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If you run a workplace or a work in a high-rise building, you probably know that office windows play an essential part in uplifting the entire outlook of the building. Crystal clean and shining windows are not only aesthetically attractive, but they also allow bright sunlight to come in, so employees have a better work environment.

No matter how perfect the interior décor of your workplace, dirty windows will always detract from it. Here are 3 reasons why you should always keep your office windows clean.

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Elevates the Look of the Building and Surrounding Areas

Clean windows give off the impression of a hygienic workplace to passersby. When a new candidate visits the building for an assessment or an interview, they feel positive about working in the organization. It also leads to an increase in employee morale as employees feel proud when walking in.

Enhances Employee Productivity

According to a research carried out by the Northwestern University in Chicago, office workers who received 173% more white light from windows exhibited better physical and mental performance, had fewer sleeping issues and were more productive than employees who were exposed to no daylight at all.

It also showed that workers were more active and happy at work because of balanced sleep cycles.

Image showing window cleaning kansas city

Enhances the Functioning Of Solar Windows

Many offices install solar windows to reduce their energy consumption. If these windows are left dirty for a long time, their functioning might deteriorate over time, resulting in more energy consumption. Traffic pollutants, dirt, and other debris result in the clouding of the solar panels making them underperform, and not produce maximum levels of energy.

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