Maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for the patients mean that the healthcare facility values the wellbeing of the sufferers. The compassion shown towards the ailing individuals in the form of an optimum medical environment directly reflects patient safety. Cleaning is a mandatory step prior to disinfection. This is because of the organic film over unclean surfaces that prevent the sterilant or disinfectant to have a desired effect. Read on to know how healthcare facilities can maintain an optimum medical environment to promote safety and hygiene:

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sterilizing of Reusable Instruments

Appropriate protocols must be followed to keep the medical facility clean, disinfected and sterilized. The reusable medical instruments, such as the ones used in biopsies, arthroscopy and other invasive procedures require to be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized. The storage of sterilized instruments must be done in a clean and dry environment.

Clean and Disinfect Patient Care Equipment

In order to maintain an optimum medical environment, every surface that comes in contact with the patient’s body must be cleaned and disinfected appropriately. These may include the following:

  • Urinals and commode chairs
  • Bed pans
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • IV stands
  • Wheelchairs and furniture

The floors, door knobs, keyboards, medical equipment, all ought to be cleaned an disinfected before the operation and after it.

Use of Protective Equipment

The standard gloves are not meant for long term usage and they may deteriorate quickly so it is important that household grade gloves are worn while cleaning for optimum protection. Protective equipment must me worn to cover the eyes, mouth and nostrils where there is a chance of splashing.

Cleaning by Trained Professionals

Healthcare facilities are extremely prone to the spread of viruses and pathogens. This is why it is absolutely necessary that the hospital acquired diseases are controlled with the help of cleaning done by trained professionals only. Apart from using specialized cleaning products, it is also crucial that the staff knows how to use the cleaning equipment for maintaining an optimum medical environment.

Proper Management of Healthcare Waste

There must be an appropriate waste management system, which should be monitored carefully to make sure that the standards are not being violated during the disposal. The hospital waste is a medium that breeds dangerous bacteria and pathogens. The infection control and waste management ought to be done in collaboration because of contaminated blood. The hospital waste ought to be treated before the final disposal is carried out. The waste should be transported in dedicated trolley or vehicles. The storage of medical waste must be done in closed containers with appropriate identification symbols.

Extra Hands Services, Inc. ensures that the strict regulatory standards are met to protect the individual receiving medical care and those delivering it against harmful pathogens and bacteria. The EHS team provides a complete medical management process to ascertain that effective cleaning and disinfection is done in the medical environment. We provide emergency response cleaning and specialized cleaning products to maintain optimum medical environment.