Now that you the characteristics and features of a good commercial cleaning company, that is also ‘right’ and ‘fit’ for your organization, matching all its needs, before you sign the contract and get the deal done, just make sure that you double check on the following factors to ensure that your cleaning expense won’t drain with the dirt and would instead maximize the outputs gained. Here you go.

Cost AnalysisPicture Buffer for Blog 4262016

While conducting the need analysis for your cleaning requirement, make a rough estimate on your part as to how much this maintenance, repair or cleaning job would cost. This rough evaluation would help you estimate an imprecise budget and you could add more services or cut down on the extra expenditures, while staying within your cleaning and maintenance budget. Also, compare the prices offered by you chosen commercial cleaning service with the other service operators in the market.

Inspection and Follow Ups

Get to know if the service plan and contract includes the pre service inspection. Most commercial cleaning services these days offer a free service evaluation of your facility, and help you do the need analysis for the specific and generic areas that need cleaning and maintenance. Also, ask the service provider about the post cleaning services and follow ups if they are offering and what exactly does that include.

Service Compliance

Double and triple check on the services offered by the company and compare and align it with your needs. It is advisable to get all your needs and service requirements availed from a single service provider as the service plan you would eventually settle on would help you save a few extra bucks in terms of multiple service discounts or you may also get some service value additions.

Clarify on any Loss, Damage or Service Malfunctions

Be straight and direct with your commercial cleaning service about any loss, damage or service malfunction that might occur during the course of the cleaning  service and if the company provides any indemnity or guarantee in case of an unforeseen mishap, damage or malfunction your property within the organization.

Health and Safety Standards

Ask your service providers about the maintenance, health and safety standards compliance in terms of service operations and equipment and the products they used during the course. This is important to sustain and ensure a healthy and safe environment within your organization. You do not have to settle on a commercial cleaning service plan blindly, totally relying on the service provider. After all, cleaning and maintenance is going to cost you a fair load of expenditure and you need to ensure that you get an equitable share of benefits out of it.

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