There was a time when you could only picture carpeted floors and upholstered furniture for commercial spaces. Millennials have taken commercial designing up a notch. What was once considered classic has now become fashionable!

For instance, tile and grout flooring was only used in high traffic areas. But these flooring options are now becoming increasingly commonplace. These are resistant to several issues that may ruin a carpet.

However, this doesn’t mean you should expect a long life for these floors without investing in proper cleaning and maintenance. At Crystal Clear, we make sure you have healthy looking floors in almost no time!

Cleaning tile and grout floors the Crystal Clear way!

Our cleaning processes ensure thorough dirt extraction, cleaning and protecting the tired-looking tiles. Proper cleaning helps eliminate the expense of floor replacement.

So, where does it begin? We start with a detailed inspection to determine the right cleaning procedure. Following this, our experienced staff uses high-tech equipment to clean the floor. We combine the equipment with advanced techniques so the best outcome can be achieved.

We recommend combining stripping and waxing with floor cleaning. This helps extract the dirt that is settled deep into grooves and cracks. Waxing can help restore the shine once the cleaning is done.

Traffic is an important factor when it comes to cleaning. You expect heavy traffic at certain times during the day and on some special occasions. This can leave some areas of the flooring more affected than others.

Moreover, spills and stains may appear more frequently in those times. They can quickly transform a beautifully designed floor into an unappealing, messy surface. Fret not; there’s nothing our technicians can’t take care of!

High pressure water and vacuuming is combined to suction the deeply set dirt. For an average sized room, the process will take 30 to 60 minutes. If your business has a large expanse of tiled floor, it will take more time.

Overall, the time required for effective tile and grout cleaning depends on the size of the area, amount of soil or dirt, and space configuration.

Conclusively, routine cleaning and maintenance can prevent damage beyond repair. It can restore the tiled floor to its original charm, leaving it sparkling anew.

For a gentle but thorough cleaning, hire our floor care services. Our tile and grout cleaning services are reputed and known throughout Kansas. Call us today at 816 763 3353 and see for yourself!