Carpet cleaning seems like an easy task; a bit laborious but not too complicated, right?

Well, that isn’t so. When you hire a service for cleaning carpets at your commercial facility, the first question comes down to: which type of carpet cleaning would you prefer?

There are several different methods of carpet cleaning. While we help, our clients identify the method best for their facility, it’s useful to have some basic know-how.

So, let’s begin with a few methods and what they have to offer:

Hot water extraction/wet cleaning/steam cleaning

It is a widely used and recommended method. The carpet is initially preconditioned using a chemical reagent. It helps liquefy the soil as well as other oil-based substances hiding in between the carpet fibers.

Water heated to near boiling and pressurized is then injected over the carpet. Almost 10 to 15 minutes later, it is extracted using a vacuum.

This method is good to get soiling out of the carpet. It also allows using high pressure, temperature and chemical concentrates for proper cleaning.

It gives enough time so that the cleaning solvents can extract the filth out. Agitation further facilitates chemical reactivity.

Bonnet cleaning

It is used for light maintenance and routine cleaning. The carpet is vacuumed before spraying a chemical reagent with an electric sprayer or a hand pump.

The chemical can stay for some time to allow the reaction.

A bonnet or an absorbent pad is paced over a rotary floor machine, which is then spun over the carpet at a specific speed. It drives the chemical in the fibers and picks it back up with soil and dirt.

It is a simple, fast and inexpensive method, offering excellent results for lightly soiled carpets.

Rotary shampoo method

In order to help suspend dust and debris, comical agent is applied over the carpet surface. It is then whipped into foam, worked into fibers using the rotating brushes of a rotary machine and extracted using a vacuum.

It’s a simple and fast method where rotating brushes play an important role in providing agitation for cleaning. A little bit of moisture ensures fast carpet drying.

All these methods can be used, depending on how soiled a carpet is and how quickly you want it cleaned. Moreover, carpets in different office spacers may require you to employ different methods.

Call our experts for quick and effective office carpet cleaning. We offer all the above-stated methods, along with dry cleaning and low moisture carpet cleaning.

All our carpet cleaning services include a pre-clean, thorough cleaning and dry vacuuming. Check out more information about our services or dial 816 763 3353 for service requests.