It’s 9 a.m. You step into your workplace elevator. As you make your way into your office, where you will be spending the rest of the day, you notice a pile of papers lying right at the entrance.

All desks around are cluttered with files.

The plants that were supposed to add an aesthetic appeal now appears wilted and soiled.

How can you change this?

Start from The Top

Any kind of change needed to be brought about in the company needs to start from the top of the hierarchy. Conduct a meeting with the senior management team and discuss exactly what changes are required.

Formulate a new mission statement. This will outline what your goal is and how your company can achieve this goal. Once the objective is clear to the managers, it will be easier to implement the policy.

The office has a certain hierarchy and you need to start at the top, working downwards. Make sure employees at each level are made aware of the changes. Only this way can your idea be embraced by the organization as a whole.

Cleanliness & Productivity

When your home is neat and tidy, is gives you a sense of comfort. You naturally feel better. An office environment functions in the same manner.

If the office premise is not kept clean, your employees’ productivity suffers.

The productivity of your organizations is connected to the cleanliness of your building. There are a number of reasons behind this.

Firstly, your workers will not feel motivated. The poor maintenance will result in a laid back attitude and lack of professionalism.

An environment that isn’t clean and germ free will also cause a number of illnesses among employees. This way the rate of absenteeism will be higher. The overall operations of the company will be at risk. For these reasons, the maintenance of your workplace should be the prime focus.

Taking the Initiative

Company culture is so deeply embedded in the minds of individuals that it becomes nearly impossible to bring about a change in attitude.

After a certain amount of time, behavior becomes almost instinctive. And thus everyone has become accustomed to carrying out tasks in a particular way.

So who should take the first step? If you will not speak up to implement a positive change in the workplace then nobody else will. Change is always gradual, especially when trying to alter the corporate culture of an organization. But you have to start somewhere!

Employee Involvement

Another important step is to involve employees when trying to make a difference in the company. Encourage them to put forward any ideas they might have.

Nobody knows the functions of your organization better than your workers no matter what level they are working at. If they are made part of the decision making, they will also participate in implementing the ideas. This will make your job a whole lot easier.

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