The misery of flu season is upon us. It just takes one sick colleague to infect the rest of you. Although the flu can’t be combated completely, a good janitorial services company can prevent it from spreading across your team.

The flu isn’t caused by cold weather, it spreads by the contact of germs. You are bound to catch germs from others in an enclosed space (such as offices). However, if your office is being disinfected and cleaned thoroughly then germs don’t spread as easily.

Here’s how your janitorial services company can stop the flu from going around the office:

1) Disinfect desks

Desks are where the staff spend most of their times. Too often cleaning companies make the mistake of only wiping the desk down with a dust-cloth once a weak. A dust-cloth just won’t do. Desks, including laptops/PCs need to be disinfected properly every night to kill bacteria. People sit at their desks, sneezing and coughing all day. Every inch of the desk as well as the equipment on the desk needs to be meticulously wiped down with disinfectant. Monitors and mouse also need to be cleaned.

2) Restrooms should be sanitized

Most public restrooms are gross but quality janitorial services will make sure that your rest room is fresh, clean and free of odor. Your cleaning services should make sure that restrooms are free of grime, grout and standing water as these are sources of bacteria.

3) Clean your carpets

Carpet cleaning is essential for the health of your employees. Not cleaning the carpet regularly can cause the buildup of mites and bacteria that affect the indoor air quality of the office. Regular vacuuming will suck up the dust from the surface of the carpet but it doesn’t have an effect on the bacteria resting in its fabric.

Even using commercial carpet shampoo won’t do the trick. At Crystal Clear Enterprise, we use advanced technology to clean carpets. We have a few ways for cleaning carpets including Bonnet Cleaning, Hot Water Extraction, Low-Moisture Cleaning and others.

Our restorative cleaning procedures are in line with health and hygiene standards of Kansas City.

We make sure that your carpets are washed thoroughly and are free of all allergens and contaminants.

Give us a call today at (816) 763-3353. We’re there to help you with your carpet needs as well as the sanitization of other areas of the office with our specialty services. Let’s keep your employees safe this flu season!