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With so many employees, a workplace is the easiest place to attract germs and illnesses. Although, every company does a background medical check for serious illnesses before hiring candidates, they are still prone to contracting diseases after they are hired. According to Dr. Aaseema Mugjenkar, the prevalence of illnesses in a workplace is highly dependent on the number of employees and the size of the workplace. If the workspace is small, with relatively more number of employees, their chances of falling sick will increase.

If you are working in a confined office space with poor ventilation and airflow, here are 5 common illnesses that you must stay aware of.

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Chronic Back Pain

Many factors can contribute to backache in the workplace such as sitting in a bad posture at your desk for long periods, a compressed nerve in your neck, suddenly bending in an awkward position and lifting objects that are 20% heavier than your body weight. A research study on the association between poor sitting posture and Lower back pain (LBP) found a direct relationship between both. Backache normally goes away itself without any medication, but it’s important to adopt healthy body postures and diet to keep it from happening.

Recurring Headaches

Employees who work continuously in front of computer screens are at a higher risk of experiencing stress-induced headaches, almost regularly because of eye strain. Headaches can also occur because of strained muscles in the neck, shoulders, jaw or face.

Stress-Related Illnesses

The increase in workplace competition, the quest for bonuses and achieving targets can be overwhelming for employees at some point. According to research, work-related stress may increase the number of applications for sick leaves. Excessive stress at workplace may not only cause backaches and headaches, but might also lead to heart diseases, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, restlessness, and eating disorders.

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Viral Flu or Influenza

Workspaces are normally confined and air-conditioned with no means of natural ventilation, which leaves them prone to spreading of contagious viruses like influenza. You may not even come in direct contact with the person who has flu, and you are still at a risk of getting the flu because everyone uses the same equipment in the workplace. Once you get the flu, healthcare experts recommend not going to the office for at least 24 hours or until you’re completely sure that your symptoms are gone.

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