The term “best practice” refers to completing tasks using the methodology that gets the desired results.

When speaking of the best practices of a janitorial services company, you refer to the efficiency of the equipment being used; the techniques used in cleaning and disinfection as well their dedication to keeping your commercial building safe and hygienic.

An experienced janitorial service will have the knowledge, technology along with a well-trained staff to ensure that all nooks and crannies of the building are cleaned thoroughly. Their cleaning procedures should be in accordance with the hygiene requirements of the city.

This is how a janitorial services company can make sure they are using best practices:

Trained staff

A janitorial services company is inadequate if its staff is not given proper training. Keeping a commercial building requires more than just scrubbing and rinsing. The staff needs to be able to use advanced technology. They need to be aware of the hygiene and sanitation requirements and should know not to cut corners.

Due to the nature of the job, janitorial services companies have a high-turnover. They need to provide their staff with incentives to keep them doing their jobs properly.

Customized services for clients

Commercial buildings have different cleaning requirements based on the industry. A janitorial service that uses best practices needs to provide detailed proposals that are tailor-made to each company. Companies in the food industry have very specific needs. An experienced janitorial company should be able to identify their needs and devise their proposal accordingly.

Conduct Reviews

The managers of janitorial companies should be conducting regular checks at their client’s offices to evaluate the services being provided by their staff. If the managers do not do regular checks, the cleaning staff could begin to slack.

Managers will also need to speak to their clients to collect feedback and address any concerns.

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