Every citizen has some experience in the world of cleaning. From scrubbing your bathtub vacuuming out your car, the process of cleaning, de-cluttering, and sanitizing is a daily process. Many people, though, are committing several common cleaning errors that may actually be doing more harm than good! Crystal Clear Enterprises is your go-to commercial cleaning company. For two decades, we’ve been providing the best janitorial services to Kansas City businesses. Our trained, experienced janitorial experts are ready to bring the perfect touch to your business. Today, we’ll explore several errors people make in their cleaning routine. If you’re hoping to avoid these mistakes in your building, our office cleaning services can help!

  1. Using too much cleaner. A common saying in our society is “more is better.” This, however, isn’t true when it comes to piling on that cleaning agent. Too much cleaner can cause a sticky mess, bogging down fabrics and spoiling smooth surfaces.
  2. Using the wrong tools. The art of office cleaning requires an arsenal of various tools to obtain the optimal results for your building. Utilizing the wrong items can result in damage or poor cleaning based on its rigidity and design.
  3. Scrubbing out stains. While the act of scrubbing helps to break up the surface layer of any stain, you can inadvertently scrub the stain in more, leading to a deeper, more pesky spot and an increased amount of damage for your fabrics.
  4. Window cleaning in the sun. While sunshine is a common reminder to citizens to scrub their dirty office windows, the increased heat can cause unsightly streaks.
  5. Not cleaning tools. If you neglect the cleaning tools in your inventory, the buildup of germs can be doing more harm than good. If you’re transporting unhealthy organisms around a freshly cleaned place, it can be said that nobody wins.
  6. Mixing cleaners together. The act of combining your chemicals can be a very deadly tactic to take. Cleaning your office can all be for naught if you’re creating chlorine gas, which is both illegal and highly toxic for lungs and eyes.
  7. Not using rubber gloves. Many people fail to see the full extent of damage that cleaners and solvents can do to the skin. Don’t risk harming your health — glove up instead!
  8. Ignoring germ hotspots. Many people fail to clean the most prominent germ buildup areas. These spots can consist of door knobs, light switches, and so on. Remembering to clean these areas can help to clear much of the environmental clutter.
  9. Not utilizing professional cleaning services. All of the surfaces in your building are prime conductors of grime and dirt. Hiring a commercial cleaning company for all of your janitorial services can help to promote health and durability for both the objects and employees at your company.

The world of cleaning can be fraught with improper tool use and poor education. Crystal Clear is in the business of exceeding customer expectations while providing the best janitorial services in Kansas City. Our team is standing by to help with all of the cleaning solutions that your business might need. Keeping a clean establishment can help a company thrive at almost all levels. If you’re in need of professional cleaning services, feel free to contact us now!