorial services is a big undertaking, and will work diligently to create a personalized cleaning plan that best fits your facility’s needs.

    If you are wondering, “Why choose Crystal Clear Enterprise?” the answer is simple — We put the customer first. A few points we’re proud to focus on include:

    • Open communication. We provide open lines of communication at all times in case you need something. Our commercial cleaners will take the time to work with you every step of the way, explaining our process and recommended actions.
    • Quick responses. Emergencies can happen, and when they do, our professional cleaning company will step up and get to work. We will also show up on-time for appointments to ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Availability and comprehensive services. Our team is here and happy to provide the best janitorial services at all levels. If you have a need or concern, simply reach out to your account’s manager, and we’ll get started.
    • Permanent results. Instead of applying a short-term solution, our team will work to enact effective and long-lasting answers that benefit your facility in the long run.
    • Complete service. Nobody likes to call multiple vendors for similar tasks, so why hire multiple companies to care for your facility? Crystal Clear is here to deliver comprehensive support, from floor care to office cleaning services, painting, and more.
    • Complete satisfaction. Ultimately, our customer’s satisfaction will be the ultimate measurement of our skills as a cleaning company. We will not rest until you are happy with the results!

    Quality Control Measurements

    One problem that seems to occur often enough with office cleaning services is a lack of consistency. Your regular cleaning crew may do a great job, yet the other team that sometimes covers your site routinely fails to clean the facility to your satisfaction. As your provider of top-rated janitorial services across Kansas City, Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to deliver the highest level of quality at all times. Part of our program includes non-routine facility inspections to ensure our teams are upholding the values and standards that have made us so successful.

    Crystal Clear deploys a wide range of forms and reports to ensure that our services are held to the highest standard. Our experts will complete a comprehensive assessment of your facility, as well as provide you with Quality Control forms for future issues. You will also receive a pass/fail report for every area in your building to create a clear picture of how to proceed.

    Our team is here and ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about the quality behind our janitorial services, and be sure to ask our Kansas City pros for your estimate!

  6. The Value Of Professional Restroom Cleaning Services For Your Business

    While many businesses across Missouri know the value of maintaining a clean and welcoming restroom, few fail to take the proper measures to ensure that their customers receive an ideal experience on each and every visit. If you are a property manager who is considering hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your restrooms on a regular basis, it can help to understand how vital this aspect of your business is in making a good impression on guests, clients, and employees.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to serve as your trusted source for janitorial services across Kansas City, delivering ideal outcomes for clients of all sizes across many industries. Regardless of your business model, the value of a clean bathroom cannot be understated. Today, we’ll discuss a few benefits of restroom cleaning services from a reputable janitorial company, as well as the advantage offered by our professionals. Contact us today to learn more about

    Clean Restrooms Make Big Impressions

    Customers, clients, and guests will leave your establishment with a lasting impression based on a few key factors, and the bathrooms and their cleanliness will play a major role. Studies and surveys have both shown that dirty restrooms leave a lasting impression on customers, more so than many of the positive services mentioned. You work hard to create a favorable image for your business, and hiring professional cleaning services for your restrooms will help to deliver with a complete state of cleanliness. Failing to do so can hurt your business, as a majority of participants in the studies mentioned believed that poor restroom sanitation could be directly correlated with bad management styles.

    Our commercial cleaning experts will deliver comprehensive and consistent janitorial services for your Kansas City establishment. For years, our experts have invested in the best technology and training to ensure we have the best in the business on our team. We understand how vital restroom cleaning services are for the lasting impression of your business, and will deliver day-in and day-out for sterling impressions.

    Comprehensive Cleaning Is Standard

    While tasking your personnel with office cleaning duties can be a cost-effective strategy in the short term, keep in mind that your in-house team will only be able to perform to the best of their training. Oftentimes, this includes the reachable surfaces and hot-spot areas in need. Managers who invest in the help of a certified commercial cleaning company can expect a complete shine from the top down. As opposed to standard cleaning, our professional team will be able to mop, polish, repair, and shine every aspect of your restroom. We have experience in providing Top Rated Local®  janitorial services across Kansas City and understand how to quickly and efficiently clean every surface.

    Saving Time and Effort

    One of the biggest benefits for your team, when you bring on professional cleaning services, is the time and energy saved on tasks that are not conducive toward the company’s bottom line. In most cases, employees take on specialized tasks, making their efforts very valuable. Most workers will be more focused on getting back to work, possibly neglecting essential cleaning measures. Professional cleaners can deliver complete shines and peace of mind week after week. Be sure to consider the potential loss of productivity against the cost of office cleaning services, and contact our team to see how the numbers stack up!

    Code-Compliant Outcomes

    In many industries, regulations dictate the cleanliness required for every space within the building. Your restrooms may fall under code restrictions, health codes, and other rules that enforce a standard for cleanliness. In these cases, it is almost essential to hire professional janitorial services to get the job done! Even if you do not have additional directives for your restroom cleaning services, it pays to bring on a cost-effective cleaning company that can deliver complete sanitation. By minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria, your building will likely see fewer employee call-ins for health reasons.

    Regular Maintenance

    One big advantage to hiring professionals for your commercial cleaning needs is that you will have a group of professionals consistently on your property, ensuring that every element of your bathroom is in order. Our team is trained to keep an eye out for any problems, rectifying minor issues before they grow into expensive emergencies. Continual upkeep can help to provide consistently clean results, playing a major role in the impression everyone will receive after visiting your building. We can work with you to personalize a restroom cleaning plan to cover every important element of your business’ aesthetics. A clean, well-kept bathroom will do wonders for owners trying to impress their clientele!

    Guaranteed Support

    From regular commercial cleaning services to emergency janitorial responses, it pays to have a professional on your team. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to deliver complete cleaning services for all of your property’s needs, from floor care plans and carpet cleaning to painting, lawn care, and more. We understand the complex needs of businesses across many industries, and will work with you to ensure an affordable and comprehensive outcome for your property’s restrooms. Worried we can’t cover your facility’s needs? Give us a call to see if our janitorial experts can deliver the best solutions for your budget.

    For years, our team has worked to deliver the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses, delivering consistent outcomes for clients of all sizes. Contact us today to see how we can provide the best restroom cleaning services for your building!

  7. Utilizing Technology To Optimize Our Janitorial Services in Kansas City Part 2

    When it comes to optimizing your facility and its overall cleanliness, chances are that you are seeking commercial cleaning services that are reliable, versatile, and affordable. Modern advances in technology and training have raised the bar for how office cleaning services should be handled, and it often falls on the property manager to find and hire the best commercial cleaning company in their area. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to supply your Top Rated Local® janitorial services to the Kansas City area, delivering quality with every task to Missouri businesses. Our dedication to accuracy and consistency ensure that our customers receive the best possible outcome. Professional cleaning services should be seen as an investment, or a tool that helps your business shine while minimizing issues and reducing overhead costs.

    Every task we take on is done with the best training and technology in the industry. Today, we’ll continue to look at the advantages that our modern cleaning technology can bring your business, as well as the importance of receiving the most beneficial outcome with every dollar spent. If your facility is in need of office cleaning services, be sure to contact the professionals at Crystal Clear!

    In-Depth Analysis

    Giving our supervisors the ability to monitor their sites in a comprehensive format helps to ensure that our clients are never at a disadvantage when it comes to negative patterns and damaging practices. While incidents and requests are handled in an accurate, efficient manner, it’s equally important to be able to utilize large-scale planning and raw data to hone operations for better efficiency and safety in the future. Crystal Clear’s project scheduler schedules and monitors every facility task to ensure that everything is done correctly and on time. All processes done on-site will also be actively monitored to ensure airtight contract compliance with each of our clients.

    Projecting future outcomes is one handy way of working with our clients to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. Each supervisor is equipped with our modern technology to populate and print the projected forecast for our customers to keep everyone in line with where their facility is at. Any areas that are lacking in efficiency will be analyzed and a strategy will be brought to the property manager for how to best rectify the problem. Solving small-scale inefficiencies will add up to great benefits for your business in the long run!

    Complete Quality Control

    Managing and ensuring quality is what helps make us an authority in janitorial services. We make sure each site has its own unique inspection forms that conform to the facility’s requirements, as well as our own. Quality checks are done by an inspector to ensure that every area of your building meets our rigorous standards. Each task and area are reviewed, and if any shortcomings are discovered, a correction procedure is tasked to the site’s supervisor for fast and effective changes. This audit essentially checks every aspect of your facility’s cleaning program to ensure that each area and task are up to code.

    Our dedication to quality control doesn’t stop at internal audits. Crystal Clear proudly provides clients with quality control forms to ensure that our customers have the chance to speak up if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of the property. This is done to hold our employees to the highest standards for office cleaning, where no shortcuts will be tolerated.

    Quality from the Ground Up

    All of our technology would be futile without a team of highly trained individuals that work to improve operations and optimize training on a daily basis. By investing in our janitorial specialists, we are able to deliver services that are complete, consistent, and cost-effective. Modern technology helps us to optimize our operations, yet this tech is unmatched by the value brought by our cleaning experts.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is proud to provide quality and pride to each of our customer’s facilities. From comprehensive carpet cleaning to maintenance and even lawn care, our commercial cleaning company is here to do it all! For more than two decades, Crystal Clear has provided top-tier janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. Our focus on delivering the highest in quality has helped to make us a top choice in Missouri. Contact us today to see how we can help your office shine!

  8. Keep Your Business Fresh With Our Kansas City Painting Services

    Most business owners or managers are looking for an effective way to improve the aesthetics of their organization. With two decades of experience providing janitorial services to Kansas City businesses, Crystal Clear Enterprise has seen it all. Beyond our regular professional cleaning services, we also specialize in a plethora of specialty jobs as well. While professional office cleaning services can greatly benefit your company’s safety and operations, it often isn’t enough in the long run. This can be especially true for businesses with outdated, fading paint jobs. Today, we’ll look at the benefits of painting your building or office and why you should trust the job to Crystal Clear!


    • Better morale. One developing theme that our blogs focus on is the increased productivity that comes from cleaner, brighter working environments. Employees who come to work at a grimy, dingy establishment will tend to be uncomfortable and therefore less productive. Bringing our commercial cleaning company in to paint can instantly boost the moods and feelings of your employees. When everyone is in a better mood, the overall result is nothing but positive!
    • Sharper appearance. In any highly competitive industry, it’s important to stand out and hold an edge over your competition. A clean, bright paint job can do much to benefit your business. Clients and customers will think more highly of a company that puts the effort in to maintain a clean, comfortable facility. First impressions do hold lasting implications, so it’s important to spruce up those dreary walls. Putting on a fresh coat of expertly chosen paint can tell clients that your business is both professional and meticulous. When you compare it to the impressions brought on by crumbling, dilapidated walls, it’s obvious that our painting services are well worth the effort!
    • Increased value. While most businesses think first of the cost of painting their office, they rarely consider the value that new paint can provide. Taking care of your building and commissioning painting along with regular office cleanings will go a long ways in extending the longevity of your structure. When you factor in the increased value of having a clean, quality facility, it’s easy to see why lots of businesses go through the process of repainting their buildings.
    • Convenience. Our team will focus on the task at hand while minimizing the inconvenience on your operations. With a focus on quality and timeliness, Crystal Clear will work hard to get everything done as quickly and as cleanly as possible. Our janitorial company has the experience and tools to provide top-quality painting options along with our commercial cleaning services. Keep your business going strong while we worry about the logistics and efforts required for a quality paint job. While not directly measurable, this convenience can be seen as the culmination of benefits, all of which equate to a more successful business.

    Crystal Clear Enterprise is your source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City and beyond. Our professional cleaning services are unmatched by competitors and our commitment to customer satisfaction puts us at the top. Painting your office every few years or as needed can do much to benefit the overall operations of the company. If you’re looking for any of our specialty or janitorial services, feel free to contact us today to learn more!

  9. Lawn Services From Your Commercial Cleaning Company Part 2

    First impressions are important. When it comes to a business trying to impress clients or customers, that first experience can make or break your company’s image. Avoid hurting business by hiring on a commercial cleaning company for all of your janitorial needs. Crystal Clear Enterprises specializes in providing comprehensive janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. With two decades in the commercial cleaning business, we have the knowledge and know-how to optimize the cleanliness of your business. We’ll keep everything looking sharp to match the attitude of your prestigious business!


    Last week, we covered a few lawn service benefits that can produce favorable results for your company. Today, we’ll look at a few more positive aspects that can make our commercial cleaning services worth every penny!


    cce_prolawncare_blog2_innerimageSafety Supplementation


    While not commonly considered, the safety of employees and clients is a top priority for any business owner. If your landscaping is neglected, hidden hazards can make themselves known at very inopportune times. Hiring on professional help can aid in finding and eliminating any environmental hazards present on your property. This process can range from taking out tripping hazards to neutralizing wasp issues. First impressions in business are vital, and keeping your customers safe will play a big part in making the right impression!


    Economic Environmental Efficiency


    Implementing and maintaining grass can be a big contributor to the environmental health of your property. While this may sound like a sales pitch for sod, it’s important to note that grass can help in a number of ways, including:

    • Natural air conditioning. The grass around your building is a much better conductor of heat compared to soils, concrete, and asphalt. While this may not sound like breaking news, it is handy when summertime comes around and the heat is on.
    • Noise reduction. Compared to concrete and asphalt, grass offers much better sound dampening effects. When it comes to retaining focus and comfort for your employees, quieter is better!
    • All-around cleansing. Your lawn is actually quite useful for purifying our air quality, oxygen content, and water content. Grass works to capture dust and other pollutants that may be invading your air space. It also helps in taking in excess rain runoff, helping to keep the dirtier elements of our earth away from our water supply. Finally, grass is a steady producer of oxygen, which is one fact that all people should be thankful for!


    More Prolific Productivity


    Numerous studies have established that plant life is conducive for making humans feel better. This can equate to happier employees, which tend to produce more efficient employees. Increases in green outdoor space also provides a sanctuary for taking a break from the chaos of a normal business day. Stress reduction is a major factor in overall happiness. More oxygen and less air pollution also works in tandem to boost overall employee health. Healthier workers tend to show up and work, dually increasing productivity over businesses with neglected, dangerous landscaping. Investing in lawn care can be a wise purchase when you consider the numerous benefits of increasing productivity.


    Regardless of your company’s purpose, employee morale and health are at the center of success. One way to benefit all parties is to hire a company to perform professional cleaning services on the interior and exterior of your business. Keeping a well-maintained lawn can provide a plethora of benefits for most of our clients. Crystal Clear Enterprises was founded to provide the best janitorial services to Kansas City. Our commercial cleaning team is ready to show you why we’re a Top Rated Local® janitorial company. With over 20 years of experience, we’re ready to meet and exceed your high expectations. Contact us today to learn more and receive a competitive cleaning quote!

  10. Why Professional Window Cleaning is Going to Shine Your Business

    why-professional-window-cleaning-is-going-to-shine-your-business-pictureYes we know, this title is often overused, but there is a lot of truth to it. Clean windows make an impact, more so than most business owners are willing to accept. Think of it this way: would you do business with someone who has a sparkling workplace that smells nice and looks bright or prefer working with an office staff where grime lines the windows and the floor looks like it could use a good scrub?

    But then you might ask, why waste money on professional window cleaning or janitorial services? Because it is not wastage, but rather in investment that is more psychological than anything else. Here is how our professional cleaning services are different and how hiring quality janitorial services can help your Kansas City business.

    CostEffective Services

    The great thing about commercial cleaning services is that they are cost-effective and highly efficient. There are different cleaning service packages we offer that you can choose from according to the needs of your workplace. Our service providers will do routine cleanings based on the number of days you prefer. This way, you will not have to worry about the cleaning of the windows and floors; the service will take everything in their expert hands.

    Expert Cleaning Job

    They know the best products and tools to use for commercial cleaning needs. The janitorial services will ensure that not only does your office sparkle, but that all the things remain safe and hazard free. You won’t have to worry about any kind of chemical effects or allergic reactions.

    Saves Time

    Commercial cleaning saves time. If you hire an individual to do the job, they may bother you during office hours or you might be concerned about theft. With office cleaning service providers, you don’t have to worry about any kind of disruption, and you can be restassured that they handle work professionally, as they can easily be held liable for theft.

    So how does it impact your business revenue? Why should professional cleaning services leave any mark on your clients and customers? Here is the answer to that:

    It Leaves a Positive Impact

    The first thing people notice when they come to your office (whether it’s your clients or your employees) is not the services or products you supply, but what the place looks like. When you hire commercial cleaning services, our staff will make sure that your office is bright and welcoming at all times, and free of germs and disease.

    Creates an Enthusiastic Working Environment

    A workplace that is clean and hygienic is not only wonderful for the people who come to visit, but also for the employees working there. Studies show that employees are more likely to want to work for you and be more productive when they are provided with a cheerful ambiance and positive environment. This is what cleanliness can do for you when the sunshine emanates brightly from the windows and the air is fresh and clean.  

    Generates a Sense of Affirming Work Ethics

    Positivity originates from a workplace that is clean and healthylooking. This is what sunshine and a good view of the outside world can generate in your workplace. Try it and you will be surprised by the increased productivity at your office!

    Contact us today to see exactly how our janitorial services can benefit your Kansas City business!