As a business owner, your responsibilities are not just limited to ROIs and profitability. It is more than that.

You and your employees spend an incredible amount of time in your office. While you all may be absorbed in the massive workload, the cleanliness of your office space might get compromised. You want to avoid this situation at all costs.

We at Crystal Clear Enterprise have outlined 5 indicators to help you figure out if it’s time to hire a professional cleaning service.

The Floors Are Getting Stickier

Dust and grime can have quite a negative impact on the floors of your office. If they are not regularly waxed, they might get stickier. Make sure you observe the floors (you will know this when you walk on that floor). If the floors are sticky, it might be time to call in professionals.

The Germs Are Rampant

A place that is not cleaned regularly becomes a heaven for germs. They accumulate and linger in such places and make people sick. Some of the common conditions they might cause include common colds and flu. Moreover, if one person gets sick, others might follow—that is, they are contagious.

It is not just high risk areas, such as bathrooms, that you need to keep clean, other places can also accumulate germs and cause illnesses. According to a study, an unclean keyboard can have as many germs as a toilet.

Your Employees’ Productivity Levels are Negatively Impacted

This is an extension of the point made above. It is quite well-established that working in unclean environments drops employee productivity.

Not only does it make them sick, it also negatively affects their cognitive functioning. Therefore, if your employees are getting sick or their productivity levels are taking a dip, you might want to consider hiring professional cleaning services.

You Deal with Bad Odors

When your office does not get cleaned for a long time, it gives rise to bad odors in the air. These smells are a result of accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Moreover, there will be no point in covering it up. If your office persistently smells bad, it might be time to have a cleaning company take a look.

Your Cleaning Tasks Get Postponed

Your might have a weekly or a monthly cleaning routine to ensure that things do not go out of hand. However, if you are not getting enough time and it’s continuously getting postponed, it’s a clear sign that you should hire professional services.

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