Managers often do not realize this but cleanliness can have a significant impact on employee productivity. In 2017, fifty-eight percent of employees aged between 18 and 30 years took at least five sick days off.

This can result in a great deal of pending work as well as missed deadlines, which prove to be costly. Therefore, maintaining a clean environment in your office is essential. Here are some ways it can help:

Employees are less likely to get sick

A clean office can cut down the number of sick days that the employees take. Bacteria and germs have the tendency to grow in the furniture and equipment in the office.

These germs can result in employees getting sick and missing workdays. Some employees prefer to eat while sitting at their desks. Office desks can be even dirtier than a toilet seat. This too can promote the growth of germs and bacteria.

Even your cell phones are not safe. Your cell phone consists of three times more bacteria per square inch than a public doorknob or a restroom.

Some ailments can be contagious, because of which it is best to make sure that you keep your office clean. This can help reduce the rate of absenteeism and boost the productivity of the employees.

It motivates the employees

Employees who work in dirty and unorganized environment might not feel motivated to work. They spend a lot more time at their work place than they do at their homes. Such employees might not feel motivated enough to work hard.

Their performances might decline and as a result, the company would suffer. Maintaining a clean office environment gives the employees an indication that the company cares about their health and well-being. This helps motivate them.

Helps employees focus on the task at hand

Imagine working on a desk, which is unorganized and messy. You might struggle with finding the documents that you need urgently. For some employees, it can also be quite distracting.

An unorganized workplace can also increase the stress levels of the employees and a stressed out employee is less likely to be productive.

Employees are the backbone of a company and therefore it is essential to make sure that they stay happy and motivated. Get in touch with us.

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