Germs and dirt are the most common cause of absenteeism in professional spaces. There is a high chance your office building isn’t as clean as you think.

From indoor air to the very bench you eat your food, everything can make you sick. Cleaning them is a task better left to professionals.

Poor hygiene and inexperienced cleaning equally contribute to health risk. If you want to get rid of these problems, our commercial cleaning service can help.

We get to the grossest areas, ridding them of germs and debris. Like everything else, it starts with the front door!

Front door

What is the one thing everyone uses and no one cares to clean? The front door handle.

Even though it’s on the entrance, it’s one of the most under-sanitized areas in an office. It is the first thing every employee usesevery day! And, how often is it cleaned? Not enough.

Bacteria and viruses are easily transferred because of this. Imagine an employee with flu using the handle and the next person to come in uses it again. This person is unaware of the disease potentially transferred to him simply by opening the door.

Break room

The toilet seats, in most cases, are cleaner than pretty much everything in the break room. Yet, we clean the seat and nothing in the break room.

The grossest locations include used sponges, coffee cups (even the ones cleaned with sponges), sink faucet handle, sink, tables and counter tops, coffee pot handle, water cooler handle/buttons, vending machine buttons, and microwave and refrigerator door handle.

We make sure nothing that is frequently touched in your office remains untouched by our top cleaning supplies.

Personal desks

This one primarily depends on your personal hygiene. But if you’ve hired an individual to clean the desks and they’re not equipped to do it right, the fault may be with the cleaning.

It’s likely that the garbage bin under the desks have fewer germs compared to the desk surface. Keyboard, computer mice, office phone, headphones and associated areas are full of germs.

Every time you use them, you’re risking your health. Our staff is well-equipped to find and get rid of dirt and debris from nooks.

Other areas

Even with the best hygiene practices, you’re likely to encounter germs through high-contact surfaces. Various areas in the rest of the building such as elevator buttons, kiosks, escalator trails, paring meters, and vending machines are included.

Commercial cleaning practices

It’s important that the company you hire trains their employees to deliver top quality services. We maintain high standards, ensuring a safe working environment for all occupants.

We’re reputed for our professional cleaning services in Missouri. We ensure high customer satisfaction by employing advanced equipment and latest cleaning techniques. Calculate service estimates here.