If you didn’t already know, people make judgments about you based on the cleanliness of your restrooms.

Commercial buildings are no different.

When visitors and clients are put off by the condition of your restrooms, they make assumptions about you, questioning your professionalism.

To avoid making a bad impression on visitors and clients, companies hire janitorial services. But how can you tell if your building’s restrooms are actually clean?

Restrooms are the hotbed for germs; how do you know your cleaning services are providing adequate germ-protection?

Here’s a quick guide to evaluating your restroom cleaning services:

Keep an eye out clear indicators that your restroom cleaning services aren’t doing a good job.

Signs your commercial restrooms aren’t clean:

  • The door handles are soiled, smudged or dirty
  • The mirrors have smears or streaks.
  • The restroom stinks.
  • Supplies such as soap, toilet paper and other supplies aren’t stocked
  • The trashcans are overloaded and there’s garbage around it
  • The sinks are dirty with grime and deposits. There is soap spilt around the sink
  • The toilet boils are soiled. There is grime in the urinals
  • The stall doors are have smears, fingerprints and graffiti
  • The sanitary disposals are loaded, damaged or broken
  • The floor drain is clogged with grout, dust or debris

What good janitorial services should do:

  • To prevent the spread of diseases, all touch-points are cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant
  • Toilet seats needs to be disinfected and wiped dry. Just scrubbing them with cleaning agents isn’t enough
  • The mirrors should be glistening with no streaks and smears
  • Standing water from behind the toilet should be cleaned
  • Urinal handles and flush handles need to be disinfected and wiped dry
  • Feminine hygiene products dispenser needs to be disinfected and restocked with fresh liners
  • Sanitary disposals and trash is emptied during each scheduled cleaning
  • The best disinfectant and cleaning supplies should be used. Equipment such as brushes and mops are replaced regularly
  • Restroom supplies such as brushes, cleaning cloths are only used for the restroom and nowhere else
  • Drains are unclogged and free of grout
  • The sinks are scrubbed clean

We at Crystal Clear Enterprise are experts in commercial restrooms. We have a restroom sanitation program and other specialty services to ensure that your restrooms are fresh, clean and germ-free. Our janitorial cleaning services are tailor-made to your needs. Contact us today to get an estimate.