sickCountless studies that were conducted over the past decades have stressed upon the workplace environment.

Business owners of a bygone era did not believe that creating an auspicious space for their employees was vital to productivity.

But now, more and more of them are coming to the realization that a good office creates momentum within the workers. Aside from pleasing interior design and ergonomic furniture, one of the aspects crucial to having an efficient workplace is cleanliness.

Here are some ways it affects one’s workplace.


There are numerous items in an office building that hundreds—possibly even thousands of hands touch each day; such as elevator buttons, photocopiers and bathroom faucets. With so many diverse people from different places converging upon the same building to work, it should be no surprise that employees are at a high risk of contracting a disease from a colleague.

Illness has a profound negative effect on productivity. Even if it is a mild case and an employee can continue working, his or her performance will nevertheless be hampered. Therefore, it is in employers’ best interest to maintain a hygienic and sanitary workplace for their workers.


Dust gathers everywhere, but it is harder to remove them from some places than others.

The cracks in and around computers are an excellent example.

Dust that gathers around computers can reduce their ability to operate optimally. Moreover, it can also cause the computer to short circuit, posing a constant safety hazard.


A cluttered office environment that is dusty, poorly lit and not well maintained poses many obstacles for employees to get around. This affects the swiftness with which workers perform as they have to navigate around cluttered desks.

An organized, planned and spotless interior allows workers to function smoothly and not run into unnecessary challenges.


All of these problems with a dirty workplace culminate together to ruin employee morale.

An unwashed workplace increases stress levels and makes its workers agitated, which not only affects efficiency, but also interpersonal relationships among colleagues.

Employees want to be able to work in a comfortable and healthy space where they do not have to constantly fret over cleanliness.

Moreover, a dirty workplace reduces employees’ loyalty to their firm. It is also detrimental to the company’s image.

Employers should get the best commercial floor cleaning services and restroom sanitation programs to ensure that their workers feel at ease in their own workplaces.

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