We’re increasingly becoming aware of the effect that one’s environment plays in their productivity. Employers are adopting several measures to optimize worker’s output; such as ergonomic furniture and healthy lunch options. But the measure with the highest return in terms of productivity remains to be cleanliness.

Cleanliness – More Than Sanitation  3

A sanitary environment is vital to not just ensuring that employees feel comfortable, it also ensures that diseases do not spread among them. In addition, people have become increasingly concerned about the environmental ramifications of traditional cleaning products. Modern businesses do not just want a clean environment; they want one that is ecologically friendly. Therefore, here are a few tips for establishing a clean and green office space.

Check Labels

Carefully check the labels on your cleaning products to ensure that they are safe to use. Be vigilant for phthalates, formaldehyde, and anything that contains ‘chemical surfactants’. While there are numerous kinds of dangerous chemicals lurking in ordinary household products, some are more dangerous and prevalent than others.

Get Ventilation

Good air quality control is vital to ensuring that any hazardous compounds are flushed out by the ventilation system. Have your HVAC system regularly checked and cleaned to ensure that it is performing at its best.

Avoid Air Fresheners4

Air fresheners are one of the super heroes of offices spaces. This helps us overcome unpleasant smells so that people can work peacefully.

However, recent data has demonstrated that air fresheners have dangerous chemicals that could potentially cause a basket load of health problems in people exposed to them; including cancer and tumors.

Therefore, employers are now turning to other, more informed decisions to keep the work place environment smell-free.

Educate Your Employees

Business owners should educate their employees on the dangers that certain chemicals and products pose and why they should avoid them. Failing to do so renders all of these other steps pointless.

A company’s workers should also be informed about the efforts the company is taking to maintain a clean and green environment. They will appreciate that and make efforts to keep the office in a pristine condition themselves.

5Background Research

Most business owners today opt to hire a separate commercial floor cleaning company for their office spaces.

While this is a smart economic move, it nevertheless important to choose a cleaner after conducting research about them. Many cleaners use inferior products in an effort to increase their profit margin.

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