An aesthetically pleasing office environment is vital to ensuring that employees are able to work productively and creatively. Many interior designs incorporate carpets. Despite the many opportunities that they present, carpets are nevertheless known to be difficult to maintain and clean.

Many firms opt to hire commercial floor cleaning services to wash them, but it is important to conduct some background research before hiring them. This is because dirty office carpets pose extreme health hazards and failure to clean them properly is not just inconvenient; it can be outright dangerous to one’s health.

6Germ Infested

It is extremely easy for germs to latch onto the fibers in a carpet. Traditional cleaning methods are only able to extract dust and other substances from the carpet, but not the bacteria. This can be problematic because carpets can become a source of infection.

If an object falls onto it, bacteria would immediately attach themselves to it (the five second rule is bogus). Once a person picks it up again, the germs will transfer onto him or her. Moreover, this scenario does not even consider the times when a person accidentally touches the floor directly.

Brimming With Pests

Dirty carpets can rapidly become a breeding ground for insects. Their ability to give them shelter, protection from predators, and nutrition from fallen food items makes them the perfect habitat. These vermin can do more than just evoke screams from people who have an insect phobia; they can transmit diseases.

Mold Problems

Mold is an airborne fungus that can start growing in certain types of carpets unless they are maintained properly. Mold has to be washed immediately, and that too carefully. This is because mold releases spores when being eradicated. These spores pose severe health problems for those exposed to them, including as lung infections and skin irritation.

Allergic Reactions

Dirty carpets collect dust, which will encourage dust mites and allergens to settle on them. When people walk on the carpet, this dust gets kicked up into the air. These particles can then be inhaled by people who are allergic to the allergens present on them. Moreover, the constant dust can also be dangerous for individuals with asthma and breathing related problems.

A dirty carpet can dramatically reduce employee efficiency. This is completely counterproductive to the initial aim of installing a carpet in the first place. Thus, it is important that business owners get a reliable floor care cleaning services. We use the best equipment and most highly trained employees to bring clients quality carpet cleaning services in Kansas City. If you need our services for your low moisture carpet cleaning needs, book an appointment with us online.