Recent studies about ATMs having more germs than public toilets have captured people’s imagination. We are now becoming increasingly aware of the everyday items around us which we used to think were safe, but are actually very dirty. There are numerous places and things in offices that we use without a second thought. But you might hesitate next time you are around them, because here are the most germ infested regions within a typical workplace.


This one should be fairly obvious. With so many people using the same place to take care of their digestive and sanitary needs, it is no surprise that the toilets in bathrooms are filthy. But there are some very interesting dynamics to this truth due to our perception of the bathroom being the filthiest. For example, many people assume that the toilet seat is the dirtiest and are careful when using it. But they lower their guard when touching soap dispensers and faucet handles. The latter two are also infested with germs that one can easily pick up.

Moreover, our knowledge of the bathroom’s dirtiness makes us careful about using them. In fact, one is less likely to pick up germs from the bathroom than other places in this list. This is simply because people take extra sanitary measures when in the employee toilet.

9Office Material

The thing to understand about germs is that they are most commonly found on things that are shared by a group of people. There is a reason why we all don’t use the same cutlery and glasses when eating at a dinner table. Hence, these commonly used items are most prone to have germs on them:-

  • Doorknobs carry thousands of bacteria on them because of their near constant usage.
  • Equipment such as photocopiers and water dispensers.
  • Login contraptions such as punch-in machines or biometric scanners.

Elevators & Stairs8

Hundreds, possibly thousands of people use your office structure’s elevator every day. With so many individual hands pressing the buttons inside, as well as outside, the elevator buttons rapidly accumulate germs. It is safer for you to touch them indirectly, like with a pen, rather than how one would normally press them.

A similar problem exists with stairs. Dozens upon dozens of hands touch the handrail everyday and diseases can easily be communicated through them.

Places that are used by dozens, even hundreds or thousands, of people everyday are a near constant breeding ground for germs. Some of this stress can be alleviated be getting a commercial floor cleaning company to also sanitize some of these bacteria infested places. We are a commercial cleaning company in Kansas City and process specialized requests from clients. Our highly trained specialists are fully capable of eliminating germs from even the most tricky of places. Call us at (816) 763 3353 to learn more about our sanitary and janitorial services in Kansas City.