First impressions are important. When it comes to a business trying to impress clients or customers, that first experience can make or break your company’s image. Avoid hurting business by hiring on a commercial cleaning company for all of your janitorial needs. Crystal Clear Enterprises specializes in providing comprehensive janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. With two decades in the commercial cleaning business, we have the knowledge and know-how to optimize the cleanliness of your business. We’ll keep everything looking sharp to match the attitude of your prestigious business!


Last week, we covered a few lawn service benefits that can produce favorable results for your company. Today, we’ll look at a few more positive aspects that can make our commercial cleaning services worth every penny!


cce_prolawncare_blog2_innerimageSafety Supplementation


While not commonly considered, the safety of employees and clients is a top priority for any business owner. If your landscaping is neglected, hidden hazards can make themselves known at very inopportune times. Hiring on professional help can aid in finding and eliminating any environmental hazards present on your property. This process can range from taking out tripping hazards to neutralizing wasp issues. First impressions in business are vital, and keeping your customers safe will play a big part in making the right impression!


Economic Environmental Efficiency


Implementing and maintaining grass can be a big contributor to the environmental health of your property. While this may sound like a sales pitch for sod, it’s important to note that grass can help in a number of ways, including:

  • Natural air conditioning. The grass around your building is a much better conductor of heat compared to soils, concrete, and asphalt. While this may not sound like breaking news, it is handy when summertime comes around and the heat is on.
  • Noise reduction. Compared to concrete and asphalt, grass offers much better sound dampening effects. When it comes to retaining focus and comfort for your employees, quieter is better!
  • All-around cleansing. Your lawn is actually quite useful for purifying our air quality, oxygen content, and water content. Grass works to capture dust and other pollutants that may be invading your air space. It also helps in taking in excess rain runoff, helping to keep the dirtier elements of our earth away from our water supply. Finally, grass is a steady producer of oxygen, which is one fact that all people should be thankful for!


More Prolific Productivity


Numerous studies have established that plant life is conducive for making humans feel better. This can equate to happier employees, which tend to produce more efficient employees. Increases in green outdoor space also provides a sanctuary for taking a break from the chaos of a normal business day. Stress reduction is a major factor in overall happiness. More oxygen and less air pollution also works in tandem to boost overall employee health. Healthier workers tend to show up and work, dually increasing productivity over businesses with neglected, dangerous landscaping. Investing in lawn care can be a wise purchase when you consider the numerous benefits of increasing productivity.


Regardless of your company’s purpose, employee morale and health are at the center of success. One way to benefit all parties is to hire a company to perform professional cleaning services on the interior and exterior of your business. Keeping a well-maintained lawn can provide a plethora of benefits for most of our clients. Crystal Clear Enterprises was founded to provide the best janitorial services to Kansas City. Our commercial cleaning team is ready to show you why we’re a Top Rated Local® janitorial company. With over 20 years of experience, we’re ready to meet and exceed your high expectations. Contact us today to learn more and receive a competitive cleaning quote!