When it comes to the cleanliness of your Missouri business, it’s important to utilize the proper technique for each type of surface you will encounter. For many establishments, being clean includes the use of more than your basic cleaning supplies. Based on the purpose of the area being used, you as a property manager will need a commercial cleaning company that knows when and what to use to optimize safety while avoiding unnecessary costs. Crystal Clear Enterprises is proud to be a top provider of quality janitorial services in the Kansas City area. From the floors to the ceiling, your building may require specialized attention to keep everything clean and pristine. Today, we’ll look at the difference between the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of surfaces and how this can benefit your workplace’s health. Anyone seeking professional cleaning services will be able to see the Crystal Clear difference when they work with us!

Comprehensive Cleaning

When people imagine cleaning, they are probably accurately imagining a person with a rag and cleaning agent. The act of simple cleaning aims to remove dirt, germs, and any other contaminants that do not belong on an object or surface. By using a detergent or soap in concert with H2O, our professional janitors are able to remove dirt and germs with the goal of minimizing any unhealthy agents present in the area. This is also useful for improving physical appearances; those who say not to judge a book by its cover were not referring to judging a surface by its looks!

Satisfactory Sanitizing

The act of sanitizing any surface includes lowering the number of germs to a safe level per public health requirements. Unlike cleaning, which moves germs, sanitizers are designed to properly sterilize a surface in 30 seconds. This can be handy in high-traffic areas such as cafeterias and restaurants or in time-sensitive settings such as a bar. If you are cleaning your property quickly and having it ready to use in less than a minute, chances are that you are benefiting from a sanitizing cleaner.

Determined Disinfecting

While cleaning worked to clear the area in question, it may not be fully effective for getting rid of all of those pesky germs. The same can be said for sanitizing cleaners, where a major majority of germs are wiped out in short order. Disinfecting is the process of using cleaning chemicals to effectively kill germs. This is typically done with the one goal of minimizing the risk of spreading an infection or illness. Unlike the shortened time requirement for sanitizing agents, your typical disinfectant will need to be applied for longer. This way, any and all germs are taken care of completely. While effectively eliminating any germs and other microorganisms, disinfecting often does little to aid with how clean a surface may appear.

Knowing when to sanitize and when to disinfect a surface can be very helpful for your company’s productivity and health. Utilizing an experienced commercial cleaning company will prove very beneficial in this sector, as all of our employees are held to stringent standards. Crystal Clear Enterprises is your source for the best janitorial services in Kansas City. We strive to provide the best results across multiple industries to give our customers a safe, clean environment to thrive in. Contact us today to learn more or to receive your quote!