how-often-should-your-office-floors-be-stripped-and-wax-picture-1-10312016Floor stripping and waxing services are a part of every commercial business’ maintenance routine. However, unlike the daily services that most companies opt for, floor stripping and waxing need to be planned for a certain intervals during the year.

The main question for that is; when?

Factors to Determine

There are two factors that determine the right time to have your office floors stripped and waxed; the type of business that you operate and the amount of people your business receives per day.

Both factors are interrelated. Anyone going in and out of the building will track dirt into the establishment, making the floors dirtier. At some point, they will need to be waxed again.

Now, you may maintain the aesthetic value of your floors through regular upkeep. But if you really want to ensure a level of hygiene, only a proper strip and wax service will do the job for you.

What Does a Floor Stripping and Waxing Service Entail?

Stripping floors is a technical term that is used in the sanitation industry. This term is used to describe the removal of the finishing of a hard floor. This process involves multiple steps that remove the top finish from the floor.

After that, the floor is refinished or waxed through various methods, not only giving it a healthy shine but also protecting it from damage, making it safe and even for proper foot traffic.

When Should You Opt for the Service?

It must be understood that since floor stripping and waxing is an extensive job, it is not going to be entirely inexpensive. Since it is imperative for high-traffic environments, clients can choose the service to be performed monthly in order to maintain their floors.

Nevertheless, if the service is too expensive for your budget, you can hire a commercial floor cleaning company like Crystal Clear to clean your floors regularly. With that, you can have the floors stripped and waxed every 5-6 months.

how-often-should-your-office-floors-be-stripped-and-wax-picture-2-10312016Why not just hire a Regular Janitorial Service?

Hiring a janitorial cleaning service is a good approach to maintaining the cleanliness of your floors.

But unless you opt for a floor stripping and waxing service, your floors will not have the same sleek look they had when first installed.

The highly desirable luster you seek can only be obtained when the floors are cleared down and the wax coat is applied by professionals.

Crystal Clear Enterprise offers professional cleaning services in Missouri that caters to specific commercial work spaces, so that companies can receive proper care for their cleaning needs. If you are in search of a professional cleaning company, contact us at (816) 763-3353. Or fill in their contact form and let us help you maintain a squeaky clean image.