When it comes to finding your ideal commercial cleaning company, it can be hard to find a quality provider amongst the dozens of choices listed online. Anyone with a vacuum and a van can essentially claim to offer professional cleaning services, regardless of expertise or experience. It’s important to find an organization that strives to implement and maintain the best cleaning practices to ensure a top-notch result with every service. Crystal Clear Enterprise works hard to make full use of modern technology to streamline our processes and communication. We’re proud to use the best gear and standards to offer optimal janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. Today, we’ll discuss a few ways in which our professional cleaning experts aim to optimize all cleaning operations, saving you operating costs in the process. When you’re ready to see the Crystal Clear difference, be sure to contact us today to learn more!

Developing Technology

Our janitorial professionals have developed the best technological programs to help optimize our operations. Many of the complaints brought forth against commercial cleaners stem from poor communication and accountability. You can expect the following actions thanks to our high-tech structuring and our commitment to high customer satisfaction.

Task Flexibility

Communication is truly the heart of our success here at Crystal Clear. We understand that last-second cleaning needs rarely happen at convenient times, which is why our clock in/out system is optimized to deliver the message to the involved cleaning technicians when they are coming in or leaving the job.

Reliable Services

Our top-tier technology creates a high level of accountability for all of our staff. When a crew is late or absent, an automated alert will be sent to the appropriate manager. Crystal Clear can also monitor who is at each facility at any time, and what they are currently scheduled to do. This access to information is useful for improving or customers’ experiences, which is our focus in each and every task. Have a concern about your facility? Relay the message to us! You will be able to send voicemails directly to your cleaning staff, eliminating any chances of miscommunication. Worried about subpar janitorial services? Our Automated Management System (AMS) can help our supervisors to keep track of cleaning trends and patterns, allowing us to make corrections as needed.

Concern Resolutions

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and our quality program is designed to be a useful tool in achieving this endeavor. When a customer has a concern about their facility, it is very important to resolve the issue in an accurate and timely manner. When you enter a concern, a correction ticket is generated and becomes the responsibility of the appropriate manager to follow up to ensure that everything is taken care of. Any special requests that cannot be taken care of quickly will be printed with action and follow-up instructions. All aspects of the task will be recorded and saved to ensure full satisfaction when all is said and done.

Supervisory Satisfaction

We are all creatures of habit. While this is perfectly acceptable for life in general, our commercial cleaning company aims for perfection in all pursuits. The Crystal Clear manager that is tasked with overseeing your facility will actively watch for any negative patterns. Any negative matter will be addressed quickly and efficiently. Preventing that issue from occurring again is essential for building positive business relationships. Our professional program also allows for quick information gathering, allowing supervisors and managers to quickly bring all members of the team up to speed on your facility’s needs and concerns. The history and patterns associated with each client are available to any Crystal Clear leader immediately to ensure faster, more accurate results. This helps to deliver a better experience for our customers while also preventing task inefficiencies, the latter of which saves us money and allows us to offer more affordable services.

Delivering the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses is our top goal. Exceeding our customer’s high expectations by providing accurate, reliable results is our method of doing so. Next time, we’ll look at a few more areas that our technology can improve your Missouri business. For two decades, Crystal Clear Enterprise has worked to raise the bar for how commercial and office cleaning services should be done in the industry. Contact us today to see what we can do to make your facility shine!