While you may not be paying attention to the floor beneath your feet, it works as a barometer by which visitors judge the cleanliness of your commercial space. It shapes the perceptions of your potential customers, partners and even employees.

Think about it: a dirty and dull floor will seldom attract a deal. It is important that you maintain a shiny finish. And no, this doesn’t mean recoating the floor time and again. You can maintain the bright finish with a few simple tricks, and create a lasting impression.

Place walk-off mats to keep the dust away

What’s the source of dust and debris? Every foot that enters the place! A walk-off mat at the entryway will keep dust at bay. It will also keep the floor dry. This will extend the life of your floor’s finish, while maintaining its polished look.

Make sure these mats are cleaned regularly too. Otherwise, the trapped dirt will escape to the surrounding areas.

Regular cleaning is necessary

A routine cleaning program can prevent damage by protecting the finish. Simple sweeping, dusting and mopping can do the trick. It will help get rid of soil and dirt that can potentially peel off the finish.

Once clean, the floors should be mopped to scrub off any particles left behind. Beware of overly wet mops though; they can leave floors wet and dirty. Also, there are cleaners after which the floors must be rinsed with water and then there are no-rinse products. We can help you choose!

Restore floor shine with buff or burnish

These process help restore the former gloss and shine by simply polishing the floor. A machine and a pad are used for this purpose.

Burnishing machines have rougher pads and higher rotation speeds. It’s more effective than low speed buffing. Frequency of these methods is often determined per the type of floor and maintenance schedules.

Scrub and recoat

If buffing and burnishing don’t help, you may want to go ahead with scrubbing and recoating. The amount of traffic in an area of facility will help determine how frequently floor finish needs to be recoated.

This must be carried out after a deep scrub and proper rinsing. Three to five layers must be applied for proper recoat. Thin coats evenly applied to the floor allow proper finish formation, improved durability and greater strength.

Restorative floor care services

These services can help you with darkened or yellowed floors. It can happen despite routine cleaning. There are various cleaning and maintenance methods that are used in combination to restore floor shine.

Our commercial floor cleaning services encompass an array of methods and deep cleaning procedures that help maintain your floor’s finish. Call us today to request our scrub and rinse services or design a personalized floor care regimen.