A sparkling floor, pristine desks and fresh smelling restrooms can do wonders!

If you’re managing a business facility or another commercial space, you want to ensure that it feels welcoming. Adopting a green cleaning strategy, you can improve the facility’s appearance, worker performance and occupant health.

Hiring a professional cleaning service, like Crystal Clear Enterprise, Inc., for all the cleaning and maintenance tasks will help centralize the efforts. You can then focus on the key mission of your business.

Commercial janitorial and cleaning services

These services address your facility’s day to day needs such as sanitizing and disinfecting bathrooms, offices, and kitchens. High contact surfaces are hotbeds of germs that ultimately result in absenteeism and poor performance.

Superior results can be obtained by hiring an experienced cleaning agency in Kansas City.

Our restroom sanitation program and scrub and rinse services are incorporated to ensure a germ-free space. We have the right products and trained staff to help keep the spaces clean and healthy.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Furniture, carpets and rugs act as traps for dirt, debris and germs. The indoor environment suffers if they’re not taken care of. Routine cleaning through dusting, washing and vacuuming are necessary to maintain the space.

Moreover, these trapped particles get released in the environment from time to time. This affects the indoor air quality and may contribute to respiratory issues and allergies.

Our staff washes office furniture and upholstery, and cleans the carpets and rugs to ensure no contamination enters the indoor air supply.

Floor care and restoration

Routine floor care and maintenance improves the image of your commercial facility. It also helps eliminate dirt and bacteria buildup, reducing chances of slip and fall injuries.

High efficiency scrubbers reduce time required for cleaning without compromising on quality. We are well-equipped to offer top quality floor cleaning services, meeting the mandatory sanitation standards.

Buffing, floor stripping and waxing services are combined to offer fool proof protection. These services also help repair damage following harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and snow.

The Bottom Line

Professional cleaning is a smart and cost-effective alternative for overall improvement is appearance and work performance.

We help you achieve your cleaning and maintenance goals! Hire our commercial cleaning service today to receive comprehensive care at highly affordable costs. Call at 816 763 3353 or fill out the online form.