1. Reasons Commercial Cleaning Services Are Superior to Staffing In-House Teams

    If you run a business or manage a workplace, you’re responsible for its cleanliness and maintenance. But keeping up with cleaning can be a headache for employers, even though it leads to increased productivity and less absenteeism.

    The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety stated that 17 million workers missed workdays due to the flu spreading around their workplace, resulting in approximately a $7 billion yearly loss. This demonstrates the importance of a clean workspace.

    In trying to solve this problem, a lot of employers make the mistake of hiring in-house staff instead of a dedicated company.


  2. Debunking the Myths about Carpet Cleaning

    Debunking the Myths about Carpet Cleaning picture 09052016

    Carpets are a huge investment. Therefore, it is quite understandable that you want them to look tiptop even after years. There are several misconceptions related to carpet cleaning that you may have come across. This blog aims to remove all the myths that dwell inside your head about carpet cleaning so that you are able to take safer and wiser decisions about your routinely maintenance practices.

    Myth # 1: Delay Cleaning the Carpets As Much As You Can

    People believe that if they clean the carpet frequently, it will smear its appearance. So, they tend to put off the task. But this is not the case; dirt to the carpets has the effect o sandpaper — it is abrasive. And to make matters worse, you do not even realize that you are making debris and dirt penetrate deeper when you stand upon it. Dirty carpets have a much shorter life span than the clean ones.

    Myth # 2: Ordinary Cleaners Are Just As Good As Professional Cleaners

    Most all-purpose mass carpet dirt and stain removers are manufactured to eliminate an assortment of stains like blood, ink, wine, oil, tea, and coffee stains. Because of this, they contain harsh and abrasive chemicals. These cleaners do manage to remove a variety of stains but they also cause discoloration to the fibers of the carpet. However, professional cleaners are formulated specifically according to the fiber of the carpet, and they are safer to use if you want to prolong the life of the carpet.

    Myth # 3: Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning is Harmful to the Carpets

    Dry cleaning is unable to remove all the dirt, grime and debris from the carpets which is detrimental to the carpet. If hot water extraction or steam cleaning is done accurately, it lifts off sand, dander and dirt particles quite effectively. Hot water does not shrink or damage the carpet at all if it is done properly and water is removed completely.

    Myth # 4: Carpets Only Need to Be Cleaning Only Because of Dirt

    No. You cannot be more wrong if you believe this to be true. Apart from dirt and dust, there are also too many air-borne contaminants that seek refuge in your carpets without your knowledge. Pollens, dust mites, bacteria, smoke particles — all are breeding deep inside the carpet alongside dirt. Because of these contaminants, if you have pre-existing allergies, they can worsen. Asthma, emphysema symptoms may get triggered if the carpets in your workplace or at home are not cleaned properly.

    If you are hiring a professional cleaning service to do the carpet cleaning job, select the company judiciously. This is because not all professional carpet cleaning companies offer the services. If you want your carpets to be cleaned thoroughly, you ought to consider a company that uses hot water extraction technique and has qualified technicians to do the job effectively.

  3. Whats Hiding In Your Carpet?


    As summer is coming to an end there are a lot of things to look forward to. Fall activities, the changing of the seasons, apple cider, the holidays, and of course, the common cold.

    Well, that last one we are not looking forward to, but we know it is about to rear its ugly head around the corner. There are many ways to help protect your employees from this pesky ailment; washing your hands, wiping down surfaces you touch every day, and believe it or not, cleaning your carpet. Many people wouldn’t think this would help, but it makes a huge difference! Not only does a carpet need to look clean and tidy, it has to embody the tidiness as well.

    According to Men’s health, Carpets are a bullseye for germs and bacteria. They say carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. That’s quite a statistic! Now that we are trying to process that startling information let’s put this all into perspective. How many people probably walk across the carpet of your business on a daily basis? That all depends on the size of the business, but it’s going to be enough to make a detrimental impact on the look and the health of your organization. Things like dust, germs, hair, dead skin cells, food, and much more are getting dragged in every day you take a step through those doors. With that being said you want this to be cleaned regularly, and that’s where the professionals need to step in.

    We at Crystal Clear have been in the speciality of carpets for almost 20 years so we know what goes in and must come out. We use the best cleaning techniques out there. We will go that extra mile to protect your workspace.


    Why you should use Crystal Clear:

    • Hot Water Extraction Services

      • This is going to heat up, kill, and destroy all those harmful things that have a made a home in your carpet. 


    • Economically Smart

      • Professional carpet cleaning is going to save you money in the long run. It will not only protect the carpet but it will also cut down the way bacteria travels which will (hopefully)decrease sick days from employees. You have a business to run and we understand that. 


    • Preventing Sickness

      • Getting all the bacteria, germs, and pollutants out of your carpet is going to help keep you healthier, and happier. We want to make sure you have the finest environment for you, and your employees. 

    Professional cleaning your carpet is just as vital as washing your hands. You want to take care of your organization the best way you can and we want to help. Crystal Clear is here with the knowledge, skill, and expertise to help keep your office looking good and feeling good. We have a lot of tips and tricks that set us above the rest. We know how important your corporation is and what steps we need to take to get your carpet clean and germ-free. The best time to clean your carpets is now! Give us a call and get a quote today!

  4. How Long to Dry?


    That when you have your carpet professionally cleaned it can take as little as one hour to dry — and, according to some reports, as long as THREE DAYS to dry?

    According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, the certifying body for professional carpet cleaners, carpet should take about six to eight hours to dry, and never longer than 24 hours to dry because after that amount of time, microbial growth (like mold and mildew) can begin to grow.

    No one wants that!

    This is why you need a complete carpet cleaning system that guarantees your carpet is dry fast. How fast? It depends on the carpet type you have and also the weather conditions the day you have your carpet cleaned.

    Sad to say, some experience really long drying times when they have their carpet cleaned. Who knows why this happens, except that it never should happen!

    One thing is for sure, having your carpet cleaned should be a pleasant experience and after it is clean, you should be able to get back onto the carpet and back to a normal family routine quickly. Some companies don’t have the powerful cleaning machines necessary for doing the best work, and some don’t have the training they should.

    When you have your carpet cleaned, or your furniture or hard floors like wood, granite, marble and all the different surfaces you may have, you deserve complete satisfaction and the best cleaning you will ever see.

    Remember: Clean and dry – that’s the goal! 

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  5. A Weekend Lost

    You work hard all week and look forward to the weekend, a time to relax and enjoy family and friends (but you still have to mow the grass!)

    But, sometime during the week, you look down. You aren’t happy with the condition of the carpet. So you make a decision to rent a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine from your local grocery store. That’s right… you are going to clean your own carpet. Your goal this weekend is to create a nice, fresh and clean carpet and enjoy a healthier home.

    Friday evening arrives. Off you go to your grocery store and you find yourself in front of a bunch of do-it-yourself cleaning machines and the various cleaning solutions available. There are products to put on the carpet before you clean it. There are products to put in the machine with the water. There are other types of products for all kinds of spots and stains. Still others for pet odors. You aren’t sure which ones you will need, so you grab a selection of them and take them to the front of the store to pay.

    At the register, while paying for the daily rental of the carpet cleaning machine, you discover the cost of all those cleaning products is about what you spend on food for the family for an entire week. But you aren’t deterred!  You are going to clean your carpet. Nothing will stop you.

    So you go home with all your cleaning stuff and get started. It takes all your Saturday and, sad to say, part of your Sunday as well. It’s backbreaking work. You had no idea what sweating was really like. Yet… it looks pretty good when you are done. The bad part is it takes a few days to dry and you yell at the kids to not walk on the carpet. Maybe you thought they could float over it?

    Within two weeks, though, the carpet starts to look worse than before it was cleaned. Uh oh… what happened?

    You didn’t call your carpet cleaning pro! You know, those who have the training and the very best equipment and cleaning solutions to get the job done right.

    Don’t ruin another weekend. Do the smart thing and hire a professional to do what he does best: Clean your carpet.

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    Crystal Clear Enterprise, Inc.

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