Picture Cleaner with Back Pack Vacuum Blog 05042016Outsourcing services for the periodic cleaning and maintenance of your organization to a commercial cleaning service is the best bet for you if you choose the right company from a pool of options. Referrals is one way to find a professional and qualified commercial cleaning service for your organization but still, you need to get the service checked on the following parameters before you consider locking it for your cleaning ,repair and maintenance needs. A professional commercial cleaning company would meet the following standards and parameters.


Check out for how long the company has been into the service industry and how much experience does it have in terms of general and specialized service operations. Feel free to ask the cleaning service company about the experience and expertise of the company and what category and type of clientele does it have on its profile.

Credibility Rating

Credibility ratings in terms of standards and certification are an important feature that distinguishes a professional commercial cleaning company from the one with a mediocre quality of services and thus determines its market standing. A commercial cleaning company tested and endorsed with certification regarding health and safety and standard operating procedures will always be a safe and risk free option for you to outsource your commercial cleaning needs.

Insurance and Indemnity

You need to make sure if the commercial cleaning service you are planning to get on board for the cleaning and maintenance of your organization offers liability insurance for any loss or damage that might occur during the course of the cleaning and maintenances within your organization, to your property or your work force. Getting clear on this clause would eliminate the chances for any unforeseen loss or damage to your organization, providing it with an insurance and indemnity from the service provider.

Tailor Made Plans and Schemes

This is one important feature to look for, in a commercial clearing service while outsourcing your organizational needs. All organizations have their distinct and specific set of needs and requirements and so do yours. Therefore, a company offering a general plan, implying on all organizations alike might overlook on some of your critical organizational needs. Ask the service provider to formulate a custom designed plan specifically for your organization, after the onsite inspection, so that no areas are left behind unattended.

The Cleaning Personnel

Get to know about the commercial cleaning company you are planning to hire for your organization’s cleaning and maintenance and its cleaning and technical work force, if they are skilled, experienced and trained enough to do a satisfactory job.


No matter how much credible and renowned for its work the commercial cleaning company you are planning to hire is for their quality of work. Evaluate if it is suitable for you through the mentioned features and you will definitely be satisfied for a cleaning and maintenance job, done in the best way.