We come across our fair share of bacteria, germs, allergens daily in our lives.

While bacteria are normally harmless, some may be toxic and cause serious health concerns for us. Therefore, it is important to be careful while touching something that may be contaminated.

The central point of all cross-contamination is public restrooms.

A restroom that looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean it is. There could be thousands of germs and bacteria thriving in there. If the restroom in your commercial building is not cleaned AND sanitized, then it probably means it is unsafe and poses a health concern for your employees, as well as your customers.

Researchers from the University of Colorado identified 230 different types of bacteria that are found on the floor of a public restroom alone, while another 150 type that exist on other surfaces.

Here are the certain types of bacteria that could be found in a dirty restroom:

Types of bacteria


Staphylococcus is generally known to cause “Staph Infections” by entering through the nose or throat. They can also cause infection if they are exposed to cuts or bodily injuries. Although they are generally found in homes, they can also be present in dirty restrooms. Places such as toilet, sinks and door handles are some breeding grounds for them.

E. coli

E. coli is bacteria that exists in our intestinal tracts naturally. Some E. coli bacteria are toxic and dangerous. If infected, it may cause fever, abdominal pains and diarrhea. In some extreme cases, it may also cause death.


Streptococci are mainly dangerous when they collect in a large amount and cause severe throat infections, respiratory problems, fever and weakness.


Shigella is highly contagious bacteria that is most likely to be found in a public or office restroom, especially if the restroom is not properly sanitized.
An infection could lead to bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever and abdominal pain. It can also cause serious problems in the regular function of the bowel.

Hepatitis A virus

Hepatitis A virus can also be found in restrooms that are used by a lot of people. Symptoms of hepatitis A virus infection include jaundice, fever, nausea, fatigue and inflammation of the liver.

Common Cold Virus

There are 200 different types of bacteria that can cause common cold, and almost all of them can be found in the restroom. The symptoms of common cold include itchy throat, running nose and constant sneezing.

What you need is a restroom sanitation program, which is provided by the Crystal Clear Enterprise Inc. Restroom sanitation will ensure that the restroom is clean and sanitized—no breeding ground for bacteria.