As a property manager, you strive to maintain a facility that is neat, orderly, and full of productive individuals. From the break room to the boardroom, it’s essential to keep a pristine place to provide both a sterling first impression for guests and an ideal work environment for employees. One area that many people fret over is whether or not it is worth it to pay for professional carpet cleanings. Those in need of quality carpet cleaning services in Kansas City can benefit from making a call to Crystal Clear Enterprise. For 20 years, our commercial cleaning company has worked to set the standard for how professional janitorial services should be done. Anyone in need of a cleaning company can benefit from our comprehensive approach to facility care. Our highly trained technicians and modern technology ensures that you are more than satisfied with our services.

Commercial carpet cleaning is needed to keep your facility in good condition. Unfortunately, larger facilities are more prone to moisture issues, which, when left unresolved, can grow into a major mold issue. Today, we’ll discuss the three groups that mold can fall into and the risks of each. If you’re worried about dampness in your facility, be sure to reach out to our professional cleaners today!

Mold Varieties

Unfortunately, these fungi grow en mass and then reproduce by releasing spores into the air. These spores can survive the worst conditions, remaining dormant until the conditions are just right for them to flourish. While there are thousands of types of mold that grow in businesses and homes across the nation, experts have divided mold varieties into three different categories:

  • Allergenic molds are commonplace in homes and businesses and are most harsh on people with allergies, as the name implies. While allergenic mold is not necessarily toxic for your health, people who are sensitive to allergies or have asthma can become miserable when exposed to these spores, especially if their immune systems are weakened. If you have a large number of inhabitants in your structure that are suffering from sneezing, runny noses, or watery eyes, there may be a mold problem.
  • Pathogenic molds are hazardous to humans because they are an infectionary form of mold. These molds can create havoc for sickly and healthy individuals alike, infecting them and possibly growing more mold internally. Once mold begins to develop in your body, the immune response will be drastic, possibly mimicking bacterial pneumonia. Serious intervention is required for anyone suffering from complications resulting from pathogenic mold issues.
  • Toxic molds are the most dangerous of categories, comprised of dangerous varieties that are known to release hazardous chemicals known as mycotoxins, which fungi use to colonize crops. Unfortunately, the limited research we do have on mycotoxins paints a grim picture. From neurological complications to cancer, the health risks of toxigenic molds are simply not worth the risk.

Comprehensive Health Concerns

Whether you’re dealing with minor allergies or serious immune problems, mold has been shown to create a wide range of issues for the human body. Nearly every facet of your body can be negatively affected, including:

  • Vascular problems, including blood vessel deterioration and tissue concerns.
  • Skin concerns, commonly consisting of rashes.
  • Urinary issues, with high levels of mold toxicity creating strain for your kidneys.
  • Digestive complications, including problems from vomiting to necrosis.
  • Neurological problems, including issues such as depression and migraines.
  • Respiratory concerns, which can exacerbate other issues.
  • Immunosuppression, possibly resulting in future complications.

Fighting Mold

Indoor mold is impossible to remove completely, but our commercial cleaning experts have the skills to mitigate concerns as much as is possible. Beyond our complete carpet services, the Crystal Clear team will be sure to solve the source of the mold issue in order to avoid future issues stemming from the source. By focusing on the building’s temperature, relative humidity, and airflow, we can fight moisture problems at the source to keep your facility clean and your guests and employees healthy.

Fighting mold is essential for avoiding illness in your building. If not addressed properly, mold can grow and expand throughout your building, plaguing individuals through the ductwork and wreaking havoc on daily operations. Crystal Clear Enterprise’s carpet cleaning services for Kansas City businesses ensure that your property is optimally clean and ready to shine week-in and week-out. Contact us today to see what our commercial cleaning company can do for you!