When it comes to the windows that enclose a business, many owners are not privy to the benefits of professional cleaning services. Windows are the portals that simultaneously connect us to the inner and outer worlds, concurrently separating and connecting us all. Your company’s windows are taking on dirt and grime daily, slowly sapping the clean appearance of your business. As part of our janitorial services for Kansas City businesses, Crystal Clear offers top-notch window cleaning. Our commercial cleaning company has been offering office cleaning services for nearly two decades and we’ve seen it all! Our highly trained staff works to earn and keep your business through optimal customer satisfaction techniques. Give us a chance to exceed your high expectations!

Professional window cleaning services can benefit your business in more ways than you may think. Three reasons why window cleaning is awesome are:

Easier Cleaning For The Future

Rain and general weather can leave a buildup of hard minerals on your building’s glass, presenting itself as a murky, stubborn residue. If left intact for too long, this residue can lead to numerous headaches. In some cases, more extreme measures will need to be taken in order to restore your glass back to its transparent state. In extreme cases, these issues can cost you big!

Window Protection

The effects of weather and subsequent decay can be very bad for the integrity of your building’s windows. Our commercial cleaning services work to consistently clean away these invasive elements, prolonging the health of the glass. Without consistent cleaning, windows tend to weaken and fog over in a shorter period of time. Proper rinsing techniques can help to keep your windows stronger, for longer!

Increased Sunlight

While the aesthetic qualities of having clean windows are well known, we want to dig deeper into the benefits of more sunshine. Researchers at the Lighting Research Center, for example, have found results that boosts their claim that increased levels of sunlight helps to:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase comfort levels
  • Provide adequate stimulation to help regulate our circadian rhythms

For those people thinking we’re speaking in Latin, human circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle based on the amount of light stimulation they receive. In essence, this fascinating phenomenon helps humans to be alert during the productive hours and to efficiently sleep once the sun goes down.

An additional benefit of increasing the sunlight that enters your office is the equal reduction in the need for artificial lighting. Utility costs for businesses are at an all-time high, and being able to utilize daylight in place of electricity is a wise maneuver. No matter how you cut it, increasing the sunlight into your building is a win-win situation!

Your business relies on optimally cleaned facilities in order to maintain a good impression for clients and employees. Keeping your windows clean can provide a plethora of benefits, from saving big bucks in the long run to increased worker productivity. Crystal Clear is here to provide professional janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. Contact us for a free estimate today to see how our office cleaning expertise can help your business shine!