Professional cleaning services can do much to keep your facility clean and healthy. Moreover, quality shines can help to improve your building’s aesthetics and build your brand. Crystal Clear Enterprise is here to provide trusted janitorial services across Kansas City, relying on our cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff to deliver a result your employees and guests will love. Be sure to check this page often, as we’ll continue to post about the value of investing in our cleaning services. Ready to get started? Contact us online today for complete assistance!

  1. Why Hire a Professional to Clean Your Workplace?

    professional janitorial servicesThis will forever be a question for people who are business owners or are responsible for some workplace. Why should they get professional janitorial services, when the hired hand will clean up every other day after the workforce leaves?

    For us to answer this, let us give you a scenario. Imagine this. Your office has not been professionally cleaned since it was created three years ago. There are dust bunnies in corners, bathrooms have mold, vents and windows seem grimy, and the general air of the place is one of dilapidation. What’s worse, you notice that more and more of your employees are taking official sick leaves due to various medical conditions. Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that your office is filthy?

    An honest yet brutal answer is yes. If the workplace is not clean, staff is going to contract diseases faster than you can imagine. The result will be that the productivity rate at your office will decrease significantly and the effect on your sales and revenues will be drastic. Convinced why you should get professional cleaning services to clear out your workplace? Here are all the things they will do for you.

    A Clean and Clutter-Free Workplace

    Professional cleaning service providers know what is required of them. They will not ask you what it is that you need done. If you tell them that it is your office area that you need cleaned, they will attack the project like the place is on fire. By the time they are done, the place will be disinfected, sparkling clean, smelling nice, and pollution, dust and clutter free. If you have issues with graffiti or mold, they will be sure to clean up that mess, too.

    Most janitorial services offer packages that either have a select list of cleaning chores or overall cleaning services that include everything. The packages vary according to the size of the place and the number of cleaning services required. You can even have customized package if you wish.

    From Rooms to Bathrooms and Everything in Between

    No matter what part of the office it is, a professional cleaning service is bound to make sure that before they leave everything is gleaming. They have trained experts who know how to clean rooms, floors, windows, carpets, bathrooms, vents, glass surfaces and much more. They will even wash out garages or outdoor spaces if you have any. All you have to do is tell them everything that you require from their services.

    Management of Regular Cleaning

    The best part about hiring professional janitorial services is that you can get them once a week or once a month for regular cleaning. Once you have them on hire, it becomes their responsibility to ensure that your work place remains free of germs and clean all the time. They will schedule cleaning routines according to your needs and will make sure that the productivity of your workplace always remains high.

    If you are looking for professional cleaning and janitorial services in Kansas City, contact us today.

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  2. Why Consider Getting Professional Floor Cleaning?

    professional floor cleaning servicesHave the workers been complaining about how dirty the flooring looks? Have you been hearing snide remarks about lack of hygiene and cleanliness at the office? Well then, it’s high time you start considering a thorough cleaning project that ensures a neat and clean office at the end. Not sure how to begin? We have some ideas for you!

    There are literally hundreds of janitorial services in Kansas City who offer various professional cleaning services to you. This will include expert floor cleaning as well. Never heard of professional floor cleaning? Highly recommended for commercial places, floor cleaning is a type of deep cleanse that is not just based on vacuuming or mopping. Here is all that you need to know about why professional floor cleaning is the ideal deal for your workplace.

    The ABCs of Professional Floor Cleaning

    What happens over time is that dust, debris, and germs get trapped in the flooring, whether it be made of wood, marble, or laminate. This means that getting them out through simple vacuuming is next to impossible. The dirt and germs become infested with time, leaving the floors blackened and encrusted with grime. If there is carpeting involved, the case only becomes worse. What’s more, hardwood floors aren’t easily cleaned with mops. Some of the crevices and corners are hard to reach, meaning they continue to accumulate dirt over time. This is the reason why it becomes essential to have someone trained in the art of floor cleaning do the job for you.

    Commercial Cleaning ServiceHow Professional Cleaning Is Done

    When it comes to professional cleaning, it is not just about mopping or vacuuming. There are other methods involved. Our janitorial services will make sure that they first inspect the flooring of your workplace to get an idea of what kind of job is needed. Once they have accessed the situation, they bring in their trained employees to do the actual cleaning process.

    The process involves first vacuuming the place so that loose dust, dirt, and debris is removed and collected. It is then followed by hand cleaning so that hard-to-reach places can be found and cleared out. We also use hardcore cleaning solutions in order to make sure that the shine and life of the floor is maintained.
    The whole idea is to make sure that the floor is not only cleaned for now, but remains clean for longer periods of time and the topmost surface neither erodes nor gets ruined with time. By the time your service is finished, you will notice a beauty and sense of cleanliness in the air that is not only going to be pleasing for you and your staff, but also healthy for everyone in your building.

    Piqued your interest enough? Contact us today and we will guide you through what the best package is for your needs. If you like the idea of professional floor cleaning, we also have many other janitorial services for you like window cleaning, garage cleaning, mold removal, etc. that you can consider. Give us a call today at 816-763-3353 and we will give you all the details.

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  3. Kansas City Cleaning Services

    The biggest hassle large organizations face in their workplace and office environments is efficiently cleaning it. Given the size of their premises, or the size of the team, it’s often difficult to consistently ensure a clean space for employees every day. As a result, companies opt for Commercial Cleaning Services.Commercial Cleaning Service Image 06272016

    By hiring professional janitorial services or contractually outsourcing the work, companies ensure that the task is handled by a trained staff. This not only outsources the responsibilities of cleaning the workspace, and the task of managing the workforce, but also reduces the cost of hiring and managing an in-house team.

    Here are some benefits of hiring commercial cleaners for your office, to aid you make a more informed decision as well as a strong case for outsourcing the work.

    Superior Focus and Lesser Stress for Management

    A productive workplace is all about managing work and meeting deadlines so at times you have to be at the tip of your toes to answer the call for any new assignments from supervisors. However, if personnel themselves indulge in tidying up the place, then they would lose focus on their core competencies.

    By hiring a janitorial service or commercial cleaning service, your organization completely shifts the responsibility and hassle of handling mundane work such as cleaning office equipments and utensils apart from the working environment. A clean office is integral to improving focus, and the fact of the matter that there are already professionals available for the job to hire, and it makes perfect business sense to outsource the task.

    Encourages High Employee Morale

    Productive work environments make work enjoyable. They ensure that the worker’s morale remains high, and that they are enthusiastic about coming work and committing their energies to aiding the company achieve its goals. A clean and inviting office space is integral to improving employee morale.

    A cleaning service provider ensures that the office is cleaned early in the day, hence, there is a high probability that once you enter your workplace the first thing that greets you is clean and neat working space. This would ensure a positive flow of energy at work making the workplace a better and happier.

    Enhanced and Improved Impressions by Clients and Stakeholders

    First impression are hard to forget and since the business world is all about marketing your business. Your office should look spic and span for valued guest, and potential clients and deal makers who often visit the place. A neat, clean, and tidy workplace will elevate your current status to good and cherished books of your clients, prospects, deal makers and guest at work.

    If you are looking for professional janitorial services for your commercial establishment, feel free to get in touch with us.

  4. Crystal Clear Janitorial Services

    Janitorial Service Image 06202016Keeping the look of your office or home clean and organized is vital to keep the place looking fresh and alive. Regularly cleaning the place on your own can be a  daunting task, and this is where professional janitorial services are deemed highly proficient in making your workplace and residential space clean, neat, and fresh. However, as with any other service, there comes a wide variety of options to choose from.

    Let’s take a quick look at the different janitorial services that lie under the broad margin of cleaning services:

    #1 Residential and Commercial Cleaning

    This kind of service is particularly suited for big houses that are way too ominous for residents to clean by themselves. They also offer services to large offices and commercial buildings. Whether it’s for commercial or residential purpose, janitorial services provide quick access to experts and resources that can make good use of time and provide you the best of cleaning services available in the market to clean your offices and homes.

    #2 Carpet and Upholstery

    Professional carpet cleaners ensure proper treatment, sanitization, and deodorizing of your carpets and offer a quick turn round time. They deploy specialized  pools, machines and products required to do the job.

    On the other hand, for the best furniture cleaning some service providers also provide ‘Steam Cleaning’. Machines like ‘heated extractors’ and others are used by professional cleaners to make sure that their client gets the best results. This may include focus on different issues, equipment and focus on task specific services.

    #3 Vehicle and Transportation Services

    There are some companies out there that specialize in cleaning your cars and other modes of transport. These special services for cleaning vehicles used for transportation carry immense value to some as a properly cleaned vehicle is at times most desirable then the journey made by it. Vehicle and Transportation Services might include the following in their portfolio of services offered:

    • Car Detailing Services
    • Private Jet Services
    • RV Cleaning Service

    #4 Crime Scene Services

    These are specialized services which require adequate amount of experience and intelligence on part of the service provider as well. Experts dealing in this line of  cleaning services must follow rigorous guidelines and apply specialized instruments on the scene to get rid of biological waste and other pungent materials. These select few are highly professional and well trained when it comes to dealing with the law and local social control panels.

    #5 Medicinal Cleaning Services

    Focused on killing germs and making sure that environment is healthier for work and play both, this kind of service providers make sure that infections are kept under control always. This is done through proper disinfection via an infection control plan and uses advance protocols for reducing disease transmissions.

    Medicinal Cleaning Service providers excel in cleaning health care facilities as well. Professionals are trained to deliver quality cleaning programs for medical institutes. They might use scientifically advanced odor and germ eliminating chemicals designed for clinical environments.

  5. Domestic vs Commercial Cleaning: Why Commercial Cleaning

    dreamstime_xxl_39917457What comes into your mind when you read this word ‘cleaning’? Dusting, scraping, and mopping floors, piles of trash, dirt and dust. Cleaning for sure is a dirty job and yet we need to get this done to keep our surroundings neat, safe and serene. Commercial Cleaning industry has been flourishing real fast and every day we get to see a new professional cleaner or janitorial service provider making its entry into the market. What is it that has turned the regular job of cleaning go from being a domestic chore to commercial service? This blog post is a comparative analysis between commercial cleaning and would eventually prove how commercial cleanings bears a plus one advantage over the domestic cleaning. Domestic Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning are different from each other, due to a number of factors that makes it different in a variety of way.


    Areas of Operation

    Domestic cleaning is more of a home job, regularly cleaning tasks that are a routine part of a residential environment. This basically has got to do with our homes and hence incorporates any cleaning task that comes under its vicinity. Commercial Cleaning is the similar in basic functions and tasks as the domestic clearing, except that it is more professional and is performed in public places and organizations.

    Technicalities Involved

    The domestic cleaning is performed through simple house hold tools and objects and is as simple as using broom, bush, wipers and dusters to clean, sweep and wash your home. However, since commercial cleaning is large scale and more professional job, it requires specialized tools, machinery and products to clean large buildings and work and public places.


    Health and Safety Standards

    Domestic cleaning is only concerned with maintaining a neat and tidy home and surrounding and since there is not a consistent flow of people in and out of the house, domestic cleaning does not have to be much concerned with the minutes of the health standard certifications. However, organizations and public places are required to maintain and comply with a strict health and safety standard and therefore, require commercial cleaning to meet the preset criterion.

    Types of Services Involved

    The nature, number and kinds of services involved in domestic and commercial cleaning are quite different from each other due to a number of reasons. Since the organizations are way more populous than the homes, the intensity and frequency of services eventually increases multiple times. While domestic an commercial cleaning are both a regular and requisite function, Commercial Cleaning is more elaborate, intricate and technical job and has a lot more to do than just mopping floor and getting rid of trash.


    If you are running a business or organization, apparently you cannot just rely on a domestic cleaner or sweeper to maintain your whole workplace and meet the organizational health and safety standards. Commercial Cleaning Service is the right option for you since they are professional at it and know this cleaning job better than you do. And mostly they do not charge for a pre cleaning inspection of your place and do guide you through about the areas and operations that need maintenance and repair.


  6. Tips on Settling for the Perfect Service Plan while Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Services


    Now that you the characteristics and features of a good commercial cleaning company, that is also ‘right’ and ‘fit’ for your organization, matching all its needs, before you sign the contract and get the deal done, just make sure that you double check on the following factors to ensure that your cleaning expense won’t drain with the dirt and would instead maximize the outputs gained. Here you go.

    Cost AnalysisPicture Buffer for Blog 4262016

    While conducting the need analysis for your cleaning requirement, make a rough estimate on your part as to how much this maintenance, repair or cleaning job would cost. This rough evaluation would help you estimate an imprecise budget and you could add more services or cut down on the extra expenditures, while staying within your cleaning and maintenance budget. Also, compare the prices offered by you chosen commercial cleaning service with the other service operators in the market.

    Inspection and Follow Ups

    Get to know if the service plan and contract includes the pre service inspection. Most commercial cleaning services these days offer a free service evaluation of your facility, and help you do the need analysis for the specific and generic areas that need cleaning and maintenance. Also, ask the service provider about the post cleaning services and follow ups if they are offering and what exactly does that include.

    Service Compliance

    Double and triple check on the services offered by the company and compare and align it with your needs. It is advisable to get all your needs and service requirements availed from a single service provider as the service plan you would eventually settle on would help you save a few extra bucks in terms of multiple service discounts or you may also get some service value additions.

    Clarify on any Loss, Damage or Service Malfunctions

    Be straight and direct with your commercial cleaning service about any loss, damage or service malfunction that might occur during the course of the cleaning  service and if the company provides any indemnity or guarantee in case of an unforeseen mishap, damage or malfunction your property within the organization.

    Health and Safety Standards

    Ask your service providers about the maintenance, health and safety standards compliance in terms of service operations and equipment and the products they used during the course. This is important to sustain and ensure a healthy and safe environment within your organization. You do not have to settle on a commercial cleaning service plan blindly, totally relying on the service provider. After all, cleaning and maintenance is going to cost you a fair load of expenditure and you need to ensure that you get an equitable share of benefits out of it.

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  7. The Crystal Clear Difference

    For nearly 20 years, we have been serving Kansas City with the same dedication, honesty, and quality that has made us the area’s choice for janitorial services. When we took on our very first client in 1997, we knew that, in order to be the industry leader, we had to offer a different kind of service. We had to change with our clients’ needs, expand and grow with them, and be at the forefront of the technological revolution. In this way, we are able to bring each client the professional cleaning services they need more efficiently and effectively than any other commercial cleaning company in the area.

    That’s the Crystal Clear difference.

    Why Our Janitorial Services Are Leading the Industry

    Our Team

    janitorial teamIt takes a team of dedicated and talented professionals to be successful in any service industry, and our team works together seamlessly in order to deliver quality results with every project, every building, every day. Our team includes:

    • Highly trained employees that will always be in uniform and have a badge
    • An experienced floor team who takes care of the janitorial services from start to finish
    • Operations supervisors and managers – One of each will be assigned personally to your building
    • A sales associate who is personally acquainted with the details of your account and involved in all of the processes
    • Customer service professionals

    Our Processes

    We could have the best team in the world, but with ineffective processes, our clients are left dissatisfied and their buildings in disarray. That is why we take the time and effort necessary to create and train our technicians in processes that are as effective as they are efficient. From carpet cleaning to janitorial services, we go above and beyond to make sure that you are left with Crystal Clear results and a building you can be proud of showing to your clients. In addition to our cleaning techniques, we go out of our way to provide:

    • Quality control inspections with new, innovative, and effective technology
    • Employee satisfaction: if our team loves their job, you’ll love the work they do
    • Lasting relationships between our clients and their team, as well as positive communication and relationships within our own teams
    • Customer-oriented services that we adjust when you need them to change

    Our Philosophy

    We believe that only a company with foundational values can survive in a world of service companies that compromise with every project. Because of this, our philosophy and values are an integral part of our training sessions, and are an essential piece of everything we do at Crystal Clear Enterprises. Our commitment to you includes:

    • Timeliness – every day, with every client, and in every project
    • Dependability throughout your entire experience with us
    • Positive attitudes from our janitors, our client relations managers, and every other member of our team
    • Excellence in everything we do, from cleaning a toilet to waxing all of the floors throughout your facility

    Our team, our processes, and our philosophy all combine to create a commercial cleaning company that is unlike any other. Learn more about our janitorial services and see why we are Kansas City’s Top Rated Local® commercial cleaning company by contacting our professionals today.

  8. Commercial Janitorial Services

    Cleaning windows, mopping floors, dusting drawers, furniture, properly stacking files, scrubbing desks, doors, sweeping corridors, staircases, elevators: you got that right, just another typical day at workplace.

    No matter if the organization is big or small; the regular tasks are ample and need to be carried out daily. One option is to distribute and assign the task to your office cleaners, who most probably will charge you extra for extra work and the results might not be as satisfactory as they have their regular jobs apparently. Additionally, there’s always a chance of ill performance since you definitely will not be running after every one to check if the floors are swish cleaned or the windows have any dust scraps left.

    Janitors are those backstage superstars that bear the entire credit of presenting a neat, organized, clutter-free and professional impression of your organization. Since they are professional and well versed in their job, they know all the what, which and how of their job, thus taking away your worries about the cleanliness of your workplace. So if your domestic and nonprofessional cleaners have started taking on your nerves and the poor quality of work is driving you mad; here’s where commercial janitorial services come to your rescue. This is an account of what benefits they have in store for you:

    Janitors are the custodians of your organization. They clean and maintain your entire workplace. But so do your regular cleaners, right? No, they are not exactly the same. Since janitorial services providers are business entities, they have a more professional and methodical approach towards their job. And what makes them the best choice is: they do not need any training or being followed for quality assurance. You can rest assured that you will receive what you have hired them for.

    Janitorial services lessen your everyday hustle bustle, keep things in order and ensure that all regularly performed tasks are programmed and executed well. Being the organizational custodians, they not only look out for cleanliness maintenance but also make repairs and adjustments in fittings, installations, replacement and removal of damaged and broken furniture and office supplies; keep record of necessary inventories and stock; and may also be responsible for monitoring overall security and vicinity lockdowns.

    The best thing about commercial janitorial services is that they come in as an all in one combo; yet you can also go for picked and chosen, customized set of services, to match your needs. All you need is to analyze and evaluate the requirements about your business place and workforce and look for a janitorial service provider in your vicinity. Just let them know about your needs and they will come up with a customized plan to suit it best. All in all, janitorial services are your best option if you are concerned about your organization and its physical outlook and impression and are concerned about the health and safety of your workforce; they will be the helping hand for keeping things in order and under control.

  9. Should You Wash Cushion Covers?

    It’s a very easy thing to do… you notice your sofa cushions are a little dingy, which is perfectly normal with kids, pets and normal usage. So you decide to do-it-yourself and wash the cushion covers. They come out looking nice. But you also notice a little problem. The colors aren’t as bright as they used to be, and it takes a lot of effort to get the covers back over the foam cushions themselves. In fact, for one cushion, you can’t even get it zipped up all the way. The reason is that cushion covers are not designed to be washed like normal laundry. “But it has zippers!” you exclaim. That’s for the convenience of the furniture manufacturing company or the upholsterer.Cushion


    Keep these points in mind if you are tempted to wash your cushion covers:

    1. When you wash the cushion covers, there is some danger in fabric shrinkage and dye loss. If this happens, not much you can do to fix it.

    2. Shrinkage typically occurs in the drier, so if you are tempted to wash your own cushion covers, hang them to dry (but remember there is always risk).

    3. Dyes are funny things. The dyes on your favorite t-shirts are pretty tough and durable and last a long time, but on upholstery they can bleed or fade.

    4. Putting cushion covers in the laundry can also cause problems with the integrity of the fabric, such as any latex backing that could be present; delamination, or the separation of the face fiber and backing, can occur.