During these unprecedented times, small businesses are struggling to be open and available to the general public while also ensuring the safest results for customers and employees. Regardless of your products or the industry you serve in, the coronavirus has made it nearly impossible to provide peace of mind. Many companies rely on professional cleaning services to provide some comfort in knowing that the most exposed surfaces (handles, light switches, appliances) are cleaned, disinfected, and ready to impress.Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide professional janitorial services and more across Kansas City, relying on our years of experience and high-quality results to help our clients during these trying times. We work hard to achieve the results you deserve, and offer our professional cleaning services to increase the safety of your building in addition to its aesthetic quality.

Now more than ever, it’s essential to properly sanitize your facility on a regular basis to stay within CDC guidelines and to keep people safe. Learn more about the value of disinfection as part of our cleaning services, and be sure to contact us if you’re ready to get started!

Keeping Your Building Safe

Your highest priority right now is likely configuring a system tailored to optimize your business while ensuring the highest level of safety. In order to operate safely, businesses must have a plan in place tailored to social distancing guidelines, as well as steps to minimize the spread of bacteria. Janitorial services can include disinfection of surfaces, killing harmful microbes on contact to eliminate the chances of surface borne infection. Our professional cleaners can work with you to find the right coverage and consistency, focusing on high-risk areas to deliver pristine surfaces on a regular basis. Regular cleaning services can help to generate safer results overall, reducing the chances of your business becoming a hotspot for illness.

The current climate makes it hard for customers to feel comfortable in public spaces, especially high-traffic areas. If you’re worried about how to generate and retain your clientele’s trust, be sure to ask our team for guidance. You can also read our testimonials to see what clients are saying about our cleaning services!

Rely on Disinfection Services

The CDC has been a top resource for citizens and businesses in need of guidance for how to best protect themselves from COVID-19. The EPA has also released approved disinfectants for proper use against the coronavirus. In order to keep your business as clean and safe as possible, it’s important to hire a professional cleaning company to properly disinfect the premises. The proper cleaning agents can help to sanitize and disinfect a variety of surfaces, reducing the chances of spreading harmful viruses and bacteria through surface contact.

Crystal Clear relies on a proven method to deliver the right protection against COVID-19 and other harmful agents. We know to provide a complete clean, and will tailor our solutions to meet your industry-specific needs.

We Offer Versatile Cleaning Services and Scheduling

Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to deliver proven janitorial services and floor care across Kansas City, relying on our years of experience and satisfied customers to ensure that you are satisfied with the care of your facility. Our commercial cleaning company takes every precaution to keep our team and your employees and guests safe, and we’ll be happy to discuss your facility needs to ensure that you are benefitting from professional cleaning in a manner that minimizes any disruption or downtime for your business. Our janitorial team offers cleaning around the clock, and we can tailor a plan to best meet your schedule.

Call for CDC-Compliant Janitorial Services

Crystal Clear is ready to provide a full spectrum of cleaning services to clients in need, relying on our equipment and training to deliver the right result each and every time. In addition to our janitorial services and floor care, our janitors also offer carpet cleaning, specialty services, and more to deliver complete results for the entire facility.

We know that times are challenging, and our commercial cleaning company will be happy to work with you to achieve a comprehensive clean in a budget-conscious manner. Contact us today to get started, and be sure to ask about our complete lineup of cleaning services to keep your business safe and reputable during these changing times!