The last few days before the holidays feel like a blur. By this time of the year, the staff is the least interested in work. They drag their feet into quarterly meetings, await office parties and soon many of them will go off for vacation.

The holidays are the company’s chance to give the office some love with extra-cleaning. With fewer employees around, offices can finally undergo that deep cleaning needed the rid the office of toxins.

Here are some ways you can get your office ready for the holidays:

1) Hold the office party elsewhere

Parties at the office can sometimes get out of hand. There are always a few employees who drink more than they need to, and find themselves puking in some corner.

Of course, you can’t have an office party without food. Unfortunately most offices aren’t very food friendly. The break room is small so most of the food will be placed in the workspace. Expect crumbs of baked goods to pile up on the carpet.

Carpets take a real beating at office parties. All that dancing and parting releases all types of debris on the carpet.

Try and hold your office party outside if possible. If you can’t hold your party else, make sure you hire professional janitorial services to clean the mess afterwards.

2) Washing office furniture and upholstery

We sneeze and cough into our hands and then grab onto the office chair. Ever thought of all the germs that can be collected in office furniture?

Holidays are a great time to hire commercial cleanings services to wash office furniture and upholstery.

Remember, dirty office spread diseases. You don’t want your employees to start the New Year by getting sick. Use this opportunity to give the office furniture a good scrubbing.

3) Cleaning the HVAC unit

Unclean HVAC filters are lower indoor air quality which again causes illnesses. Now that your employees aren’t around, have the filters of the HVAC unit cleaned thoroughly to wash off any dust and debris that is clogging the vents.

4) Restroom sanitation

Office restrooms need to be sanitized regularly to ensure they are as germ-free as possible. Restrooms and other high-moisture areas are vulnerable to the developing of mold and fungi. At Crystal Clear we have a Restroom Sanitation Program that disinfects restrooms and keeps them safe and odor-free.

5) Window cleaning

Window cleaning during office-hours always distracts the staff. The holidays are the best time to hire janitorial services that can clean your windows from the outside and inside.

Taking advantage of Crystal Clear’s Specialty Services this holiday. They consist of sanitizing restrooms, washing office furniture, cleaning of air purification systems and more.

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