An experienced vendor will always go beyond the minimum expected from their service. Take our company, for example; we assist facility managers in maintaining spaces and reviewing yearly task sheets associated with cleaning.

Ignoring repairs and replacements can cost you thousands of dollars every year. Mid of the year is a good time to review status and procedures, ensuring you’re on the right track.

Major focus areas include cleaning procedures, staff training and education, scheduling longer cleaning activities, inventory management and critical organizational practices.

Where to start?

Start with cleaning procedures, then move ahead to check inventory and ensure that the necessary supplies are readily available.

It’s true that various cleaning techniques can be employed, depending on the use of upholstery and office space. But there are some techniques that can help you save costs and receive more efficient services.

For instance, our staff is trained to employ healthy and sustainable cleaning practices. Here are a few tips that you can incorporate too:

  • Daytime cleaning reduces energy consumption: Most office spaces are well lit during the morning hours which make cleaning easy. Often, there’s the need of less light bulbs to be switched on.
  • Implementing clean equipment: If the sponges are dirty whatever is cleaned will remain full of germs. Make sure new supplies are available and that nothing is overused.
  • Specialty services: Some areas are ignored even after comprehensive cleaning. The cleaning staff must get to nooks and small spaces, cleaning out everything! We employ separate restroom sanitation program, commercial window cleaning services, and fluorescent light washes to ensure everything is tidy.
  • Taking care of the floor: Weather and traffic can have adverse effects on interior and exterior commercial floors. Ignoring them isn’t an option. Stripping, waxing, recoating, rinsing, buffing, and tile and grout cleaning can help prevent further damage.
  • Clean air ducts or install air purification systems: It helps maintain a clean indoor atmosphere, resulting in high performance and low absenteeism.
  • Employing the right carpet care: Dry and low moisture carpet cleaning techniques are more favored in some spaces to avoid germs. These can also help conserve energy and take less time to complete.

Ensure that you have a single vendor for cleaning equipment/ products. This will help you in updating the inventory and manage costs. Check all equipment and how they’re stored and maintained. See if the cleaning agents meet OSHA guidelines and your janitorial service is offering top quality services.

Hire our cleaners for optimal commercial cleaning in Kansas City. We bring years of experience and competitive costs to ensure clean and healthy office spaces.